Neat Freaks on Parade!

Gack! Vomit! The OCD drones are having much fun over at think simple . There is a whole how-to about making every nook and cranny of your life look like the vacuum of outer space.
I know how my poor friend Gollum felt with that nasty elven rope around his neck: That same feeling exists in a too clean home or office. It’s a symptom of a sick mind. It’s the fifth whoresman of the apocolypse.Here are my hints for a productive work area: Get all the things you need to get your job done and put them where you are working. Keep them there. When you are done, you need to realize that you are never done. So, you need to keep working. This stuff is important. Don’t put it away. It is already away!And when you have another task? Just move to some nearby location and use that place.If you run out of room? No problem. You just use the magic of layers. You put the new stuff on top of the old stuff. It works wonderfully well to keep your projects organized. Just remember new stuff on top, older stuff on the bottom. Isn’t that simple?And how do you keep these tasks separate? Well, that’s easy too. Try to layer different kinds of tasks on top of other tasks: Let’s say you are working on your taxes, say from 1996. You remember, that was the year your car had a flat tire between customers and you needed to wait till you had that last receipt from the towing company. Well, this is the perfect spot to fold the laundry! There is no chance that you might confuse a sock with something to do with taxes, is there? This creative solution shows the magic of the layering technique! I’ll bet there are a thousand hints for creative chaos that you can think of. Let me know! I’m interested. The last thing I’d want is to have to live in a neat-freak environment. Save us from OCD!!

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