Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Radioblogger: @RiotLibrarian palin made a name as being mavericky-she went against the stevens machine did BHO every go against Blago b4 today? #hhrs
jacrews: Do Blagojavich and Hannity go to the same barber?
KnowYourObama: Powell says Palin is too fringe.
HighPlainsBlogr: [Video] Powell: Palin pushed party
(And throw me firmly in the camp of HA readers who call BS.)
CXXG: @Gloson actually I think it’s Blogojevich
radiotwit: AllAccess: New Hannity TV Show? ‘Hannity’
RiotLibrarian: Is Sarah Palin as crooked as Ted Stevens because they both came out of the crooked Alaska machine? #hhrs
arizonaBNN: Wild Chihuahuas: The view outside Chez Blogojevich!: Thanks to the very funny icanhascheezburger.comhttp://www.w..
CurtJester: Sean Hannity should get Sen. Edwards as the replacement for the Fox News show. It could be called Hannity & Comb.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] ‘I Think Murdoch Will Get the New York Times’
: How about Sean Hannity ..
christoph_kn: Rick Davis on picking Palin: the field we had … we have to work on our bench … you get what you pay for
soulcookbook: OMG when did Alan Colmes leave Hannity & Colmes? I am so behind on my cable news talking head gossip and stuff.
cbracy: @arimelber wants me to tweet: rick davis on palin: "you get what you pay for." eek.
bestTechNews: Palin Beats Obama in Google’s ‘Zeitgeist’ Rankings:
RiotLibrarian: Is Sarah Palin as crooked as Ted Stevens because they both came out of the crooked Alaska machine?
alisavaldes: blogojevich = travolta’s lesbian kid sister
tigerbeat: Earlier Bill McInturff defending Palin pick, she is most popular now w/GOP Doesn’t seem to realize shows how out of touch Republicans are
ThinkAtheist: Kenndy added a video::
Kenndy added a video: Colin Powell Slams Sarah Palin: I’m From The South Bronx… ..
Drudge_Report: COLIN POWELL UNLEASHED: ‘Can we continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh?’
lovelyanomaly: Is amused that "maverick" is on the GRE high-frequency word list. McCain/Palin would approve.
james_nathaniel: If a teenager is wearing a McCain/Palin tshirt at Dupont Circle, that’s irony, yes?
VS2008: Sexy foto┬┤s van Sarah Palin!: Ze is gouveneur van Alaska en was running mate van presidentskandidaat McCain. Hie..
WB2ColoradoRSS: Google News: Tech: Obama, Palin Top Google Year-End Zeitgeist List – InformationWeek: Newsweek..
techupdates: [GoogleNews] Obama, Palin Top Google Year-End Zeitgeist List – InformationWeek
WatariGoro: @Melissa808 You’re not going to wimp out on us with your Palin pic, are you? ^ ^
davidbadash: This just in… 2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist published. And yes… Palin tops the "Fastest Rising" list.
beninato: @bronwynsf dare I suggest Sarah Palin? Ironic, I know. Speaking of which, maybe Tina Fey and Amy Poehler too?
brokentapedeck: haha. @maddow, Sarah Palin, and general anti-blogger idiocy.
stormbringer005: @darthdilbert McCain-Palin Tradition? Hope he’s not regretting writing that song now. Probably not.
brokentapedeck: haha. @maddow, Sarah Palin, and general ant-blogger idiocy.
GaryTheGeek: GoogleNews: Obama, Palin Top Google Year-End Zeitgeist List – InformationWeek: NewsweekObama, Palin T..
Melissa808: ok maybe no Twitpic’ing the Sarah Palin frames. the pics look super dorky and F.O.B. Ni hao Alaska! NOT.
jadedrain: sarah palin’s turkey sold for $225 on ebay. 50% of the sales will go to veterans affairs. i’m numb.
netlatch: Turkey in Palin Video Auctioned on eBay
techTF: Obama, Palin Top Google Year-End Zeitgeist List – InformationWeek
bestbuyhours: Sundries: Best Buy: Best Buy. I think I found a place where I can buy my new laptop! At the McCain-Palin campaig..
Boomer: find the list that starts with palin and ends with joker:
bivlo: is getting sick of all the ads showing the IQ of Sarah Palin or Plaxico Burress. Let’s return to whack-a-moles.
stevegifford: Fastest rising google trend of 2008: Sarah Palin. (It helps to start from zero).
katkuhl: Coming home and seeing all the McCain-Palin bumper stickers gives me way more glee than it should.
JeffreySmith: Dumbest phrase of 2008: "Car Czar," "Britney Comeback," or "Sarah Palin 2012?"
Melissa808: hahahaaaaaaaaaa ok I will Twitpic my Sarah Palin look after I get my shots.
YatPundit: @overflowinbrain too many guys still have the MILF-thang going with Palin.
johngarcia: @Melissa808 I personally like the Sarah Palin look. :-)
Melissa808: At Kaiser trying on Sarah Palin frames. Damn I look hot!…except that these are Sarah Palin frames. :-(
overflowinbrain: @YatPundit But he loves Sarah Palin. Oh holy hell.
informationweek: Obama, Palin Top Google Year-End Zeitgeist List
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Gov. Sarah Palin for RNC Chair
techwatching: Andy Beal’…: Sarah Palin Tops 2008 Global Google Zeitgeist –
calvingilbert: @robertdenton do you think palin was waiting for that phonecall?

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