Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

benjaminjackson: @ibookgirl We’ll be working on paginating tweets in Blogo. Keep an eye out for it in a future version.
skye820: @pasher Still pushing that rumor? Sarah Palin is obviously more qualified than Obama to be prez. That becomes clear with each broken promise
Sen_Claghorn: Do Hannity, Rush, Ann Coulter, or Laura Ingraham tweet?
freerepublic: ‘I Think Murdoch Will Get the New York Times’: How’d you like Sean Hannity as editor of the New Y..
endorythm: @yetibiker Oh c’mon man! You’re following Rush Limbaugh as a tech leader?! You’re scaring me. We need to help you find new idols. J/k :)
ARCSTV: blogojevich defies even most strident calls for resignation
alexpopovici: sarah palin, cea mai cautata in 2008 pe google
acmateus: O termo mais pesquisado no google em 2008 foi…….. sarah palin! Na categoria de humor, só pode…
rgj: Palin tops ‘fastest rising’ search poll worldwide
Eco_Feed: NCap: Links 12/11/08:
Black hole confirmed in Milky Way BBCSarah Palin tops 2008 Google search TelegraphT..
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin tops Google’s 2008 search charts (New Kerala)
djej1: Huckabee and Palin are soulmates.
missgosh: my mum just asked me who Sarah Palin is.
daryllorette: Facebook, Palin top list of Google searches in 2008
ConservativeRep: We need to get rid of corruption Dem or Rep. That is one reason Palin is popular, she took on corruption in the republican party.
jacksonian: Seriously, I, like Rush Limbaugh, am choosing not to participate in any recession. Take that economic downturn jerks.
ManpreetSingh: Saran Palin, Obama, Facebook tops the 2008 Google Zeitgeist
ykk0715: 2008年のGoogle検索後ランキング、上昇率1位は Sarah Palin だって!ちょっと驚き。
julochka: @sheryonstone i’m with you there on the news thing!!! it’ll make you crazy! and that’s even without sarah palin onscreen every 5 minutes.
stormystorm: Google’s top search terms for 2008. Bring me one Sarah Palin please.
wfsarah: Also, for the uninformed, this is sarah_p. SOMEONE TOOK MY NAME. I blame Sarah Palin!
web20share: Web2.0Share 两岸三地齐冠希:Google08关键词拾趣: Google今日公布 了08年的搜索关键词总结。在全世界范围内来看,前十位的关键词分别是:
sarah palin beijing ..
MyFoxNY: Sarah Palin Intrigues Google Users: Internet search terms give a good indication of what’s on the minds of Ameri..
tabrej: Palin tops worldwide Google search, Americans prefer Obama – Hindu
loremandipsum: @shortyawards – Christmas, Nintendo Wii, Obama, Palin, Zac Efron, Xmas, iPhone, etsy, oprah, whoopi goldberg, helen keller, apples to apples
oregonBNN: Born Again Redneck: This lesbian really is in love with Palin: It’s the third time Camille Paglia has written ab..
newsgoogle: Sarah Palin tops Google’s 2008 search charts – Newstrack India
jubei_: @BooBooKittyFck -Shes sarah palin, and Sarah Palin is the BOMB!!!
migs_vuitton: It’s not different. That’s where it STARTS. If your family can’t understand who you are, what makes you think Sara Palin will understand?
comandatuba: Gift ideas for Sarah Palin #2: A bipolar electro Wartenberg Wheel
comandatuba: Gift ideas for Sarah Palin #2: A bipolar electrified Wartenberg Wheel
BooBooKittyFck: @jubei_ You must be cold as hell. And why the hell are you following sarah palin?
TSMaryal: TS EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin’s makeup artist TELLS ALL!
sylvianpatrick: Google Zeitgeist Released – Fastest Rising search was Sarah Palin
swinhoe_feeds: Google’s Zeitgeist surfaces… no surprise to see Obama and Palin in the top ten……: Google’s Zeitgeist surfaces…..
freenews: SR: ‘Sarah Palin’ the most searched query on Google: In its annual zeitgeist of terms most queried on its sea..
siliconrepublic: ‘Sarah Palin’ the most searched query on Google: In its annual zeitgeist of terms most queried on its search eng..
mysteryman: (Google Zeitgeist 08)
sarah palin
beijing 2008
facebook login
heath ledger
nasza klasa
wer kennt wen
euro 2008
jonas brothers
SarahPalin: Question: What do Sarah Palin and Edison Chen have in common? (Shanghaiist)
sarah4prez: @BDBopper I’m expecting "Palin 2.0" to have many of the 1.0 bugs worked out. Should be a good release.
jamesforaz: Why cant Phil but out of the GOP I am so tired of his lack of knowlege about my party. Sarah Palin will be a great candidate dont you worry
aaronjorbin: Purple Potatoes WIN! @ctumaven I’d also like to see who the idea for Palin came from
TOMNOCERA: @Samwise Hi Sam. Conan O’ Brian just said "Palin is no longer the dumbest Gov. in America!" Have you visited yet?
gvenkdaily: internationale zijn zoektermen als ‘sarah palin’,'beijing 2008′ en ‘facebook login’ sterk in opkomst, terwijl in de NL versie
euro2008videos: Euro 2008 News Palin tops Obama in Google ‘zeitgeist’ (UPI)
illinoisBNN: BackyardConservative: Gov. Palin Open House: Some Christmas cheer, Governor Sarah Palin and family, Open House i..
jamesbyers: @Babyswags I wont give her an opportunity. I treat her like Palin. I changed the channel when she appears on TV LOL.
dheirtzler: No data from Hawaii. Too far over the horizon for the Alaska station. (Insert Palin joke here)
WraithXt1: People complained about Palin dropping letters from the end of words, I hope they never move to Hawaii where -l is -oh
LuvelyCuppaT: @TSMaryal thankyou the article was gratifying :) That idiot that wrote the comment re sarah palin, "Crazy is crazy, no matter what makeup.

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