Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

c3ane: Best comment of the day. RT@meghanao @mindonly Rush Limbaugh! gross.
GawkerDotCom: Colin Powell Slams Rush Limbaugh [Conservative Crack-up] : As usual, Colin Powell is the first to say what other..
patty100: google #1 search for 08…sarah palin
truebluekatie: I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of Bristol Palin’s baby in the next couple weeks.
EagleVueDaily: Headline News Video: Hannity Calls Rep. Ackerman a Liar, Tells the Truth About Who Started the Subprime Lending Crisis ( http://www.eagl
meghanao: @mindonly Rush Limbaugh! gross.
bloghelp: Sarah Palin Dominates Google’s Year-End Zeitgeist: Google’s annual year-end zeitgeist gives us a picture of what..
RobotPiratNinja: Joe the Plumber and Glenn Beck have a stupid-off. Joe "wins" by a
louisgray: New Blog Post: Sarah Palin Dominates Google’s Year-End Zeitgeist
ET_nowplaying: Old expression – Mike Huckabee comments on how Barack Obama wasn’t talking about Sarah Palin when… –
leyrer: @georgholzer "Sarah Palin" & Obama sind keine "Politiker"? Aber Google Top 10 werden auch überbewertet. ;) #Puls4
eric108: New blog entry ‘Sarah Palin: Die schärfste Such-Aufsteigerin der Welt’ –
kaxxi: Asaf ali zardari and sara palin…..meeting or date…..
snackfeedbuzz: new video Part one of Matt Lauer’s interview w. Gov. Sarah Palin.-Matt Lauer Interviews Sarah Palin.

In the first par…

topix_election: Palin Turkey Sells for Big Bucks on eBay: Remember the unfortunate turkey who had the bad luck — or perhaps it..
snackfeedbuzz: snackfeed found Gov. Palin pardons turkey at turkey slaughter-Clueless Gov. Sarah Palin is interviewed in front of an …
rlgitlin: @snackfeedbuzz i think i might have a better Sarah Palin impression than her….and why did ‘butterfly kisses’ start the video? weirdddd
VictorBrilon: This week’s Heroes plot line is more convoluted than a Sarah Palin sentence
denverpolitics: News: Suspicious powder sent to Palin’s office: An eighth letter containing suspicious powder and addressed..
snackfeedbuzz: new video Gov. Sarah Palin Vlog: EXTRAS AND OUTTAKES!-A wacky little treasure trove of extra footage and outtakes from…
nowpublic: Suspicious powder sent to Palin, Seven other Governors: Authorities are investigating a suspicious powder sent t..
stlouiscardinal: St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game Sarah Palin..
plumpqt: I wanna be a govenor so i can be dumb like Palin and stupid like Blago @maddow
Teriss: why is it I can still hear the dentist drill & I was there yesterday, can’t stand that noise. Reminds me of Palin, Drill baby drill.
Nicap: New Blog Post: Open House At The Governor’s Mansion With Sarah Palin
farkpolitics: Joe the Plumber sinks McCain, says he’d still lay pipe for Palin [Followup]: Politico
snackfeedbuzz: watch CBS Exclusive: Gov. Sarah Palin-Watch all of Katie Couric’s exclusive interviews with Gov. Sarah Palin on the CB…
REMEMBERMENINAB: @BossBeauty those ol’ fogies better get a gun too , lol even sarah palin knows whassup lol …
snackfeedbuzz: new video More Sarah Palin lies, scandals, and corruption from Alaska-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has billed taxpayers for…
jgilliam: joe the plumber on sarah palin: "She’s not looking for power."
tsudo: @Conservative Rush Limbaugh but Glenn Beck is a very close second.
Cicero_Hood: @tjcrowley Except I remember that pic from one of Palin’s Wisconsin rallies. Stop putting it on the South; we’re a *nation* of stupid swine.
lindaoftx: i drew a picture of sarah palin: what do you think?
davidelliottx: Gone to bed. Textme. <33 sarah palin!
snackfeedbuzz: snackfeed found Sarah Palin MUSIC VIDEO: "I’m Gonna Make It To The Top"-Hold on to your hats and get ready to rock wit…
mediacynic: Sarah Palin Says 2012 is a Long Ways Away
LDSFollow: ReTwitter: @ rotkapchen: Joe the Plumber: “Sarah Palin is absolutely the real deal”. McC..
rotkapchen: Joe the Plumber: “Sarah Palin is absolutely the real deal”. McCain, not. Something to be said for ‘being there"
pumapower: hillbuzz: Governor Palin hosts Open House today in Juneau
TheWarmSpot: @gpittman w need to get him Sarh Palin’s style team :-0)
ursulas: I can just picture that! LOL! @SistersTalk @ursulas Of course Palin sent herself white powder. She’s trying to prolonge her 15 minutes.
davidelliottx: looking for pictures of sarah palin
wingszetang: Saw a teaser of Sarah Palin’s chat w/ George Strombo on The Hour: "Sometimes I question why in the world I’m in politics." Don’t we all?
pa5fn: the Huffingtonpost Sarah Palin Sent Suspicious Powder: JUNEAU, Alaska — An eighth letter..
douglasbass: Governor Palin’s Juneau office receives powder-filled envelope
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: Mysterious white powder sent to Sarah Palin. And no its not snow!: Authorities are investi..
Verbalicon: @dianemandy Just wait what Rush Limbaugh and MIchael Savage are going to make out of it for Obama. Just wait … it’ll hurt your brain.
connecticutBNN: CT Blue: One Frankenstein, Two Monsters: John McCain is gone, but Sarah Palin, lives on. If worse comes to worst..
mpeachey: I’d like to see the Sarah Palin-turkey interview done by the Wallace-Grommit guy. Or Muppets. The look on the turkey’s faces would be great.

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