Whiny Babies Want to Complain!

There is a too precious article over at the Huffington Post (which is a great site when they keep the Arianna on a short leash and get control of the pop-ups.) It is Harry Potter and the Arrogant Editors.

This one really took the high ground in the Harry Potter game. By the time you read this, the big noise should have died down, but there is supposed to be a big ‘secret’ about everything until the novel goes on sale. Well, as you know, the novel has supposedly been leaked on the internet, and the New York Times has published a review.

John Neffinger now takes the NY Times to task for publishing the review before the book’s release. Quite frankly, it seems like the poster really was angry at himself for reading the review before he read the book, but didn’t have the courage to control his impulse to read said review.

There are real problems in our culture and in our society, everything from street gangs, to the insane polarity of the radical right and left. And don’t forget the radical executive branch!

But that’s OK, mommy congress and daddy supreme court will take care of all that. So let’s just be a little more petty and focus on what is really important in our lives: a childrens book!

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