Incredible Fear Makes for Incredible Stupidity

When an artist has a sketch of a car with a fishnet on it and a passport that showed she’d been to Africa, Australia, Central and South America, Mexico, Turkey and Europe in the last nine years. Our feckless idiots (My minions, I’m so proud of you) at the US – Canadian Customs stop in at the Houlton, Maine. They took this flimsy (non-existent) evidence as cause to put Jerilea Zemple in custody while they rooted out the real nature of the obvious (obvious???) crime.

Aww, Dont you homeland security types just feel so snuggly warm?

Aww, Don't you homeland security types just feel so snuggly warm?

“My sketchbook puzzled her,” Zempel said. “It was a cartoon sketch. They couldn’t understand what I was doing. She said, “Just what were you doing in Canada? We think you’re engaged in some kind of copyright infringement.”

Wonderful, we have hit such lows in the Glorious USA. These are all good signs that the end is not only near, it may have happened already.

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