Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

PoliticsFix: Sarah Palin to Star as Roxie in New Chicago Musical – – The Spoof (Satire)
HuffNewswire: McClatchy: Commentary: Powell’s banal attacks on Palin, GOP: This editorial appeared in The Kansas Cit..
krud: @hotdogsladies No, you’re thinking of The Matrix. Or possibly Rush Limbaugh.
JackCafferty: Should Republicans stop listening to Rush Limbaugh?
Kramden88: @zrc210 it would be a travesty of literature. I heard "The Collected Wisdom of Sarah Palin" has been circulating, a book with blank pages.
exussum: Re: Wardialing. "You know that thing McCain used to help his campaign but it backfired?" "Sarah Palin?"
twilabennett: Walked by a power company truck in our parking lot that was blasting Rush Limbaugh from his radio while he worked 20 ft away. Funny.
zrc210: @Kramden88 joe the plumber wrote a book. I wonder if sarah palin is going to get a book deal – i really hope not.
G_MacMurchy: I just read the July Limbaugh letter about Cap and Trade. It could get really scary in America. #tcot #rush
redwhiteandnews: BREAKING – SARAH PALIN ATTACKED BY ANGRY BLACK MAN: (Drudge siren here)
johnhawkinsrwn: Beating up Andrew Sullivan for his Sarah Palin / Trig conspiracy theory
utopianfiat: Breaking news: If everyone who lost their jobs in november paid $0.10, they would nearly cover Sarah Palin’s $55,000 stylist.
tmeanstrouble: palin’s shopping-gate continues. yawn.
womanistmusings: New Post: Limbaugh calls himself tolerant, more lies
huffpost: CNN: Huckabee and Palin top early 2012 list: Poll suggests Gov. Sarah Palin is a 2012 presidenti.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: CNN: Huckabee and Palin top early 2012 list: Poll suggests Gov. Sarah Palin is a 2012 presidenti..
NewsOnTwitter: CNN – Huckabee, Palin top list of 2012 GOP contenders, poll says: Are you ready yet?
thecnnwire: Huckabee, Palin top early 2012 list: By Paul Steinhauser CNN Deputy Political Director In a CNN/Opinio..
huffpost: Huckabee and Palin top early 2012 list -TheRealMcCain
alert_ginofusco: Huckabee, Palin top list of 2012 GOP contenders, poll says
katopotato: $110,000 spent on Palin’s stylists??? Who was the elitist again, I forgot…
ohonestly: Retweet @thepete Just an FYI to the news media, unless OJ kills Sarah Palin, I don’t need to hear about either of them ever again. Thanks.
RightWingNews: Sarah Palin vs. Oprah!
RightWingNews: Smacking down Andrew Sullivan’s Sarah Palin conspiracy theory
smartgoat: Well, my work project got a few stars, but not enough to win anything.

Probably should have thrown in some Sarah Palin jokes.

graceface: I want to be Barbara Walters when I grow up:
jaxsun: okay so if palin returns her victoria’s secret purchases, which charity is going to distribute those? just sayin…
ShawnaCoronado: @CraigTeich Rush Limbaugh is DEFINITELY NOT fascinating. @craigTeich, now HE’S fascinating.
USATOnPolitics: CNN poll gives Palin slight advantage over others for 2012 GOP nomination: We’ll say it before you..
Trivani: pray for Sarah Palin-
bethesdafrog: palin to have spent close to $300,000 in total during the presidential campaign. holy budget constraints batman!
rinygrin: Rush Limbaugh – "I am a harmless, lovable, little fuzzball" O rly? Ugh he’s so disgusting
JerseyGirlinTX: Really? We’re twittering about Sarah Palin again? Really?
brlittle: Congratulations, America! We collectively spent $110K to coif and perfume Sarah Palin.
farkpolitics: [Asinine] Sarah Palin’s makeup artist was paid $68,400 for two months’ work. That’s a lot of lipstic..
dougkrile: Crazy conspiracy stuff – STILL questioning Palin’s pregnancy:
JoeKuhl: #coalition Harper is so Palin. Anti "elite" anti CBC. So transparent.
chewbaccajones: New GOP Palin-oriented costs: $150k for clothes, $55k for stylist, $110k hair and makeup, $23k for "campaign accessories" (Saks, etc).
roaring_repub: Limbaugh + Banking Queen = Hilarious!
aburaglia: On hold to clear up a billing name issue. The lady sounds like Sarah Palin, which is oddly very pleasant & she’s great at customer service.
vannschaffner: Anybody reading "The Failure Factory" by Bill Gertz? I’d like to turn Sarah Palin loose on it!
Sistory: @Chameleon2u i’m trying to read and write and post and my daughter asking me something about sarah palin. i need a minute
inspire_emotion: Palin refuses to release her Troopergate testimony
sisterstalk: RT: @nerdette Hells yes RT @aterkel Obama to wear union-made tux for inauguration. (Palin would wear Armani suit)
rickdunham: Victoria’s Secret is Sarah Palin’s secret no more. Politico reports the RNC paid for buys at the sexy lingerie co.
n_carolinaBNN: JLF > The Locker Room: Alaska needs a Locke Foundation–to oppose Sarah Palin: The new conservat..
Jeb_Hoge: For the record, Palin never said "I can see Russia from my house!" It was Tina Fey.
amerigus: #limbaugh just advocated SUVs should approach hybrids on the road and floor it to show disdain
Mediamum: #SMWP The top 7 stories on Washington were all Sarah Palin stories. People don’t care as much about local community news any more.
rogersnowden: #TCOT So, is Fred Thompson going to awaken from his slumber and actually lead? So disappointed in him last year. He and Palin… if only…

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