Eating Each Other Alive… December 11, 2008

When will the carnage end?

dedalusjmmr: @shortyawards I nominate @fakejohnmccain for a Shorty Award in #politics because he’s a more probable candidate for 2012 than Palin.
amoyal: Someone pls explain: New NBC/WSJ Poll: Palin Favorables at 73% Among Repubs:
NJHussein: @AriMelber Darn elitous media luncheons…plotting and scheming on Palin and the GOP! how dare they! *sort* hee hee…
cantubury: damn "joe the plummer man" he has turned his back & wrench on mccain, palin and the whole republican party due to the bailout. foiled again
glennette: @brianbolter I’ll double that if some could get rid of Sarah Palin. Uggg, I can’t believe she popped into my brain again.
pchere: Sarah Palin is Fastest Rising Search Term on Google
Shnaps: @gideonrachman – sorry to hear about your drudge-bomb. At least you gained some appreciation of the whole ‘Sarah Palin demographic’.
need4trth: that’s if you really want to get the full load on this peice of s— Sean hannity
mikehernalsteen: @acmaurer I have, and it was delicious!! (It was in Alaska, I wonder if it was one of Palin’s kills). Anywho, yes, I felt guilty :-(
SnowRprtOnline: #hannity check out! Conservative Women!…And Men!
gerry60626: Pushups..Palin…Podcasts.
CaraCarriveau: on CNN – Chicago anchor Goudie said it was unusual for Blogojevich to go to work these last 2 days…because it was 2 days in a row for him!
need4trth: Sean Hannity is some riotous moron who is a poor excuse for a human being from the start
michaelpleahy: @ReneeDC go to enter "#hannity" you will see feed. Add #hannity for your tweet to appear in that stream
need4trth: that state President Elect Obama is not implicated in Gov. Blogojevich’s mess, Hannity called President Elect Obama’s name mentioned
ReneeDC: @michaelpleahy how do you use the hot feeds like #hannity and #hhr?
need4trth: anyway, I saw a peioce in media matters that shows seahn hannity of FIXED News, ignoring prosecutor Fitzgerald’s words
michaelpleahy: @mattriopelle Go for your #hannity feed commentary ! Great ! #TCOT
tinynotebook: sarah palin, fasting rising google star in the world. fastest falling too?
mwarner95: @sfluhr….. Palin Raps
Gawfer: @theolbroad I’m for rebuilding the party- after a bit of demo. get rid of the dead wood known as rinos, bring in Steele, Palin, Cantor, etc.
BuzzFeedFeed: McCain Campaign Clearance Sale: For the last-minute holiday shopper or the Dell fan: a McCain-Palin Campaign cl…
aubecherie: Walk in to get new glasses and the girl says ‘do you like the Sara palin look". Ug!!
sfluhr: @joshgillespie @mwarner95 Mark Wahlberg, SNL Palin show
flakyfoont: Blago is a cross between Sarah Palin, Charlie Kane and Sonny Corleone, man!
lbphilatel: Just did eBay searches, title only & in description too. Obama – 89% have name in title. Palin – 50%. Meaning? Democrats smarter sellers?
trendhunter: Top 10 Most Searched for Terms in 2008 – Google Zeitgeist Shows Sarah Palin Trounces Obama (GALLERY)
lasheamiller: lasheamiller Blowout Sale at Former McCain-Palin Headquarters:
Looking for a slightly-used laptop c..
GEValle: Limbaugh just said we’re living the sequel to "Atlas Shrugged", called "Atlas Puked".
gregular: Limbaugh: we’re about 2 be governed by the brain of Barbara Streisand
diggita_gossip: Il film porno su Sarah Palin foto e video
diggita_notizie: Il film porno su Sarah Palin foto e video
jaykaycee00: The Sarah Palin Standard: "Oh, you like comic books? Which ones do you read?" "You know, all of them."
incanus77: Just remembered a crazy dream I had last night: Dick Cheney was elected co-governor of Alaska with Sarah Palin.
dcli1016: Curious about: "Fire Sale on All McCain-Palin Campaign Equipment" – Occurring one floor below our office. ( )
FakeGK: Blowout Sale at Former McCain-Palin Headquarters:
Looking for a slightly-used laptop christened by the fingers ..
hongviet: Blowout Sale at Former McCain-Palin Headquarters
truemors: Blowout Sale at Former McCain-Palin Headquarters
Hsilamot: #hnws "Sarah Palin almenos gana en algo: en las búsquedas google xD" "Se atasca de orgullo – Dice su compañero de depto"
huffingtonpost: Aaron Keyak: New NBC/WSJ Poll: Palin Favorables at 73% Among Repubs: According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, "Pres..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Aaron Keyak: New NBC/WSJ Poll: Palin Favorables at 73% Among Repubs: According to..
MaximusPolitics: #rush Contact Rush Limbaugh – get him to use Twitter live during show like @hughhewitt on #hhrs @radioblogger
LKclan: Google Reader Shared [2008-12-11] Google公布2008年度关键词排行榜


sarah palin
beijing …

markidea: Blowout Sale at Former McCain-Palin Headquarters
deansms: Wish #Rush Limbaugh would get on satellite radio!
euro2008videos: Euro 2008 Videos Sarah Palin A Digital Superstar
euro2008videos: Euro 2008 News Google Zeitgeist: Sarah Palin is Most Popular for 2008 on Google (Search Engine Rou..
Lesbiatopia: Haven’t twitted in a while but this involves me as Sarah Palin, singing:
MaximusPolitics: @RottDawg Looks like #rush being used for Limbaugh, also for legendary power trio (not a bad pairing) and general "rushing" around. #tcot
sweetcherrypop: @vintagevantage Luv the Drill Palin Not Alaska shirt.. LOLOLOL

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