A one way ferry ride to kegare

The big craziness in Honolulu this month has been the ‘Super Ferry.’ Would you believe it: there is no ferry service between the Hawaiian islands! Never really has been since forever. So some business minded folks thought that a ferry might be a good idea. And almost everyone on Oahu (that’s the island where Honolulu is) thinks it is a good idea. Except for a few (some have even put the number as small as 17) people.

These brave soldiers of kegare have fought this ferry from going into operation with an interesting set of emotional and legal arguments. And so, the court is holding the ferry owners to the strict guidelines of our environmental laws. Dot every I and cross every T. So, the ferry owners have laid off all their workers and are in the process of moving the ferry off to the mainland somewhere. Or maybe to another island group in the South Pacific. Lord knows there are enough islands out there.

Last time I looked, the ferry owners had made a farewell celebration by giving free outings to military people stationed here on Oahu. What a final (or maybe not so final) hoorah!

How wonderful. It seems that the powers fight and fight. The determined underdogs will be victorious. And the people will triumph? How is that again? Oh, kegare, how fun you are!

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