Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tjking: @QuackMom #hhrs Palin needs to do what Nixon did in the 1960s, he campaigned for so many small campaigns that he lots of favors to call in
QuackMom: @tjking Yeah, McC just didn’t want to take the fight to ‘Bama. Sarah Palin campaigned like she wanted to WIN. #hhrs
AmericaHostage: For the first two years of the Clinton Presidency, Rush Limbaugh’s TV and radio show kept a count of the days.
sleon: tweets:"I was actually thinking of Jon [Stewart] as a co-host but I needed someone who could be smart and funny without 50 writers"- Hannity
latimestech: Web video traffic drops in November. Sarah Palin’s fault? –
thegamersALL: Hulu’s Sarah Palin Boost Over: Traffic Drops In November
mdsteelergal: @karrinesteffans Oh yeah Karrine, there’s another W man (Limbaugh) that was addicted to prescription drugs & came back making more $$$!
dubhlainn: How the fuck is Rush Limbaugh on the ten most interesting people? What’s interesting about being a professional asshole?
kristenmcglynn: thinks rush limbaugh is an absolute idiot.
salesbiz: Rush Limbaugh on Barbara Walters now…..
neonlights: fuck you, rush limbaugh, and the horse you rode in on.
audreychernoff: I can’t believe Limbaugh is one of the most interesting people of the year. This really has been a bad year.
Amy_K: Barbara, if you choose Palin as Most Interesting they will need to remove all sharp objects from within my reach.
missmaro: Barbara Walters is grilling Rush Limbaugh on ABCI love it!! Barwba!!
AngelaStockman: Rush Limbaugh the feminist. Interesting.
vixie1219: i love watching bawbawa walters ripping rush limbaugh a new asshole.
Mychal_Smith: Rush Limbaugh is proud to be an idiot…and that’s my whole problem with him and others like him…they’re proud to be stupid
atwookie: I never realized Rush Limbaugh had a coclear implant. Interesting.
eac822: I HATE Rush Limbaugh. Cocky illogical bastard.
tmoenk: Rush Limbaugh has a cochlear implant. He’s a cyborg! An evil cyborg… Oh geez.
ktlyne24: Rush Limbaugh refuses to participate in the recession. Oh, and he’s completely batshit crazy.
edtechworkshop: Rush Limbaugh, "I refuse to participate in the recession." about his 100 million dollar raise.
jessicaann: Rush Limbaugh is such a stupid porkbrain. I could just vom all over him.
jerrod75: No recession for the the idiot Limbaugh. He’s a pill poppin animal.
aquababie: watching barbara Walters interview rush limbaugh. what an idiot he is!
dlemoncomedy: "I just choose not to participate"-Rush Limbaugh on the recession. I don’t rock with Rush, but I fuck with that statement!
fabiolaf: Biz… RNC to report another $30,000 spent on Palin wardrobe: The price of Sarah Palin’s RNC-provi..
edtechworkshop: Rush Limbaugh- "I LOVE Sarah Palin." "The reason Sarah Palin wasn’t liked, even by Republicans was because she was from Alaska." ???
queenbee75: Rush Limbaugh is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen…who listens to him…seriously?
CathleenRitt: Call me an "Elite" but Rush Limbaugh is a stupid moron
marycarver2008: *sigh* Rush Limbaugh just told Barbara Walters "what recession?" He said he chooses not to participate in a recession. Wha?
MichaelNic: Rush is pushing Palin for 2012!
zachdennis: Al Franken said it right, Rush Limbaugh is a big … idiot
bndckskid: 20 million ppl listen to rush limbaugh…thats scary
Fortitude1913: I’m still trying to understand why Rush Limbaugh is "fascinating."
ProgressiveElec: What’s so fascinating about #Rush Limbaugh?
cyndyloowho: Who knew that Rush Limbaugh had a cochlear implant?
jwight: Watching Tina Fey on Barbara Walters. Fey is pretty awesome not just as Palin though. Oh, why did they have to follow w/Rush Limbaugh?
mdsteelergal: Yuck… Rush Limbaugh a fascinating person?? NOT, although his radio show is off the scale! He gets $38million a yr w/a $100 million bonus..
blubird08: Rush Limbaugh is not that fascinating…he just likes to talk a lot…whoo hoo…
mmoney: just caught Tina Fey with Barbara Walters and her "Sarah Palin" was *instaneous* one momentary look away and her Palin was "on" then "off"!
shondalittle: Are you fucking kidding, Barbara Walters? Rush Limbaugh, one of the most interesting people? Is interesting code for dicky?
catholic_lib: Thumbs up for Tina Fey, thumbs down for Rush Limbaugh…Barbara Walters is providing a little something for everyone…
jerrod75: Sarah Palin abused the word "also".
Mychal_Smith: It took a Sarah Palin impersonation for Tina Fey to blow-up…kinda bittersweet…
ims: What in the bloody hell is so fascinating about comedian and sociopath Rush Limbaugh? Tina Fey on the other hand… fascinating!
writebloody: I’m thinking Sarah Palin is not going to go away!
spaceKebabji: Digg: RNC to report another $30,000 spent on Palin wardrobe
edtechworkshop: Barbara Walters interviewing 10 most fascinating people of the year. Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh (???), Miley Cyrus, etc.

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