Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

vaporware: – Oh Mr. Hannity, with an…
thegamers: Hulu’s Sarah Palin Boost Over: Traffic Drops In November
kolucas: Steve Dahl is still doing his daily blogs on Twitter. His Blogo comments!!
jgillmartin: @sarah4prez I will never vote for a Bush again … if Jeb runs with Palin it will at least keep the Dems busy complaing #TCOT
JesseNewhart: Does this make you happy or sad? RT @MrChrisHamilton Palin tops Google’s top web searches for 2008
kevinwhelan: Famous Buckeye Archie Griffin on Hannity & Colmes right now.
techwatching_cl: L.A. Times Tech…: Web video traffic drops in November. Sarah Palin’s fault? –
techupdates: [GoogleNews] BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless – Gizmodo
tamborine: McCain-Palin Campaign Item Sell; BlackBerry Reveals Confidential Information:
Some of those items used in the M..
likesbooks: @KateRothwell Hannity did not handle the criticism well.
CathyScott: Not surprised. RT @NoReinsGirl @syancyfox5 Bombshell: McCain/Palin camp sells blackberries 4 cheap, doesn’t erase private campaign info.
muckraker62: The McCain-Palin Campaign incompetence continues even after the election is over!
Emergiblog: @radioblogger But we get Savage, O’Reilly, Hannity…I guess the station (1220 am knts) just dropped the Salem feed. Bummer. SF’s loss #hhrs
_vinyltap: could sean hannity just… go away?
Go_Getter: RT: @FranklinBurrus BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless
techwatch: Gizmodo Alert: BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless [BlackBerry] : In order to get ..
FranklinBurrus: BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless
markwharvey: I think conservatives overlooked a lot of McCain’s ‘moderate’ stances because of Palin. But her message was stifled by McCain’s posturing
huffpost: Has Palin snubbed Oprah? -TheRealMcCain
jstank: @Aadom Sarah Palin owns it now. (horrible pun re: Juneau) Sorry.
markwharvey: Palin is a classy, accomplished, confident, unapologetic conservative for all the right reasons. She’s a natural.
RobertBluey: Heading out to Hillsdale College’s Churchill Dinner. Rush Limbaugh is the keynoter. This is always a fun event — and it’s at the Mayflower.
itsvintageduh: Apostle snubbed: ‘Cuda 1, Oprah 0: Did Sarah Palin snub Oprah Winfrey? That’s what the most popular..
markwharvey: I believe there are countless explanations for the Palin effect. My take on it was that people fell in love with her simple genuine profile
conserv8ivebase: Sarah Palin snubbing Oprah Winfrey? You Betcha (Too bad, so sad):
The comely moose killing Gover..
nraden: @whitneyhess Palin’s wardrobe bill now $180k. I don’t think I’ve spent that much in my life. Not sure about others in my family though!
zionvier: @polictalticker WE DON’T CARE ABOUT PALIN!!!! stop giving her the limelight and let her just go back to seeing Russia from her house.
markwharvey: That said, Palin would not lose ground for this among conservative Christians. Her keeping Trig against medical counsel trumps the matter
zionvier: @politicalticker WE DONCARES ABOUT PALIN!!!!!! stop giving her
emzanotti: RT @rightwingsparkl Palin snubs Oprah. You gotta love it. Bwa-ha-ha.
markwharvey: Palin has a very established resume, and her career has required that of her. The fact she has been successful, doesn’t make her superior
markwharvey: regarding the Palin superiority.. to me, putting it in such a way reinforces the idea that gender roles are appropriately fixed
TheDreamReborn: Did Oprah get snubbed by Palin? LMAO.
rightwingsparkl: Ha! I beat @politicalticker on Palin snubbing Oprah!
gonzodex: Sarah Palin’s new book is out…but what is the first sentence? Perhaps you should have a good idea!
politicalticker: Has Palin snubbed Oprah?
markwharvey: I am an enthusiastic fan of Sarah Palin for many reasons. I was practical about her qualities and find little contradictory about her
huffpost: ABC News: More Rendell Hot-Mike Comments!!! Palin ‘Not A Genius’ But Has ‘Very Good Politic.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: ABC News: More Rendell Hot-Mike Comments!!! Palin ‘Not A Genius’ But Has ‘Very Good Politic..
Renovated_girl: Oh so it’s totally ok that u get a dress designed by Christian Lacroix but heaven forbid Palin get a new suit. UGH double standards!
PoliticalPunch: More Rendell Hot-Mike Comments!!! Palin ‘Not A Genius’ But Has ‘Very Good Political Instincts’: Fu..
Saya25: @treesearcher yeah you could see the media go "OOO damn" When McCain walked out with his gorgeous wife on one side & Palin on the other lol
markwharvey: @pinkelephantpun I’d like to toss my $.02 in on your Palin post.. I’m gonna weigh in here, tho’. Hope you don’t mind :)
yahoobuzz: Palin got $30K more in clothes (Politico)
Gatorjagfan: What?…no "Palin in 2012" bumper stickers yet?
conserv8ivebase: New post: Sarah Palin snubbing Oprah Winfrey? You Betcha (Too bad, so sad) (
SunnyRichardson: Looking forward to pizza and a movie tonight. Gotta see Barbara Waawaa interview Rush Limbaugh.
Rightwingmadman: And the hits just keep on comin’ … Politico back on wardrobe-"gate" … Are you sitting down? "Palin got $30K more in clothes" SHOCKING!!
BobBlass: @pinkelephantpun Palin is great, and in 4 years kids will be 4 yrs older…Newt/Palin

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