Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

dennispedrie: arguing about rush limbaugh
hello_knitty: @shortyawards I nominate @fakesarahpalin for Shorty Award in #humor because she somehow made the hilarity that was Sarah Palin even funnier
radioaction: @hughhewitt I did see a #hannity today, but I don’t think Hannity is involved. Looks like fans are doing and pushing. Mostly one guy.
huffpost: Rick Davis on Palin: "You Get What You Pay For." Yikes, most memorable line from campaign war stories panel @ Harvard last night. -AriMelber
AriMelber: Rick Davis on Palin: "You Get What You Pay For." Yikes, most memorable line from campaign war stories panel @ Harvard last night.
ludovicspeaks: @anotherpundit we need a progressive POC rush limbaugh/ralph nader/, like stokely or fannie lou
billiakbar: OK, so Joe the Plumber disses McCain. Then he says Palin is "absolutely the real deal." You figure it out:
ET2U: It’s kinda too bad that this IL gov has displaced Palin as the national gubernatorial laughingstock.
ET2U: And what is wrong with this? Sarah Palin would agree if papers were infringing on his free speech!
huffpost: Meet the new Sarah Palin:Rod Blagojevich -236dotcom
236dotcom: Meet the new Sarah Palin:Rod Blagojevich
EmilyBartek: Behold, there will be a Mrs. Rush Limbaugh #4. BARF.
Roblizzle: mine are: obama, day, know, thing (and since I don’t count twitpic), golf and Palin are tied for fifth.
EmilyBartek: I would not marry Rush Limbaugh for all the money or Chipotle in the world, but apparently, she would:
libertyrant: @decidedlyright [Obama uses the phrase "You betcha."] trying to tap into some of that Sarah Palin mojo, I suspect.
TLizzie: nmeth retweet: Christmas Ruined as Palin Shoots Rudolph.
commoniowan: Not surprised that Blagojevich got arrested. I’m surprised he’s still in office with a rap sheet that makes Palin look like Mother Theresa.
floridaBNN: March On Politics: Martinez Said To Be Anonymous Palin Critic: A conservative political journal pundit says Sen…
antag0nus: @epidemik lmfao worddd….. vote Sarah Palin 2012
Lauren42: I wonder what opinions, if any, do people have on Rush Limbaugh’s new union motto? I have a few but Id like to hear from others as well..
gbullard: @dancanon You got it! CNN or MSNBC had that on the ticker about Palin one time.
queenoftheclick: @TSMaryal Was anyone that curious about Palin’s makeup?
indianajim: @brandg I refuse to allow the double-standard. Sarah Palin’s CHILDREN are dragged over the coals, but Obama’s associations are non-issues.
TSMaryal: See our EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Sarah Palin’s makeup artist!!!
nanaze: Anonymized Sarah Palin suggestions I’ve gotten from (a snapshot) (updated, now correct, link)
eeklips: @abitabite the only reason Palin hasn’t shot a hippo is, she can’t find Africa on a map. (she didn’t know it’s a continent)
heathr: Dressed for yesterday’s weather. Walking to meet a great Palin impersonator/comic Bennincasa in mohair.
TxSkirt: @itsonlywords Hahahahaha! I needed the laugh. Sara Palin isn’t intimidated by a charging moose, chances r Oprah won’t….wait a minute…..
VickiVoisin: Having a dinner that would make Sarah Palin proud: Moose Stew…Really! It’s yummy.
floridaBNN: The Buzz: Did Mel Martinez dis Palin?: Human Events, plugging an online petition drive by to encour..
JoeKuhl: #coalition Eventually the narrative runs down. cf: Rove, McCain, Palin
itsonlywords: Palin intimidated by Oprah. Yeah. Likely.
therascalking: 3. Sarah Palin. How did that even happen? Really? Did I dream that mess? Why do republicans love willful ignorance and hate trailin’ g’s
JadedByPolitics: @newsbusters Sarah Palin would NEVER be intimidated by Oprah. Oprah is a liberal that no Conservative should talk with!
nanaze: Anonymized Sarah Palin suggestions I’ve gotten from (a snapshot)
newsbusters: Yahoo: Palin ‘Blows Off’ Oprah, Probably ‘Intimidated’ by Her: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is intimidated by Opr..
in8vision: Documentary – Facing The Facts: Louis Theroux/Michael Palin discuss storytelling on C21 Media:
UltraNurd: The stupid IQ test ads on some websites are asking me to "beat Sarah Palin" now.
honnoh: Rush Limbaugh engaged? How is this possible?
talkingshopping: Update: TS EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With Sarah Palin’s Makeup Artist, Amy Strozzi!
twelvedoors: Hey guys what’s the difference between sarah palin’s mouth and her vag?
miaminewtimes: Rush Limbaugh Finds Some Lady To Traditionally Marry Him
ggbolt16: @problemthinker was bush embroiled in a corruption scandal with Larry Craig or palin with Ted Stevens. It seems you are reaching a little
TMonte1969: Sounds a little like the beloved Governor Palin. Oh wait. She has never used her political power for personal benefit. Damn liberal media.
AgronGreva: @Mitchkitter Douche bags…. And Sarah Palin.
Fred_Utah: @ricksanchezcnn Rick you mean you don;t wear those fancy palin thingys?
patrix: @vkpedia Actually my current zip code is as real as it can get; at least according to Ms. Palin.
DaveWaldon1908: The unfortunate turkey slaughtered behind Sarah Palin on TV has been sold on eBay for $225.
readmylipstick: Newsmax – Poll re: Sarah Palin: Poll title is "Do You Really Like Sarah Palin?"; number of questions asked. It’s..
snackfeedbuzz: checkout Is Palin losing it ? Rachel Maddow-Is Palin losing it ? Rachel Maddow Hillary Kucinich obama Biden Mccain Pal…

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