The Tarot of the Working Place

A wonderful Tarot of the worker has all the archetypes. It’s a little like Euro-Dilbert. In traditional Tarot fashion there are: The Intern, The High Priestess, The Conspiracy, The Manager, The Machine, The Conspiracy.

An excerpt:
The wretched: He is the Expulsion, the Exclusion, the Dismissal. After the blackmailing, after the vexation, after the crisis everything comes to an end. But everything must begin again. When one loses a job, sometimes it’s for the best: it could lead to unexpected changes in your life for the better. The Wretched is often lead to its lowly life but the Machine and even Justice cannot help him. Help comes through the High Priestress with her energy and the Operator who connects him to the Conspiracy: the brotherhood of precarious workers and migrants heats up his heart, brings him solidarity and makes him braver. Nevertheless when the Wretched meets the Bank, he shits himself, there is not Tarot who can help him. If the Wretched opens the game and matches the Chain, he leads to renewal, to a new beginning and a new possibility. If the Wretched closes the game he symbolizes bad luck, dismissal, loneliness.

Go check it out!

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