The Best Path to Chaos!

Wow! Did you know that the best predictor of the number of jail cells we will need in 20 years is the reading scores of our third graders? Poor readers make poor communicators. And that makes for failure! And failure often leads to jail.

This is fantastic! All we need to do is let our schools go along the path that they have taken for the past forty years and Bammo! We will have that chaos that is ‘kegare.’

That’s why I am so glad to see this gem from Guam! Somebody has true kegare nature and is going to spread it’s seeds in Guam! A prize is in store for you: Just wait 20 years and you will have a great little crime capitol there in Guam. Lot’s of opportunities for evil.

That’s not like this success story from Milwaukee. Looks like there will be less crime from these kids.

Success takes dedication and hard work and even a little faith. Would you rather just have lots of chaos to live with? You can get rid of the hard work, the dedication, and faith. Just a little bit of whiny, “gee, it’s too hard” will get you in line for those great prison systems that are so effective in helping our society!

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