The Superferry saved by Aloha and Go airlines

You remember the big troubles Honolulu had in the fall of 2007 on the so-called Superferry.

In the months that have passed, the Superferry has survived, if not thrived. We owe it all to “Go” and Hawaiian Airlines. It seems that the owners of “Go” airlines, a mainland business empire, wanted to crash the party of airline carriers in Hawaii. At that time there was Hawaiian, and the struggling Aloha Airlines. Aloha had been in chapter 11 bankruptcy a year or so previously, and had gotten through that problem.

Now the Go people, sat down with Hawaiian and started talking about a merger. That’s OK. As it turned out, the merger fell through. “GO” airlines was born here on the islands. You see, all of the business secrets that Hawaiian had divulged had given enough data for these profit-mongers to start up a predatory operation. The result was that GO came in with ridiculously low fares, less than half the price of a break-even for either Hawaiian or Aloha. It took a few months, but in March, 2008,
Aloha Airlines died the corporate death.

But our friends at “GO” had been really bad boys. The had used all those secrets from Hawaiian Airlines. So —– Hawaiian Air sued! And won. Aloha loses, Hawaiian wins. The predatory business practices that were aimed at Aloha were, in fact, wrong (thanks boys, You make a tear come to you papa’s eyes). But did Aloha profit? Ha! this is the best part. Those goody-goody guys at Aloha got nothing! And with the ex-employees back on the streets, everybody else felt the competition. No raises or Christmas bonus this year, folks!

Go air is still in trouble. Nearly bankrupt them selves, due to high fuel prices, they are withering as we speak.

But What has this to do with the ferry? Now, no one wants to fly on either Go or Hawaiian. They have shown the bad side of business. Go and Hawaiian seem to have colluded to bring down Aloha air. But by winning the court case, Hawaiian has painted themselves as the victim, when in true fact, they have profited enormously, in true Ferengi tradition. I am so proud of you all. You don’t know how this warms the heart of the prince of evil. But I digress: the backlash against air travel is paying off for the superferry: I’m hearing voices in the elevator talking about “Never flying again” because the Ferry is so good.

I’m hoping that the car industry will be next: I really love the sordid way that corporations exist in the law and above it at the same time. After all, you can’t shoot a corporation, can you?

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