Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

itworldblogs: Sarah Palin goes the way of Paris Hilton: Wednesday, it was reported that Sarah Palin’s Y..
sarah4prez: Sarah Palin is "happy", that is why they hate her. "Mean Girls" #tcot
Race42008: Interesting Bob Dole Interview: MB: Earlier in the year, you wrote a letter to Rush Limbaugh defending ..
AlterNetRSS: Is Sarah Palin Being Christened as De Facto Leader of the GOP?
kkemi: recession…what recession? I choose not to participate :) ~Rush Limbaugh
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: Stopped The Presses: Palin Got Another $30,000 In Clothing: Politico brings you an ..
myster: It’s "secede," not "succeed." If you’re going to crack on Palin for the AIP thing, at least pick the right verb. We *all* want to succeed.
pumapower: hillbuzz: Sarah Palin tells Oprah to stuff it
EagleVueDaily: Headline News Video: Rush Limbaugh 12/5 Morning Update ( )
EagleVueDaily: Headline News Video: Rush Limbaugh 12/5 Morning Update ( )
lookinward: I’m getting ready to watch Barbara Walter’s Fascinating People and wondering what posessed her to include Rush Limbaugh.
es_ka: so where was Palin’s interview for the 10th most fascinating. Not that i wanted to see her. Oh! and yes! I guess it President Obama No. 1
uporeke: Palin’s Stylists Were Paid $55,000 In Final Weeks *Tw*
ET_nowplaying: It’s about reform of government – Sarah Palin comments on the importance of reforming the government… –
Tymika325: Palin was voted one of the 10 most fascinating ppl of 08. Funny how she didn’t let Barbara Walters interview her…
prdreamer: Up next … Sarah Palin. No interview. She must have learned her lesson about those during the campaign.
ceaseless: Some times you gotta ask yourself ‘would Sarah Palin ever be invited to TED?’
rorrim_evol: "Someone called me a redneck woman once, and do you know what I said? I said ‘thank you.’" -Sarah Palin. o_O
DustBunny01: P. Hendrie show: Phil generally bashes the Religious right, esp. G. Palin, but almost seems to be doing a Larry King on this interview…
virginiaBNN: Crystal Clear Conservative: Rush Limbaugh & Aging Women: This evening, Barbara Walters had her annual..
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: Ha ha..even the neighbors love Sarah Palin:
My husband was out putting u..
aflyonthewall: RT @dcagle Sarah Palin in 2012 cartoons!
mootsman: $68,000 for Palin’s makeu p
catgirl72: Watching Barbara Walters special. Apparently Rush Limbaugh is a lovable fuzz ball. Who knew.
sebfrey: Rush Limbaugh is a tool. In case you didn’t know.
sahans: Rush Limbaugh just reminded me why I dislike him so much. He makes me feel all gassy again.
prdreamer: The next bunch Tina Fey and Rush Limbaugh.
myfriendamy: Both Barbara Walters and Rush Limbaugh are annoying–I agree with Rush that Sarah Palin was unfairly discredited but he’s so obnoxious
mrcpblair: Rush Limbaugh on Barbara Walters Special. She’s being nice to the sex tourist drug addict.
remarkablyadept: Rush Limbaugh is STILL a big, fat idiot.
Buggo: Hold Up! I just learned that Rush Limbaugh makes 30 mill a year and he "does not participate" in the current recession. Whaaat!?
vergelbradford: Oprah’s attempt to land Sarah Palin have met with silence from the moose lover. Oprah thinks she’ll come on when her book comes out, as…
freerepublic: Kooky Politics (Malkin drinks the koolaid): Did you know that Sarah Palin-haters are still trying to..
bradyjfrey: Sarah Palin in 2012 cartoons by Daryl Cagle
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Headzup: Palin Stumps For Saxby Chambliss
dcagle: Sarah Palin in 2012 cartoons!
slowsoul: If Palin gets Most Fascinating Person of the Year I may vomit.
kev097: @AllieHull You mean your pet was named "Sarah" and you lived on "Palin" street?! ;-)
twittfeed: Huffington Post Palin’s Stylists Were Paid $55,000 In Final Weeks: Following yesterday’s..
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
orbitz: HuffPost Palin’s Stylists Were Paid $55,000 In Final Weeks: Following yesterday’s report on an add..
crystalclear3: Rush Limbaugh & Aging Women: This evening, Barbara Walters had her annual 10 Most Fascinating Peopl..
rorrim_evol: Tina Fey looks SO MUCH like Sarah Palin.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Obama and the Palin Effect: Sometimes politics has the uncanny effect ..
pa5fn: From the Huffingtonp Palin’s Stylists Took In $55,000 In Final Weeks: Following yesterd..
coyotesqrl: Sarah Palin didn’t worry about her water breaking in TX because she was used to the AK cold. She figured it’d just form a giant ice dildo.
idealist615: im getting pretty flippin annoyed at all these reports about how much $$ the GOP spent on sarah palin, her stylists, etc. WHO CARES!
amamasblog: @Sky_Bluez Interview w/ Rush Limbaugh was OK- she didn’t ask very good questions, IMO. I’m sure it is on You Tube by now.
amamasblog: @Sky_Bluez I watched it. Surprisingly, she named Sarah Palin, but did not interview her. My guess is SO turned down the interview.
miss_ida: @mutzaroo – So emo of you.

PS: pew! pew! pew! Makes me think of Palin :(

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