Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

lamarwatch: @highheels Is there anything unique about Palin’s high heels?
fanhistorywiki: Fan History: Michael Palin
fanhistorywiki: Fan History: Category:Michael Palin
five_virtues: Can I just say – I’m watching C-SPAN at the hotel (it’s actually interesting), and a LOT of people in our government sound like SARAH PALIN.
washingtonBNN: Silenced Majority Portal: Colin Powell To Palin: There is Nothing Wrong With My South Bronx Values: Ever since t..
runsf: Are you smarter than Sarah Palin?
LaDolceDIva: @GiddiupGirl If Palin can sell the corp jet on ebay why not this… That is hilarious! Obama seat for sale-ebay
phendrana: I wonder how much Blagojevich would get for Obama’s senate seat on eBay – more than Palin’s plane.
lutherjw: The top 5 words I’ve tweeted: o, palin, obama, going, mccain.
coryereed: @DerekShowerman I just checked out @billclinton. The posts sound like a Sarah Palin fan trying to be funny posing as Bill Clinton.
zestylime: @DCagle "People who bough this product also bought: Sarah Palin’s Airplane"
murphyla: @jsayreallen That’s been the caliber of their reporting lately – "How much $ did Palin spend on clothes?"
bmorrissey: @filthyfowl better, mccain-palin has a much more prominent role for veep. biden barely made it on the ornament.
eatmedaily: Thomas Keller, David Chang, Grant Achatz, Tom Colicchio, and Sarah Palin in Elf Yourself:
HollyLay: Palin suppossedly has snubbed Oprah’s too little, too late invite. . . good for her.
cariannburnett: @ricksanchezcnn what am I saying? Of course it’s easy…Palin….the "Governator"… I’m SO throwing my hat in ha ha
kevinmcgeever: SPTimes The Buzz Did Mel Martinez dis Palin?: Human Events, plugging an online petition drive by..
colleensullivan: still can’t believe there’s a state governor who is more stupid than Sarah Palin.
TheBuzzFlorida: The Buzz: Did Mel Martinez dis Palin?: Human Events, plugging an online petition drive by ..
sharonlives: i guess you can tell everything you need to know about a governor by his (Blagojevich) or her (Palin) hair!
bulletproofheeb: @teacherdork Country. Stupid auto-complete. Either way he was way off. Like Sarah Palin wrong.
creativedc: ambushed by rush limbaugh in cab downtown
VS2008: Sarah Palin dol op media: Bron: RTL
postpolitickr: Palin Makes It Rein On Christmas
Scoobie: @dcagle cartoon of Gov Palin sending Gov blagojevich a personal "thank you" card for getting "elite media" off her back.
farkpolitics: [Interesting] Sarah Palin visits Canada, talks about things that it and Alaska have in common, such as hockey, h..
DogReader: "Fran Drescher seeks Clinton’s Senate seat" – yeah, in the Sarah Palin tradition, why not .
MikeChimeri: Or maybe the next tweet is right now. That LisaNova person is so-so, but clearly far-left. Has anti-Sarah Palin videos. No, thanks.
LisaSperling: Reading the 1st installment of an interview with Sarah Palin’s makeup artist Looking for tips for this 40+ face.
LLJessR: Just told my mom the Sarah Palin vagina joke…. She didn’t get it. Then I think she liked it after I explained it to her.
donni: Blago is one of those timeless characters, like Nixon or Palin; all your worst suspicions delightfully confirmed in realtime.
BenLembo: @DannyTRS a cardboard cutout of sarah palin
TSMaryal: Check out our EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Sarah Palin’s makeup artist!
robschendel: Sarah Palin snubs Oprah Winfrey
drkilstein: Normally I can listen to Rush Limbaugh. Today, the mortgage crisis is all the poor peoples’ fault. Had nothing to do with dishonest brokers.
martin001: weird – i just got a random text for an alaskan #.. trying to think of who I know in alaska.. maybe sara palin is saying hi to me :)
MarkWSchumann: Sarah Palin: "Gee, if only Ted Stevens had won, I could have sold his seat for tons of money!" :-)
midknightg: Vlog #4 Video Game Season Part 1 Fable II, Mirrors Edge, Economy, Sarah Palin, NXE, South Florida AnimeSuperCon,..
EvilTeam: I just updated my Squidoo page: Sarah Palin is Evil /
jadintx: Quick but great visit with Dad. Continues to be recuperating nicely. Really enjoyed the Michael Palin Pole-to-Pole DVDs I brought him.
darrylayo: I had successfully forgotten about Sarah Palin until just now seeing her name mentioned. good job, internet.
TSMaryal: TS EXCLUSIVE:Sarah Palin’s makeup artist tells all! Part One!
myfoxwghp: Turkey in Palin Video Auctioned on eBay
awolk: @Meryl333 Palin and Stevens were like two caribou butting antlers. She took on Alaska GOP, no?
zanylanie: is essentially being forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh – and isn’t the least bit amused.
ET_nowplaying: Quality, Value, And Convenience, And Great Deals On Juicers – John McCain and Sarah Palin (Tina… –
Christmas_Alf: Finally – Sarah Palin has disappeared off into the Sunset – she was seen heading North !!!
OldDirtyBtard: @dogbite12 agreed on Palin. I’d rather have Fronk.
kerrioki: Palin … Blagojevich … not exactly "Year of the Governor," is it.
snackfeedbuzz: liking Butt bandit busted! -Dec. 9: The infamous Nebraska mooner has been caught and Sarah Palin says she has ‘nothing…

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