Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

G_MacMurchy: Hannity is up next… #rush #tcot #hhrs #hannity
jasonvo: @jeremyfrandsen Just watch any Sarah Palin spoof and you’ll know exactly what I mean.
jdickerson: Organizers trying to bring the Olympics to Chicago in ’16 are making the best of the Blogo news: expletive toss will now be a medal sport
celebritygoss: New blog post: Hannity To Remain A Solo Act
hellastoops: Liberal Arts Sarah Palin is going to cry over an issue of Seventeen! Omg, here it comes!
frogtosser: Funny to hear Rush Limbaugh slam the automakers & then read a Chevy commercial.
pa5fn: the Huffingtonpost AKMuckraker: Palin, Powell and Polarizing Politics.: Welcome to your daily ..
tolar: RT @exussum Re: Wardialing. "You know that thing McCain used to help his campaign but it backfired?" "Sarah Palin?"
snackfeedbuzz: watch Robert Gibbs Calls Sean Hannity An Anti-Semite-Robert Gibbs, Barack Obama’s Communications Director, tries to eq…
jranck: 10 most searched terms in ’08, Palin blew away Obama:
decidedlyright: #SGP #TCOT You should follow @moms4sarahpalin She appeared on CNN in support of Sarah Palin, and now she’s the bane of liberals everywhere!
farkpolitics: [Followup] Thought the whole "Is Sarah Palin really Trig’s mom" thing was over? Think again. Another..
dailykos: McCain Spent $110K On Palin Makeup: That’s some expensive lipstick. Oh, and unlike the $180K the RNC spe..
Prokofy: @isfullofcrap No, $55,000 is what they’re claiming for Palin, and I don’t mind if they spend, either of them, on tarting up the pols.
dbarefoot: This ‘was Palin pregnant’ story won’t go away:
kevinbinversie: Props to Ann Althouse for a great fisk on Andrew Sullivan’s obsession w/ Trig Palin’s birth.
d_delusions: Andrew Sullivan is still really worried Sarah Palin wasn’t making babies from having straight sex.
Divapalooza: Sarah Palin doesn’t worship Oprah Winfrey:
Winfrey declared, “I said I would be happy to talk to Sar..
danoshinsky: just when you thought today couldn’t get more ridiculous: the RNC purchased items at victoria’s secret for sarah palin.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] A Norwegian Thatcher? (Who admires Sarah Palin): Daniel Johnson: Your ..
joshlarson: Sarah Palin’s "son," Trig, quite possibly not hers after all: Given Palin’s aversion to the truth, not surprising!
im_puteri: I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh.
calebhays: @pinkelephantpun and esp Palin had a fairly strong following on campus (Palin still does). Unf., there was a ton of rioting for obama…
Wiccy: @gojiro Who the HELL gives a child a name like that? Are his parents Gweneth Paltrow & Frank Zappa, possible the Palin’s?! I mean honestly!
Milieunet: Global financial crisis an ‘act of God’ – Telegraph: May be James Bidgood talked with Sarah Palin
GawkerDotCom: Latest: No One Can Quit Sarah Palin [Celebrities] : Sarah Palin is a lot like that Simpsons H..
CombustionGlass: Soooooooo.. when is little Bristol Palin going to give birth?
mathiasnewman: Rush Limbaugh just referred to himself as the ‘Ma-Ha-Rushi’ ….sdcgjdfgjkxfgjdbxj
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) FOX compares apples and orchards to bring "balance" to Palin wardrobe scandal
LiberalsAreCool: Still Questioning Palin’s Pregnancy: Andrew Sullivan’s obsession is now yours. He wants to know, ..
4creep: Rush Limbaugh is fucking nutbull and should be put to real work not being able to have verbal diarheea over my ears. EPA is crazy
buchino: daily palin (remember her?):
sktjr169: They spent so much money on Palin and it still didn’t matter:
jaypiddy: RT @nytimes The Caucus: G.O.P. Paid Almost $55,000 for Palin Stylist
decidedlyright: RT @MaximusPolitics Call Rush Limbaugh about #TCOT today. Call in at 1-800-282-2882
ET_nowplaying: Love my job as governor – Sarah Palin comments on how she loves her job as Governor.
RTEcraic: Sarah Palin shoots Rudolph
hoosiergirl: Is that Palin in that helicopter? #6wordepitaph
livetweetlinks: RT: #TCOT please report ASAP if anyone makes it on Rush Limbaugh today. 1-800-282-2882. Show li..
michaelpleahy: #TCOT please report ASAP if anyone makes it on Rush Limbaugh today. 1-800-282-2882. Show live for next 1 hour 55 minutes until 3pm EST
ethand: RT @MaximusPolitics Call Rush Limbaugh about #TCOT today. Call in at 1-800-282-2882
owwcom: Find out who played Sarah Palin on iMPACT by going to the front page of OWW right now!
SmBizGuru: @michaelpleahy Rush Limbaugh makes me crabby!
michaelpleahy: #TCOT Open line Friday on Rush Limbaugh means good chances getting in IF enough call, so call about #TCOT now 1-800-282-2882 report if in !
snackfeedbuzz: another one Scarborough reacts to Palin news-That-that-that will not work.
Prokofy: @nytimes um, aren’t you done yet? I see nothing wrong with the GOP paying $55 large to hold up Palin’s beehive. More power to her. Getalife.
Jaustin: RT @MaximusPolitics Call Rush Limbaugh about #TCOT today. Call in at 1-800-282-2882.
benja: @MParekh That Palin tweet made my AM. Thx. She is a gift that continues to give!
michaelpleahy: #TCOT @MaximusPolitics has GREAT idea ! Call Rush Limbaugh show at 1-800-282-2882 about TCOT. Mobilize all on list to call now !!
Prokofy: @HereItComes & yes, it took a horrible terrorist attack in Mumbai to get people off their constant obsessive searching for Palin to knock.

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