Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

headlinenews: Drudge: Blogo chief of staff Harris resigns…: Blogo chief of staff Harris resigns…
McClatchyDC: Commentary: Powell’s banal attacks on Palin, GOP
Eyebee: POLL: Who’s the Worst on FOX, Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity?
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Video: Meacham on auto bailout, Palin
stonepayton: Hmm, what to do? . . Finish article I promised, or shop online for cool stuff to give "Stone" buds? Hey, Sarah Palin ammo box only 5.99!
davidgs: Sarah Palin: Did Ronald Reagan have a kid with Posh Spice? Thanks Robin Williams …
Drudge_Report: Blogo chief of staff Harris resigns…
SoloPocono: @jackcafferty EVERYONE should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh!!!
edreggi: I got one, a Sen. Jane Cunnigham drag look alike contest at Queeny Park hosted by Sarah Palin.
bethbangert: @ricksanchezcnn If Palin can run AK, why couldn’t JJ Jr. be Gov of Illinois? The next question is, if the IL Dem’s will elect him?
LeeC: Getting an oil change, waiting, and reading two month old articles on Obama, Tina Fey & Palin.
HuffNewswire: Boston Globe: Palin, Huckabee lead GOP field in new poll : It’s not too early to start ..
waitingforwhat: McCain Spent $110K On Palin Makeup… omg what is her skin made of ? pure pimples ?
benboychuk: @greggrunberg Is it Sarah Palin? I hear she’s very much in demand these days.
freerepublic: Group: Palin Not Only One With Donor-Funded Duds: Turns out Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wasn’t the ..
onlinewoman: A Palin-esque Social Media World – Good or Bad?
BVmatin: Sarah Palin: le Parti républicain a déboursé 55 000 $ pour une styliste: Selon un rapport de la commissio..
drmoore: Moore to the Point: Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and the Thrill of the Conspiracy Theory
xtalcase: @talkingpocket Almost shot hot coco out my nose. Yeah, like palin 2010 is gonne happen. Cuz she almost had it in 08 and shes so qualified.
tpmmedia: Lipstick on a Pig: The RNC paid $110,400 on hair and makeup artistry on Sarah Palin for her two months i..
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
siskita: r/t @thepete : Just an FYI to the news media, unless OJ kills Sarah Palin, I don’t need to hear about either of them ever again. Thanks.
dogwalkblog: You’d think she would have figured this out after McCain snubbed Letterman. Not cool, Palin, not smart.
AdRanchJason: @CraigTeich Ron Paul, Michael Phelps, T Boone Pickens, Obama, Susanna Balbo, Sheila Bair, Muhammad Yunus, Jhumpa Lahiri, Palin
pwot: Re: Cracked Photoshop Contest Discussion Thread: Ugly as they are as animals, the moose with Sarah Palin&#39..
thepete: Just an FYI to the news media, unless OJ kills Sarah Palin, I don’t need to hear about either of them ever again. Thanks.
WineGuyKy: Not to beat a dead horse, but RNC pays for Palin’s shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret?? 180k c/o @flap
donhornsby: Rush Limbaugh just said that "Here in the US. we are living in a sitcom". Not sure what he means by that…
MaximusPolitics: #TCOT Last hour of "Open Line Friday" on Rush Limbaugh. Keep trying to get on! Call 1-800-282-2882. Listen here:
telegraphnews: Sarah Palin spent 290000 on clothes and grooming
orbitz: HuffPost Palin Won’t Release Troopergate Testimony: As far as Gov. Sarah Palin is concerned, "troo..
vklj: @swaychow : dont get me wrong – it IS the best movie of the year. Just can’t wait for O’Reilly or Limbaugh to make the Mumbai comment.
Flap: RNC spends $180K on Palin and family: Salons and spas, including $350 at Escape Skin Care and Day Spa in New..
davidmoldawer: barbara wa-wa does an incredible interview with rush limbaugh, way to go:
ZachTumin: Andrew Sullivan spikes up the "Palin WASN"T ever preggers" meme…. just as….
ppatel: (So glad she was never elected.) GOP paid almost $55,000 for a stylist for Palin:
nerdette: @mattjpearson feels like a job interview. ;-) Wouldn’t redo anything. Nothing motivates like blind rage. Palin kept me up better than coffee
freerepublic: Sarah Palin Act II: Quayle or Reagan?: Those writing her off entirely ignore recent history. During ..
freerepublic: Is Sarah Palin intentionally snubbing Oprah?: Is Sarah Palin intentionally snubbing Oprah? By Courtn..
damienmulley: News Headline "Sarah Palin shoots Rudolph" – They even link to the ABC vid
Robguy: John McCain’s campaign and the Republican National Committee together spent a total of almost $340,000 on Sarah Palin’s appearance
nerdette: Ironically (or maybe appropriately) I just noticed my 3,000th tweet is about Sarah Palin. Puck that. srsly
rtn: @CraigTeich Tina Fey/Sarah Palin.
SamBrownback: Main Street Liberal: An Easy Call Loyalty is a virtue, but extremism i… Palin, Blaming America Bac..
allvoices: A Palin-esque Social Media World – Good or Bad?: As President-elect Barack Obama’s transition teams win..
new_jerseyBNN: Blue Jersey: QOTD: Lonegan the new Palin?: If you’re like me, you tend to throw-up a bit everytime ..
laura_barnes: Palin Fake Pregnancy!! The story is going viral!
CraigTeich: Rush Limbaugh is fascinating? Tom Cruise? Somebody needs to tell Babs that it’s 2008, not 1988.
OmegaSpreem: @CraigTeich Significantly less fascinating people. Really, Sarah Palin? Miley Cyrus? Limbaugh? Eww.

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