Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

markidea: McCain-Palin Campaign Blackberry Sold Before Info Erased
LipstickGOP: What is Powell thinking on the polarizing stuff? . We had a very moderate up for pres and we lost. It was McCain’s to lose . not Palin.
neighborsgo: McKinney: Meeting Sarah Palin (photo included).
donveynor: I don’t understand the fascination with Hannity, but man, Rachel Maddow just may be my new obsession ;)
freerepublic: Rahm Emanuel: "We’re Scared Of Stephen Colbert The Way Sarah Palin Is Scared Of A Geography Bee":..
FakeGK: McCain-Palin Campaign Blackberry Sold Before Info Erased:
The big McCain-Palin campaign headquarters blowout sa..
jgderuvo: Powell part II – Palin had the balls to run for office. What did you do? Oh yeah, cower and listen to the wife say you couldn’t lead.
pkafka: Come back, Sarah Palin! Hulu traffic drops in November. (also, bonus clip from The Onion!)
Goldsmi: Blagojevich is such a gift to people like Hannity. Thanks a lot, Blago.
tangomega: @ricksanchezcnn We still talking about Palin? That’s a strong indication of just how lost the Repub Party truly is. 2012, not likely.
hymac: The party of Palin is not the party of McCain nor of Ron Paul. The two party system is failing the American Voter.
huffpost: Palin staffer (as she wipes beer out of hair): He had to be a liberal because he didn’t offer to pay for our meal." Ouch -LeslieSanchez
LeslieSanchez: Palin staffer (as she wipes beer out of hair): He had to be a liberal because he didn’t offer to pay for our meal." Ouch
hickoryduck: @ricksanchezcnn Bravo to Gen. Powell. I hope Palin realizes how much she pissed off city-dwellers with her inane comments.
amerigus: #hannity doesn’t see Bush corruption?
jranck: Colin Powell slams Palin:
SarahPalin: AKMuckraker: Palin, Powell and Polarizing Politics. (HuffingtonPost)
truemors: McCain-Palin Campaign Blackberry Sold Before Info Erased
_Chels_: Palin = pro life. pro God. pro guns.
syancyfox5: FOX5 investigates -personal info left on McCain/Palin campaign Blackberries/Laptops sold for dirt cheap to the public! See who’s # we found
magneda2: Gn Terror: Palin: Travel still important today – The Press Association: Palin: Travel still important ..
coloradoBNN: 2008 Democratic Convention Watch: $110k for Palin’s Stylists: Move over wardrobe! In a move to add a ..
DamonRipper: Another funny one! RT @SenorDiscount Palin thought I was a moose #6wordepitaph
bonniefuller: In my next life I’m coming back as apersonal makeup artist: Read: Sarah Palin’s team recession-proof!
SenorDiscount: Palin forgave the turkey before me #6wordepitaph #headdown #deathspasm #tvclassic
orbitz: memeorandum RNC spends $180K on Palin and family (Jeanne Cummings/The Politico): Jeanne Cumming..
SenorDiscount: Palin thought I was a moose #6wordepitaph
vannschaffner: Tammmy Bruce says the Sarah Palin calendar is the 8th top selling office product on Amazon.
poplifebiz: SNAP – Oprah Slams Sarah Palin
TMV: Bill O’Reilly To Quit Radio Show: Did Rush Limbaugh “Win”?: When Fox News talk powerhouse Bill O’Reilly..
spidra: @lizardqueen Sheffield, eh? Hometown of Michael Palin and known for its manufacture of knives.
GoogleNewsElect: Sarah Palin shoots Rudolph – RTE.ieSarah Palin shoots - 57 minut..
jepaco: How long was Palin a candidate for VP? NYT: GOP Paid Almost $55,000 for Palin Fashion Stylist
top_news: nytimes: The Caucus: G.O.P. Paid Almost $55,000 for Palin Stylist: New campaign finance reports ..
snackfeedbuzz: video added Rush Limbaugh – 10 Most Fascinating People HQ Barbara Walters Special December 4th 2008 High Quality-12/04…
MODAT: Here lies Sarah Palin. Went rogue. #6wordepitaph
RickJessup: Loving that Sarah Palin is refusing to appear on Oprah after Oprah snubbed her during the election. What goes around…
jezebel: Barbara Walters Gives Rush Limbaugh Hell For Sexist Remarks : Barbara Walters only did a measly 5 new int..
Ninasucks: omg we better not start selling the fucking sarah palin calendar. ill straight up quit!
anderson_scott: Doug Wilson thinks Ann Coulter has guts & Rush Limbaugh is shrewd.
KidsAwakening: I don’t like Rush Limbaugh, but I like this quote to Barbara Walters last night: "I’m not participating in the recession."
nickbell79: – That’s Tina Fey, not Sarah Palin
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
reparudi: Barbara Walters Gives Rush Limbaugh Hell For Sexist Remarks /Jezebel Top Stories of the Week/
TheInDecider: Sarah Palin Only Thing That Kept Economy Going for as Long as It Did
mijomuffins: @bobomega sarah palin
AnaKarin: Palin’s long campaign trail (of stores) – The Swamp – Tribune’s Washington Bureau.
rteheads: Sarah Palin shoots Rudolph
BostonPatriot: @rightblogs Palin haters are basically bitter,menopausal hags.
bobomega: @deltax20a and also made you wonder about that sarah palin porn, was it sarah, tina, or some random other girl

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