Psychopaths on Parade!

I have been reading Dr. Robert D. Hare‘s most compelling book: Without Conscience; The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us. Without a doubt these are the son’s of Kegare. You will do well to know them. Thoroughly. Let them suck your vital essence’s. Let them steal your joy in life. Let them teach you all about the joys of pain and suffering. Or, you may know them from Dr. Hare’s book and avoid them completely.

Remember, Psychopaths don’t make people victims, Victims make psychopaths! At least that’s the way a psychopath sees it.

Here is a cute story over at about one of these folks. Very impressive guy. But evidently didn’t have the real killer, go for the throat, kick the victim when he’s down spirit. He only did a little bragging. This guy could easily be a friend from college, the guy down the street, your boss, your co-worker.

My advice: lay down and let these guys trample you. Or not. We report, you decide…..

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