Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

amyohyes: In the Sarah Palin voice: And I can see ADPi from my house!
ThePBG: @RapperBigPooh Tell that Chocolate Hunny Chaundon that the "gorgeous girl" from the DC show says "Heeey!" *palin wink*
christianderson: BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless [BlackBerry] palins-contacts-priceless
giz2tw: Gizmodo: BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless [BlackBerry] : In order to get back some of..
calabrisellamia: Deepak Chopra disses Sean Hannity:
knowhemispheres: Web video traffic drops in November. Sarah Palin’s fault?: Traffic to online video sites dropped from October to..
techwatching: L.A. Times Tech…: Web video traffic drops in November. Sarah Palin’s fault? –
imrananwar: @alibomaye Funniest dub I’ve ever seen Pakistan President Zardari flirting Sarah Palin dubbed into Punjabi by GEO.TV
orangebeaver: Booga rat 76! Hollandaise sauce-Blagojevich+Sarah Palin=Plague of the Zombies and the Nutcracker Suite.
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: Colin Powell Bashes Limbaugh, Palin In Interview: The full interview is set to air on Fareed Zakar..
top_web: Digg: RNC to report another $30,000 spent on Palin wardrobe: — (Digg and comment ..
brs8v: mccain palin blackberry
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
michaelbd: @RobertBluey Obama didn’t campaign in Georgia nearly the way Palin did. Rush is off the meds
idigg: RNC to report another $30,000 spent on Palin wardrobe
RobertBluey: Hard to tell who Rush loves more: Sarah Palin or Ronald Reagan. Heaping praise on both. #churchill
gp1477: Raiders, Chargers, Rush Limbaugh
tiffy643: Wondering if people will be able to tell the difference between Tina Fey & Sarah Palin tonight on BabbaWawa’s Most Facinating Peeps Special
mrandre: Have I mentioned lately how happy I am Sarah Palin is nowhere near the oval office?
erickbb: no following Sarah Palin – yes that one – on twitter..
SpE_NYC: Just in time as Palin fades from the limelight, Bush gives an interview to Charley Gibson with enough fodder to keep comics busy for days
minnesotaBNN: Shot in the Dark: NOprah:
Sarah Palin refuses to bounce on Oprah’s couch? Does she not know ..
illinoisBNN: Rants of a Jewish Republican: Oprah Whining about Missing Palin Interview: Oprah Winfrey is apparentl..
eviltwins: Flashback: Helen Chenoweth on global warming: Download | Play    Download | Play Sarah Palin reminds me, for some..
apackof2: @sanuzis Is Sarah Palin there?
oregonBNN: OlsonOnline: Diane McKeel as Sarah Palin: In an Oregonian profile of the new Multnomah County Commissio..
govloop: @SavvyNavigator @jesundwall daschle is one suave man. those glasses trump palin’s any day. me – im trying to buy glasses online
pawatercooler: just posted Matthews Palin ( )
aperte: @OpenBookJen nice convo w civil eng from Katchican (sp?) re: Palin took $ for Bridge2NW and infrastructured HER hometown. sheesh!
ETips: Around The World In 80 Days – Audio book: Around The World In 80 Days By Michael Palin In 1989 Michael Pali..
BritanyKay: If it’s on fox news, it must be true! McCain-Palin 2008!
thumbwave: Whenever I get email from Palm… it flash reads like Palin… isn’t the election over? Seems the Blackberry was the demise of both…
farkpolitics: [Fail] Sarah Palin isn’t interested in the big O: Gawker
joethunk: #FoxNews: Sarah Palin Not the Only Candidate Who Received Wardrobe Help – FOXNews: Sarah Palin ..
OpenBookJen: Headline: Has Palin snubbed Oprah? Reply: Is there actually anyone who cares?
kleinda: Addub loves Sarah Palin
RawStory: Raw Story Oprah: Palin snubbed show offer: It’s not Oprah Winfrey’s fault that former Vice Pres..
stlouiscardinal: St. Louis St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck..
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
Ancorso: Screw tests. I just got my head handed to my by a story on Sarah Palin. Such shit.
megalyce: Hey wait…isn’t Bristol Palin "due" any day now?
TheNOssip: New blog post: Don Draper and Sarah Palin Getting JIggy?
Spartz: Bulgaria President Shot Protected Wild Animal During Uzbekistan Visit Maybe he should invite Palin for a competition huh?
rerockstar: Just posted on ActiveRain: Sarah Palin – Governor or Genius Marketer?
dreamnotoftoday: Palin got $30K more in clothes
funkeemunkee: – For the Palin style gambling
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
littlebytesnews: RT @rightwingsparkl Palin snubs Oprah. You gotta love it. – I DO LOVE IT! (via @spcghst440)serves her right!
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – Video: Senator Palin? Not so fast
christinakb: @Leaningright More & better conservatives – Palin inspired cons much more than populists. Just look @ Smart Girl Politics, Team Sarah, et al

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