Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] How McCain and Palin hurt Republicans on immigration: I just got a press release fr..
2012Palin: Report: Sarah Palin destroying Web video: We’ve uncovered what’s really killing the online-advertising business:..
lauranyc: From Portfolio: Last Bytes: Andy Grove, Sarah Palin, "movage," and more: The car is the next micr..
mikecane: BoingBoing only generated half the traffic of the Sarah Palin book-banning post. So much for The A-List. Baloney!
wlai: Guy in civic has a palin sticker on. Not mccain/palin, just palin. I pointed and laughed. I felt bad so I covered my mouth but keep laughing
Schweinhundt: @superbadgirl As Rush Limbaugh so eloquently said: “I don’t choose to participate in the recession.”
techwatching_cl: MediaMemo: Sarah Palin, Please Come Back! Hulu Traffic Drops In November –
techwatching_cl: Valleywag: Report: Sarah Palin destroying Web video [Online Video] –
C1nd1e: so, when exactly is this new 9/11 investigation coming up? i even heard sarah palin braggin’ ’bout it. alaska slut
FokusChicagoKid: NEW POST: For Sale: $20 McCain/Palin Blackberry’s w/ FREE Campaign Secrets
eviltwins: Colin Powell slams "polarizing" Palin: Download | Play    Download | Play (h/t Heather for the vids)
In an interview that..
LAist: TV Junkie: Hannity All Alone; Hugh Laurie Hosts ‘SNL’; ‘Survivor’/'Dexter’/'Californication’ Finales: It’s offic..
Switched: Used BlackBerrys Sold at McCain-Palin Blowout, Contacts and E-mails Intact
doubleforte: @shortyawards I nominate @FakeSarahPalin for a Shorty Award in #humor because she was so close the real Sarah Palin…and that’s funny.
integrateit: From Bitbucket Report: Sarah Palin destroying Web video [Online Video]: We’ve uncovered what’s rea..
techwatching: MediaMemo: Sarah Palin, Please Come Back! Hulu Traffic Drops In November –
techwatching: Valleywag: Report: Sarah Palin destroying Web video [Online Video] –
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Alaska Guard Continues ‘Operation Santa Claus’ Tradition
(Sarah Palin Ph..
2012Palin: Report: Sarah Palin destroying Web video [Online Video] (Valleywag): We’ve uncovered what’s really killing the o..
rorrim_evol: @windexcleansall Miley Cyrus and Sarah Palin are this year!
feedaggregatr: Palin’s Stylists Took In Thousands More in Final Weeks: In all, Sarah Palin’s traveling make-up art..
ckirin: I blow kisses at people driving cars with McCain/Palin stickers on. Simply can’t help myself.
missingmusr: If you have the url to that palin video pre-coaching? I want to see me drop my pants i’m in love again
pinkelephantpun: @RightMichigan You can be in charge of getting me on those hottest politician lists, yes? behind Palin? Sweet.
moohopala: I fucking hate rush limbaugh. That fat motherfucker needs to disappear.
tgonzalez: @chasepurdy As your attorney, I claim 20% of earnings from your forthcoming book: "I literally puked during a live Rush Limbaugh speech."
Mikaboo1: Then I think #3 was Sarah Palin…2 was Tom Cruise and #1 was Barack Obama…again…some of those people don’t even deserve to be named!
Mikaboo1: 7- Tina Fey, I got 4-6 confused but it’s between Rush Limbaugh, Thomas Beatie (the man who became pregnant w/ a child) and Frank Langella
pjinjomaha: My step-mom in-law just called Michelle Obama a Marxist and an Elitist. Then they both couldn’t believe that I hated Sarah Palin so much.
NathanGilmer: Off of work. Helped a lady today that looked just like Sarah Palin.
foulpapers: MIchael Palin has a pseudo-sexual problem requiring fruit? I’m intrigued.
ashaw3: Barbara Walters don’t know squat. Sarah Palin is definitely the Most Fascinating Person of the Year. Weirdly fascinating. Or just weird..
qhatena: 共和党の副大統領候補 palin さんが、ショウジョウバエの研究なんかに金出すなんて信じられないという発言しました。
msonnabaum: Fucking gold plated RE-20. As if I needed another reason to hate Rush Limbaugh.
JacobRiggs: thought Walter’s summation of Palin’s "downfall" was a bit over the top.
NobamaNo: Palin snubbed Oprah. Love it!!!
fabiolaf: @blogdesigner I would not like to see Palin go Britney. That would be a serious mid-life crisis
Grammy_Cracker: You’re just saying that because of the chick who looks like Sarah Palin. LOL Seriously…’s a good show? I don’t watch TV much…
swamplotus: As someone who loves clothes/purses/shoes/makeup, I say to Sarah Palin: Bitch, how much you need to look good?
keanesian: I need some of that Rush Limbaugh Kool Aid. Talking to Babs Walters: "What recession? I choose not to participate."
fabiolaf: Palin made Barbara Waters 10 Most Interesting People of ’08. She said in 3mos Palin went thru the life cycle of a celebrity…rise & fall
smartassredhead: Pre-Palin and Stevens, Alaska was cool, and I always wanted to go there. Northern Exposure, Men in Trees, whale watching, etc. {pause}
mojocat: my guess for Most Fascinating on the BW special: BW. Or Angelina. Or Barack. I dunno, she couldnt even get Sarah Palin to show up, so…
davefleet: @keithmcarthur – assuming that cat represents palin, is harper about to feed it into the turkey machine?
mg_palin: Scoop: Sarah Palin snubs Oprah:
Courtney HazlettThe Scoop Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Pali..
smartassredhead: When is Sarah Palin going to just GO.THE.FUCK.AWAY?! 10 Most Fascinating? Please. Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet?
MarkDC: Ummmmmm why wasn’t Sarah Palin interviewed by Barbara tonight? That was the whole reason I tuned in well that and Tina Fey.
PRtini: No palin interview, but Tom Cruise, whose movie comes out on XMAS. ABC sold out Babs’ fascinating ppl special.
dmburrows: The following people need to go on a NASA Mars mission: Palin, Limbaugh, Rick Wagoner, Kanye West, Criss Angel, Spencer/Heidi & Cruise.
atwookie: Barbara Walters just showed Sarah Palin serving moose chili.

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