Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

playdoh75: aunt mary’s last assignment was in the 60′s. no more pink glasses for her. they’re beyond last week’s news. they’re beyond Sarah Palin
freerepublic: Colin Powell Lashes Out at Rush Limbaugh: Colin Powell Lashes Out at Rush Limbaugh Thursday, December 11, 2008 F..
huffpost: Acoustic version of "Popcorn," with lead flute. Awe-some. Sarah Palin would be impressed. -rachelsklar
rachelsklar: Acoustic version of "Popcorn," with lead flute. Awe-some. Sarah Palin would be impressed.
pa5fn: Colin Powell: GOP Should Be More Inclusive And Stop Listening To Rush Limbaugh:
When former Secretary of State ..
WrestlingFan: * TNA YouTube – TNA: The Beautiful People & "Mrs. Palin"
revistaveja: Sarah Palin em alta na internet :
rafaelsbarai: release do Google: Sarah Palin é o termo que mais cresceu em buscas em 2008. pq será? =) olha o fetiche da política…
redmcgee: I miss palin in the media… looking forward to snappy comebacks in "0-twelve". Meh
bbcworld: Sarah Palin, Facebook and Euro 2008 top the annual review of the most popular web searches around the globe.
LyndaFord: The only reason he said anything nice about Sarah Palin is because he wants to go to bed with her.
zenz: KQ-post: 2008 was het jaar van Sarah Palin
ET_nowplaying: He is so independent – Sarah Palin starts complimenting Joe Lieberman.
emtemporeal: Sarah Palin e governadores recebem pó branco na correspondência: Substância foi analisada e é inofensiva, segund..
notivagos: Sarah Palin e outros governadores receberam um pó branco na correspondência: A ex-candidata à vice-presidência p..
womanatherbest: Though some say they are appalled by her, Sarah Palin is “the real deal” to Joe the Plumber. So who appalls Joe? McCain!
vhoogsteder: Google Zeitgeist 2008 is here, and the winner is…..Sarah Palin….
AKdude: Reading: "3,300 visit Governor’s Mansion for Christmas open house: Gov. Sarah Palin |" ( )
siburgess79: – Google’s top search terms for 2008 – Palin beats Obama…
jks4usc: @jacklail B.Walters listed Tina Fey in 10 most interesting people 2008. She missed the mark–Palin’s personna was the combustion for Fey.
TheIndyNews: Sarah Palin beats Barack Obama in Google year-end report
mjsante: Palin beats Obama in Zeitgeist Rankings :-) (RT @stevenimmons)
jks4usc: @jacklail A most interesting post but shld not be surprising. It was a meteoric storm(Palin’s rise) that took the media; news and ent.(SNL)!
ET_nowplaying: Our economy is hurting – Sarah Palin agrees that the economy is hurting. –
crewislife: is excited that Friday is my last day…and…I HATE "SARAH PALIN REPUBLICANS"! With a passion that is visceral and deep.
kennystoltz: Huckabee v. Jindal will be tough: two charismatic southern governors who know their politics and have great strategists. Palin is nowhere.
and20: Sarah Palin e governadores recebem pó branco na correspondência
Guerraeterna: Sarah Palin, petarda del año.
IndyTech: Sarah Palin beats Barack Obama in Google year-end report
jacklail: [Blog] The Year of Palin: The election of Barack Obama may have been most historic thing that happened in ..
WineWoman: Driving to work & LoL @madmain ‘s link to the Palin turkey .. you betcha! LoLs
TheSCICoach: @Christmas_Alf Gone, perhaps, but not for good. Pistol-Pakin-Palin will return!!!
megdouglas: Go away now please. Your crush on Sarah Palin is obvious
topgold: As expected, Sarah Palin was the fastest-rising person in the 2008 Google Zeitgeist:
CountryMe: News still talking JTP thats been on welfare twice, owed back taxes be4 McC helped get pd, &wanted 2 get off McC’s bus but likes Palin! LOL
alejandroangel: INCREIBLE. Sarah palin lo más buscado del 2008 . ya está el google Zeittgeist 2008
pegchandler: The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (November 12, 2008) – Why Palin Still Matters
madmain: yummy. turkey. slaughtered by Sarah Palin. you betcha.
readmylipstick: Reading the latest P.U.M.A. update, some good stuff on Palin, Bush and Blago… Found Drudge @drudge_report
ppatel: @RosePena I always thought that the Palin thing was always about attracting men than women. Think about what Joe Plumber said.
ppatel: @RosePena That Palin thing doesn’t surprise you, does it? It was all about money.
Christmas_Alf: Sarah Palin has finally rode off into the Sunset … She was seen heading North !!!
writerhunt: SEO: Sarah Palin Tops Google’s Global Zeitgeist 2008: Well what do you know? Despite losing in the recently ..
Christmas_Alf: Sarag Palin has finally rode off into the Sunset … She was seen heading North !!!
rosepena: AMAZING!Palin Slaughtered Turkey Sells For Big Profit On Ebay
seocopyandstrat: Sharing: Sarah Palin Tops Google’s Global Zeitgeist 2008
iamroberto: WOW! "Tuenti" fue la cuarta búsqueda que mas subió en Google este año a nivel mundial. "Sarah Palin" fue la number one.
smartyhall: Sarah Palin Piano Duet is Todays BIG Thing – OCT 23, 2008
techwatching_cl: VentureBeat: Google Zeitgeist 2008: All other search reports Palin comparison –
channelone: Palin, other US governors sent suspicious powder: FBI: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice p..

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