And What Kind of Dog Are We Today?

And what about those tests that were popular on some web sites that were to find out “what kind of dog are you?”

Were these tests there simply for entertainment value? To hold a pair of eyeballs on a computer monitor to stare at endless google ads? Possibly, from the taker’s point of view even a 100% gold-standard IQ test, say, is only useful as a bragging point in the lounge. It’s interesting to find out, but actually not too useful from day to day.

But if you think about it, what personality profile might care to find out if they are secretly a Chinese Temple Dog? And of that sample of our good humanity, what kind of information did those web-server fiends extract from that sample? Was it all a ruse to find the members of NAMBLA? Will we hear on TV news: “The Center for Perversion Control reports that a whopping 95% of nambla members show up as minature dachshounds.” And were they only taking the test because they wanted to ‘go along’ with some CPC guy masquerading as a 12-year old on some chat-room?

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