Dirty Politics around the world on September 13, 2008

Yes, Yes, what tricks are these future statesman up to?

pumapower: corrente: Great moments in rank hypocrisy: The Man Who Called His Wife a “C—t&#822.. http://tinyurl.com/49zcsq
2008-09-12 04:20:55 · Reply · View
Mercypolitics: McCain’s Earmark Hypocrisy: Seals, Crabs, and Bears! Oh My! .. http://tinyurl.com/4bjh86
2008-09-12 04:00:40 · Reply · View
Wisco: New Post!: McCain Caught in Hypocrisy-Fest: clipped from yglesias.thinkprogress.orgA.. http://tinyurl.com/4k3ykh
2008-09-12 02:52:38 · Reply · View
MikeSchinkel: @rkischuk Yet when people call Obama names they "Energize the party base?" Anyone not see hypocrisy there?
2008-09-12 01:25:59 · Reply · View
politicalnews: IL-10: Mark Kirk’s Untold Hypocrisy Continues
2008-09-12 01:01:27 · Reply · View
thenewscoverage: IL-10: Mark Kirk’s Untold Hypocrisy Continues http://thenewscoverage.net/8809/
2008-09-12 00:55:03 · Reply · View
kentuckyBNN: Barefoot and Progressive: Hypocrisy dial turned to 11: Perhaps we should do DNA testing on liars? [...] http://tinyurl.com/4f4lsp
2008-09-12 00:38:41 · Reply · View
labaronesa: Love the words…hate the hypocrisy,
2008-09-12 00:32:30 · Reply · View
dailykos: IL-10: Mark Kirk’s Untold Hypocrisy Continues: With full knowledge that his own Republican values are in.. http://tinyurl.com/48rhre
2008-09-12 00:12:51 · Reply · View
satnam: "Compromise, Conformity, Assimilation, Submission, Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Brutality, The Elite. All of which are American dreams" I <3 …
2008-09-11 23:36:06 · Reply · View
mckrout: "If there were an Olympics for hypocrisy, the Republican Party would have more gold medals than Michael Phelps."
2008-09-11 21:55:42 · Reply · View
rongillmore: Republican values: harm/care, fairness/reciprocity, ingroup/loyalty, authority/respect, purity/sanctity. oh, and hypocrisy.
2008-09-11 21:54:50 · Reply · View
myrrh: the republican hypocrisy olympics: dan savage (http://tinyurl.com/5yycvf) & katha pollitt (http://tinyurl.com/3lyel5) regarding sarah palin.
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chrisdick: @rahafharfoush How bout a little republican hypocrisy to ease the pain courtesy of Daily Show http://tinyurl.com/5m44l6
2008-09-11 21:12:05 · Reply · View
chrisheuer: @nateritter the point is that he pretended he was in charge during Gustav but now cant even pretend – the hypocrisy is too much – ENOUGH
2008-09-11 20:45:02 · Reply · View
bellyofashark: Look at my bookshelf i realize theres a hypocrisy to stealing books on zen philosophy
2008-09-11 19:39:41 · Reply · View
grubi: SHOW TONIGHT: News Story: The Not-a-Mavericks (McCain-Palin and Hypocrisy) | Discussion: Whither the Wars? (TV News Coverage of Wars). Dig!
2008-09-11 19:10:50 · Reply · View
stubbornthings: SHOW TONIGHT: News Story: The Not-a-Mavericks (McCain-Palin and Hypocrisy) | Discussion: Whither the Wars? (TV News Coverage of Wars). Dig!
2008-09-11 18:52:04 · Reply · View
wheresmycoffee: Drove by the Pentagon today. the fury, the sadness, the hypocrisy, the spite, the loss… none of it can really be expressed or contained.
2008-09-11 18:22:14 · Reply · View
sull: @michaelverdi Fair enough of course. My idea of "evils" goes into various areas that Obama def is a part of and guilty of. Less hypocrisy.
2008-09-11 16:52:46 · Reply · View
wimbleblog: Una mujer es una mujer "Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman". Una feminista,.. http://tinyurl.com/6qv4r3
2008-09-11 16:37:10 · Reply · View
warnies: Palin Hypocrisy Watch: I recently linked to an article from Slate.com by physician Rahul K. Parikh, who w.. http://tinyurl.com/62l3s5
2008-09-11 16:22:23 · Reply · View
joshuastecker: Hypocrisy?: Keith Olbermann blasting RNC for showing images of 9/11 yet his network is replaying their broadcast on 9/11/01 all morning.
2008-09-11 15:04:49 · Reply · View
qwghlm: @charlesarthur Cake’s genius was in revealing & shaming celeb hypocrisy, this SA game is just crassness with a heavy dose of irony
