A Black Google is Patently Moronic

Quoting from well known blog Gimundo about how a change in color scheme will save the planet:

In January, a blogger named Mark Ontkush wrote in his blog EcoIron that an all-black Google home page would save 750 megawatt-hours of electricity a year. What does that mean? We looked it up.

The article mentions that Ontkush has the ^&*(*^& opinion that “an all-white Web page requires about 74 watts to display, where a black page requires only 59 watts.”

Highly technical, believable only to the gullible, and totally not backed up by any facts. Please remember that a back-lit LCD screen is the standard for our generation of laptops and table top machines. Gone are the days of those electron hungry monsters that hurl high energy electrons onto a metal-masked phosporescent screen.

Look at the power supply to your display. What is it’s total rating? Mine is 70 watts for the whole computer, including CD drive, Wi-fi, super warm CPU, and yes, display. There is no way that any color scheme at all could have a substantial effect on power consumption. Even a measly 15 watt saving.

So let Mr Ontkush have his 15 watts of fame. And let those emotional moths be attracted to blackle. But remember, you’ll be saving many more watts of power by occasionally turning off your computer and talking to your spouse or taking a walk outside!

But I know you won’t. That’s because of kegare!!! (demonic laughter here)

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