Beware of the time wasters at Yahoo Messenger

I have had the displeasure of being on Yahoo! Messenger recently. I’m chatting away with a friend in Brazil, when all of a sudden I get random BUZZ from ‘women’ with totally empty profiles who just think that I’ll fall all over them because they are women. Sheesh!

Here is a partial transcript (Boredom alert!!! you may fall asleep while chatting with Jessica):

jessicaanisa3 9:39 50AM BUZZ!!!
jessicaanisa3 9:39 53AM hello babe
Beelzebub 9:40 40AM Didn’t we talk already? You kinda disappeared pretty quickly after not saying much…
jessicaanisa3 9:40 57AM how are u doing
Beelzebub 9:40 59AM not very exciting, not very enticing.
jessicaanisa3 9:41 09AM i whish i could talk much yesterday
jessicaanisa3 9:41 15AM i am very sorry
Beelzebub 9:41 48AM don’t wast your keystrokes on being sorry. a waste of your time and mine. What’s your idea of a good time?
jessicaanisa3 9:42 21AM i can not understand you babe
Beelzebub 9:43 11AM Not to be rude, but what part of ‘whats your idea of a good time’ is difficult to understand?
jessicaanisa3 9:43 33AM just not know

Here is an even more blatant one from “juniorphelps508″ At least junior got to the point quickly!

juniorphelps508: �W�w�W.�V�x�X�i.�n�E�t�

It goes on like this, from boring to worse. Yahoo people, you are damaging your messaging service with this stuff.

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