A Busker’s Song

Apple Inc has an ad that features Paul McCartney skipping and singing and playing down the lane. This is traditional street entertainment: a busker’s song, Maybe even harkening back to the Music Halls of the late 19th century.

Now this is a real challenge to a composer: Paul McCartney has got Composer’s Balls of Steel. His challenge to himself (or maybe even a Gentleman’s bet) that he could write a song that would be popular today, using composing techniques that are pre-tin-pan alley. Quite a feat, don’t you know, to be able to reproduce the musical geist of the era, and hit a ‘win’ with our modern ears.

Now, it’s not a great tune, almost too goody-goody, but it’s a very fine little ditty. Catchy– just like a music hall song. Makes you want to dance in the street — just like a busker’s song.

It’s a comment about how accomplished and polished Paul is, and how our musical sensibilities really can use a little ‘old-timey’ music. Didn’t we love our own homegrown old-time music as featured in “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

So what could be bad about that? Or do you really want to know?

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