Dies Irae 911 – Great Art Watches Civilization Crumble

Remember those great underground comix of the ’60s and ’70s? Wild ideas as told by the most creative artists that were ever unleashed on our unprotected minds. Madness ensued. From the summer of love we went to the decade of love and lust.

Finally ending in the decade of Reagan-Aids. The beginning of the street-people epidemic as all of the institutions sent warehouses of border-line patients out into the world. Only to be warehoused on public property. Enough of them so you couldn’t tell them from the merely unemployed, and truly poor. And so we began to not see them, they became the elephant in the living room of our life. On the streets of downtown. Instead of a federal problem, we learned to turn a blind eye to them. Thanks Ron.

I had thought the greatest of these underground artists had simply been buried. Not so. Recently I came across the stark, raw pen of the immortal Spain Rodriguez. He is still putting the telescope to our eyes, and showing us the fatal attraction we have for our own destruction.

Look closely. Of course, if we look and understand, we will turn away from his vision of our economic end-times. But that’s the very idea of his art. Look and you can steer away from destruction. Refuse to look, or become blind, and we will all end up on the street.

The immortal art of Spain can be found at Dies Irae 911.

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