Street Gangs of the World – Dont Unite!

Kegare is one of the universal forms of human expression: it can be translated into many cultures and languages and we can understand it for what it is, the kiss of the Evil Fairy of Death!

To demonstrate this point, look at a wonderful blog from india: Raged Indian showing the ugly Kegare underbelly of humanity over at the Indian Sub-continent.

Look closely and you can find how the author ‘Lizard’ has the insight of a PhD in Psychology for the essence of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, in the comment to the post on Street Gangs in India. Ah, who would have thought of ASPD as pure poetry.

Another post: on Staring, the gives the Indian translation of the evil eye or ‘stink-eye’ as Hawaiian pigeon would put it. Ah. the universal nature of Kegare, it’s here to stay!

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