Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

AdamTheAlien: @nerimon Don’t worry. I have a sneaking suspicion that Palin will continue to entertain. I mean we can’t even get Paris Hilton off the news.
nerimon: misses Sarah Palin, tbh. She was misguided, but golly she was fun
floresarts: Watching ‘Biden – Palin Debate’ at Vodpod
floresarts: Watching ‘Seven Year-Old Piper Palin Is A State Employee’ at Vodpod
macleans: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says she’s a big fan of Canada
pigactor: @Mamalogues Interesting article (even now) from David Limbaugh Feb 12, 2008 regarding who reaches out to whom
coldacid: Sarah Palin <3s Canada! Probably because all the moose we got
ovpaul: Sarah Palin for U.S. Poet Laureate
canadapolitics: Palin says she’s a big fan of Canada
ryanoneil: @nscottg I like how the Election lost to Mad Men. But, to be fair, Joan Holloway is much more entertaining than Sarah Palin.
BenLaMothe: @dennislennox I’m more inclined to take more seriously Palin’s thoughts on Canada-related issues than Russia, et al.
dennislennox: Palin says US shouldn’t ignore Canada – our largest trading partner and our largest oil supplier:
CocoHolder: Cutting my own bangs for my Sarah Palin Halloween costume *seemed* like a good idea at the time…
questionsall: @vmontes how about Steven’s/Simpson on 2012? They can arrange to be cell-mates to coordinate their campaign. And Sec. State Palin, too?
zagrrl: Sarah Palin has helped to crack the glass ceiling for once and for all….Because now more boys WILL make passes at girls who wear glasses.
TheAdmiral1: An idiot from the New York Times calls Sarah Palin a "Moose Murderer," and takes a swipe at Minneapolis:
palin_quotes: "I think he was wrong to send a message that he would unilaterally want to go in and renegotiate," #Palin said. ..
palin_quotes: "This has been long hoped for, prayed about, wished for, for really about 50 years here in Alaska," #Palin said.
palin_quotes: "I want to grow the relationship we have with Canada," #Palin said. "I know Alaska is doing all we can to grow t..
davidavdavid: @davemorin like there was much of a choice on that one, VP Palin, sill makes me shiver
robtyrie: Alasaka to Alberta pipeline. Palin is Baaaack.. New 2700km NGas piple line… That’s infrastructure. TransCanada pipeline wins! You betcha.
_HeatherWilson: Things I don’t do anymore, pt. 6: Pronounce Rush Limbaugh’s name wrong.
wisconsinBNN: The Political Environment: Palin Is The Political Gift That Won’t Stop Giving: Oh, let her run, run, run in 2012..
nunanishi: yowsa someone should tell Palin to stop talking to Canadians (we’re making fun of you too!!!)
The_H_Bomb: @YatPundit I just find the format unlovely, and forget to go check him out. He’s still excellent. His Palin snark was world-class.
Hamlet: Why do I care that Sarah Palin snubbed Oprah? Why does CNN hate America like that?
dianamaria: Sarah Palin #builder & John McCainn #director with a very high testosterone level. I’m both #explorer (dopamine) and #negotiator (estrogen).
Sidp3: @bartfuzzle #And what would sarah Palin Build?
JonBurg: @chrisheuer palin was more interesting than most, just not in the manner most of America felt comfortable with.
luv_leweb: #luv #leweb love the comparison of Bush x Sarah Palin same biology type! ha! =P
buzka: Gordon Brown, Palin are builders with high levels of seratonin, traditional, religious. Directors have high testosterone, heroic altruists
maydbs: #leweb love the comparison of Bush x Sarah Palin same biology type! ha! =P
bartfuzzle: #leweb Fisher uses (potential) worldleaders to describe her four arch types… Sarah Palin is a builder :S
ElectionWatch: The Rising: Jon Huntsman Jr. (Washington Post): Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman could be riva..
rightblogs: [fix] The Rising: Jon Huntsman Jr.: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman could be rivals for ..
rsheldon: Listening to: Rush Limbaugh – Dec 08 2008 – Hour 1
freerepublic: In era of Obama, no new Reagans allowed: I have noticed a common theme in the media lately: Sarah Palin, the 200..
kevgill: The Sarah Palin calendar 2009 – top of the Christmas list?
frankevans: Palin’s gladhanding goes way back. Are we surprised?
whatthefrank: @Maryannead here to shoot the moose….. palin joke
kor975: Short Haircut styles Sarah Palin Short Hairstyle Trends in 2009
nonsensepoem: Palin in a nutshell. Bullet dodged!
nmeth: Christmas ruined as Sarah Palin shoots Rudolph –
not_affiliated: I wish palin was right! o_o I wish I could see russia from here
arkma: I’d rather read Sarah Palin’s review "In Search of Lost Time" than see Frank Miller’s "The Spirit".
WCSMinorCircuit: In a conversation today I said Sarah Palin is an idiot. The person I told got so offended and tried his best to argue with me. He failed.
derDunkelRover: Palin inspired a movement, but not the kind she wanted…
bostonherald: Margery Eagan, ease up!: Margery Eagan’s obsession with Sarah Palin is reaching epic proportions. This column ("..
vmontes: Two people I never want to hear about again: O.J. Simpson, Sarah Palin.
MyFoxNY: Turkey in Palin Video Auctioned on eBay: Remember the unfortunate turkey that was being slaughtered as a local A..

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