Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

sanampetri: agree with Patrick Appel. Andrew Sullivan’s obsession with Trig Palin has officially become creepy.
sdradio: @sddialedin Sara Palin saw a jet once from here home.
max_forlani: @Spartz Kind a like Michael Palin.
wrestlingnews: Flair Debut Ticket News, Sarah Palin Revealed? Mickey Rourke Gets Award: The real attendance for Reid Flair’s de..
ktaglione: (On sarah palin) its was a candidate problem, not a media or organizing one -chuck todd
Spiderusalem: Playing my sarah palin character before some last minute writing. Her mantra: shoot first ask questions never
orbitz: memeorandum In Defense Of Sarah Palin (Andrew Sullivan/The Daily Dish): Andrew Sullivan / The Daily D..
thePajamaPundit: Reminder…: Sarah Palin lies:Noted Palinographer Jonathan Martin notices that Sarah Palin just walked back her ..
Lawrence_n_DC: @Jimmykitty I can’t wait until someone does a "tell all" Sarah Palin mini-series.
mimonette: Who’s nailing Sarah Palin?
stillgray: @Andy_K The same people voted for Hilary (or worse, Palin) because she’s a woman.
Geneal_Junky: Is the Grand Slam at Denny’s worth every penny?…the holes on either side of my head are ready for the Gold Fish to Escape? Oh the Palin!
mugdho: @justkaty I use Twinkle when I am on the move too. Else its TweetDeck. LOL u sound like Sara Palin? I never noticed!!
Lawrence_n_DC: When are they going to do a Sarah Palin Mini-Series?
jterrill8: Nothing against Palin, but this is really interesting:
DaveTitle: Is Silicon Alley Insider (a blog I like a lot) stepping into link-bait territory with a post about Palin and baby Trig? Kinda way off-base
AliAkbar: @tcarah Yeah, I’m not running to save @sanuzis, but #debsucks is just crazy. She puts Jesse Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, and Savage to shame.
JerikoOne: – Preview zu Mad Magazine’s "20 dumbest people of the year": McCain und Palin in Fight Club :-)
jamesbyers: @CountryMe Most military are Rep. because they come from those silly little Real America towns Palin was talking about.
ethnicomm: Try this quiz out – Sarah Palin could have used this :)
tinapayson: @softfuzzybunny Disagreeing with your "Palin’s career is just starting" comment. She is done with GOP. Maybe Evangelical talk show/AlaSKA!
Gardenbug2: @ricksanchezcnn Notice how Obama & Palin continue to receive more press/media time that President Bush?
tinapayson: Back to Sarah Palin, wonder if she turned over her Victoria’s Secret thongs? Yuck, $150 bought her somethin’ for her and Todd!! Not funny.
tinapayson: SARAH PALIN: If she gets a book deal for being a fake, something is grossly wrong with this country. GOP party even paid for her VS undies!
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Headzup: Sarah Palin Explains The Turkey Interview: Sarah Pa..
sandieblack: gonna definitely dye the hair lite soon. sick of my palin look. back from Ecuador.
jamesbyers: @CountryMe Palin is a Racist Pig. Obama said it correctly regarding lipstip on a Pig. She will not even attempt to represent all of America
tristynu: Hobby Lobby is selling cutesy plaques of Palin sayings. If only Michaels werent such a PITA of a drive.
gretchasketch: @todwellondreams People who like Sarah Palin, I imagine.
CountryMe: @jamesbyers ROFLOL If I have not come to my senses by now there’s no hope but then again maybe Palin brought me to my senses LOL
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: Uh oh! Bad news for Sarah Palin, as Mitt "Male Mannequin" Romney starts preparing for his ..
CountryMe: @jamesbyers How could anyone really get angry @ SNL when Tina mostly just repeated what Palin really said? That’s what made it so funny LOL
CNW_Telecom: Canada AM Broadcasts First Canadian Interview with Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin Tuesday, December 9:
jamesbyers: @CountryMe I agree.Certain people seem to possess the key to my anger. Palin and Thomas are at the top of the list. I need a new locksmith
CountryMe: @jamesbyers Oh my! If Palin upsets you that much she better not run again LOL you wouldn’t be able to handle it LOL
jamesbyers: @CountryMe Unable to get throught to Palin in Alaska due to they asked for too much personal information prior to contact. I didnt want to
justkaty: @mugdho @johnmassie says I sound like Sara Palin sometimes.
RipeTomato: @harveymilk I’ve only got one page, but my favorites are strongly anti Palin and pro equality.
CountryMe: @jamesbyers Hmmmm are you sure you don’t like Palin? LOL JK
dabreathingroom: Oprah ask Sarah Palin 2 b on her TV show & she said no.
CountryMe: @jamesbyers Well, if Palin is bi-partisan in Alaska, she better stay there!! LOL
ET2U: I’m dealing with the press all day & getting all nervous tongue-tied. I feel so….Sarah Palin!
CountryMe: @jamesbyers LOL I tried that once to turn the channel when Palin was on but every channel I turned to she was on LOL news channel that is
twittfeed: Huffington Post Palin Troopergate Testimony: Hometown Paper Questions Secrecy: Last week, the Anc..
orbitz: HuffPost Palin Troopergate Testimony: Hometown Paper Questions Secrecy: Last week, the Anchorage Daily N..
jamesbyers: @CountryMe Yeah I have watch too much Fox News. When Palin comes on any station I run for my remote to change the channel LOL
PRyck: I just now noticed a girl in my class looks just like sarah palin, I am now highly aroused and can’t concentrate
CountryMe: @jamesbyers Regarding you hating Thomas I think you have watched too much fox news and Palin!! LOL JK
AllicatCO: @kikarose HECK YES! The thought of Palin writing a book makes me cringe.
brodigan: I was of the impression that Obama faked his citizenship just like Palin faked her pregnancy, and they both caused 9/11.

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