Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tigerbeat: Bush admin backs Sarah Palin & issues regulations weakening Polar Bear protections
freerepublic: ‘I Think Murdoch Will Get the New York Times’
: How about Sean Hannity as editor of the New York Tim..
RiotLibrarian: @Radioblogger Palin did not go after Stevens; she went after Murkowski. She supported Stevens even after he was indicted. #hhrs
webloggin: webloggin Clueless Oprah: Now that the election’s over, she’s willing to have Sarah Palin come on her s..
DavidHosmer: @hhrs Followed your advice & joined twitter Following you Sara Palin & Mike Steele
brosius4: Listening to rush Limbaugh and the new sitcom Leave it to Barry
alaskaBNN: Alaska Politics: Should Todd Palin’s e-mails be public?: From Lisa Demer in Anchorage –
He’s been called the s..
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: There has been a Sarah Palin sighting! In Alaska! In Juneau no less! No I am not kidding!:..
catearcher: Audi! Porsche! Nike! Google! Apple! Mac! iPhone! Mozilla! Adidas! Microsoft! Twitter! Twitter! Wikipedia! Twitter! Facebook! Obama! Palin!
inquirerdotnet: Sarah Palin tops ‘08 Google search list
arlyntg: sarah palin’s online revenge:
mikeliebhold: thanking gods and demons alike for delaying blagoyevich debacle until after election. can only imagine palin and mccain on chicago pols
sent1: @brettaljets I think you got it wrong. It is Palin/Hillary.
angelcollector: @thesachsgirl I don’t think that’s what Sarah Palin meant when she said, "Drill baby, drill." (Sorry–couldn’t resist that one). Ouch!
vannschaffner: @apackof2 She likes Palin! Doesn’t want to see any more chosen because the are old, white, men when somebody else is better.
yetibiker: @endorythm The brilliant conservator of logic and wisdom, Rush Limbaugh, is Mac exclusive, too. Good enough for the EIB is good enuf for me
brettaljets: @mlpayne since you’ve been gone, Portland has succeeded from the union & Hillary/Palin have been elected president & vice president.
paix120: @andersoncooper File this retweet under "ridiculous": Palin slaughtered turkey sells for big profit on ebay
codewolf: @andersoncooper LMAO!! Someone actually sold the palin turkey on e-bay?? HAHAHAHA! That’s funny!
mtinfierro: Universal Online> #39;Sarah Palin#39;, el término más buscado en Google en 2008: Al nombre d..
chrisb4: @reneeann yeah, but I think other factors were involved. there was much more neg than pos about Palin online. t’would be interesting stats.
AndersonCooper: Palin slaughtered turkey sells for big profit on ebay
portugaldiario: Sarah Palin, a mais procurada na Net: Números divulgados pelo Zeitgeist do Google
pa5fn: the Huffingtonpost Geoffrey Dunn: Pipe Dreams to Nowhere: Another Palin Lie: This past Friday,..
huffingtonpost: Geoffrey Dunn: Pipe Dreams to Nowhere: Another Palin Lie: This past Friday, Governor Sarah Palin made her way to..
waitingonsome: at first i thought your bio said "the kindly daughter of PALIN," @ladysylvan.
ShatteredScreen: watching Chris Matthews’ William Ayers interview. Proving once again that Sarah Palin is an asshole.
barthanes: That’s right! We haven’t seen Dan Quayle in awhile. He had a sex change and now is Palin
twittfeed: Huffington Post Geoffrey Dunn: Pipe Dreams to Nowhere: Another Palin Lie: This past Friday, Gover..
barthanes: Stop bagging on Palin!! Republicans finally have a smoking hot conservative to drool over.
Vandikar: No, that’s a lie, I watch NBC! Palin invented wood rot, fox news and the shartrath plague!!
postsgoogle: Google Says People Have Been Trying To Embrace RSS in 2008 | Profy …: Google proves Sarah Palin was not the on..
vadique: Global warming, smog is for palin
gustavfeed: Video ( Boehner On CNN_ Hurricane Gustav, Selection of Palin for VP
xoxorho: @qisforcute and Sarah Palin! I heard she’s the entertainment….haha
techchuck: Search fight 2008: Sarah Palin vs. Britney Spears: Sarah Palin versus Britney Spears: fight! The 2008 search tre..
tech_iphone: Search fight 2008: Sarah Palin vs. Britney Spears: Sarah Palin versus Britney Spears: fight! The 2008 search tre..
RalphBassfeld: @LabSpaces Astronomers Find the Two Dimmest Stellar Bulbs: Sarah Palin and John McCain?
vannschaffner: @redbloodedgirl You won’t catch me defending feminazis!
Sarah Palin is my style, a true feminist-true to herself and to God
WildSpiritGifts: Creating a new painting to raise funding to help protect endangered Polar Bears! Dang you Sarah Palin!
gadgetrepublic: ‘Sarah Palin’ the most searched query on Google: In its annual zeitgeist of terms most queried on its search eng..
aweesan: @jbruin …or Ms. Palin’s doppleganger ;-)
techupdates: [GoogleNews] Search fight 2008: Sarah Palin vs. Britney Spears – Ars Technica
LyndsiM: @RobertBluey Mark Sanford, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal are "cool" but this is coming from a young conservative :)
canarias7: Sarah Palin fue el término más buscado en Google en 2008
georgettedeemer: @lavagal Don’t think there is a connection. Palin received one too.
vannschaffner: @apackof2 RE Palin and values. Agree completely. Me too! Woke my wife up to tell here when I first heard. :D
apackof2: @vannschaffner (cont) No one "created" Sarah Palin Sarah was represenative of absolute conservative values (cont)
apackof2: @vannschaffner "the Democratic Party and its nominee have created the powerhouse that is Sarah Palin, "She is so wrong here! (cont)
eltiempocom: ‘Sarah Palin’ fue el término que más creció en las búsquedas de Google durante 2008

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