2008-09-11 14:56:30 · Reply · View
smgct: Learning to cut out political opinion readings; finding hypocrisy on both sides. Sticking to the issues makes the message clearer for me.
2008-09-11 14:46:55 · Reply · View
MNHeadhunter: @JasonBarnett Matthews on Hardball last night took it hard to a McCain spokesman. Called out the hypocrisy. Was awesome
2008-09-11 14:46:18 · Reply · View
jcaruso: Blog Post: Left Wing Hypocrisy On Display http://s3nt.com/otb
2008-09-11 14:03:36 · Reply · View
instapundit: : ANOTHER SARAH PALIN CRITICISM: "Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman." I d.. http://tinyurl.com/5w38sl
2008-09-11 12:06:58 · Reply · View
xfrosch: Bracing for handwringing, hypocrisy, silliness.
2008-09-11 11:32:41 · Reply · View
bilbe: I’d rather not rely on Jon Stewart to identify hypocrisy and lies. I want software that points that out to everyone, including journalists.
2008-09-11 10:48:31 · Reply · View
VolkerRemy: ….I can endure sillyness, but I cannot handle hypocrisy
2008-09-11 10:27:59 · Reply · View
sstringer: "The Lipstick:" 2 parts mock indignation, 1 part hypocrisy, 3 parts bile. Shake vigorously. Pour into martini glass. Light afire. Serve.
2008-09-11 10:21:21 · Reply · View
Bonedwarf: Integrity or credibility… I’m being told I can’t have both. By taking the latter route, I open myself up to accusations of hypocrisy…
2008-09-11 09:10:44 · Reply · View
glueninja: is thinking hypocrisy should cause our government to be re-designated from democracy to hypocracy if McCain gets elected.
2008-09-11 07:23:47 · Reply · View
meikin: @Duo_Maxwell *quirks an eyebrow* I’m not going to make referrals to old livejournal entries. But point in case. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy.
2008-09-11 05:09:12 · Reply · View
bosca: My take on Gevernment!: "Washington, D.C. is a city lying in the gutter, wallowing in hypocrisy. It has bec.. http://tinyurl.com/5vycfy
2008-09-11 04:49:58 · Reply · View
popmoo: Hypocrisy | Scrutinized | Nuclear Blast America http://tinyurl.com/6247vf
2008-09-11 04:31:02 · Reply · View
haripakorss: Verizon, Your Hypocrisy is Showing: I happened across a post on Verizon’s Policy Blog this afternoon .. http://tinyurl.com/68zrhl
2008-09-11 03:49:42 · Reply · View
mammaloves: @FiestyCharlie That’s "family values" for ya. Ugh! The hypocrisy makes me crazy.
2008-09-11 03:20:27 · Reply · View
pressblogs: Democrat Hypocrisy Once Again
2008-09-11 02:32:15 · Reply · View
wolfcat: John McCain likes "Lipstick on a Pig" references too. http://is.gd/2rVi (vid) can I smell hypocrisy burning??
2008-09-11 02:24:11 · Reply · View
aperobot: @ssravp as such, the hypocrisy stands
2008-09-11 01:55:09 · Reply · View
denverposttalk: Comment: Examining the Palin effect: Hypocrisy….are you kidding me!!!! You’re a freakin moron! .. http://tinyurl.com/6z9jkp
2008-09-11 01:00:24 · Reply · View
Alheri: Pt 1-3 – why I care: Hypocrisy, cynicism & lies have taken over in politics. Media are unthinking, herd like and dependent on politicians.
2008-09-11 00:22:28 · Reply · View
CanadaElects08: Harper, your hypocrisy is showing (via Blog) http://bit.ly/34Hkf6
2008-09-11 00:17:43 · Reply · View
DemDaily: Stephanie Cutter Responds to John McCain’s Hypocrisy on Women http://tinyurl.com/65nah4 via @ShareThis
2008-09-10 23:58:13 · Reply · View
roadkillrefugee: Do I stand more effectively for Obama w/ this photo of lobbyist/lover Vicki Iseman, a reminder of McCain’s sleazy hypocrisy? Agree?
2008-09-10 23:51:21 · Reply · View
2008-09-10 23:20:06 · Reply · View
twittfeed: gigaOM Verizon, Your Hypocrisy is Showing: I happened across a post on Verizon’s Policy Blo.. http://tinyurl.com/68zrhl
2008-09-10 22:10:50 · Reply · View
Alheri: Have been thinking why as UK non.voter I Care about and follow US elections with such commitment. Main reason is to fight hypocrisy, cyn …
2008-09-10 21:53:51 · Reply · View

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