Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

xarker: saw an SUV with a sticker that said "PALIN" this morning in Mount Pleasant. What on earth is that person trying to say?
wwcasey: Commenting on "Used BlackBerrys sold for $20 at McCain-Palin blowout, contacts and emails included – Engadget" Perhaps another reason yo …
techwatching_cl: Silicon Alley I…: Hulu’s Sarah Palin Boost Over: Traffic Drops In November –
interim32: sarah palin’s fictitious granddaughter due one week from today.
deannawantz: Mani,pedi and a big steak w/ crystal tonight. So great! Quote of the night: she asked a random trucker dude if he thought palin was hot.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin got $30K more in clothes: The Republican National Committee will..
andrewmcintyre: RT @stuartma #palinharper2012 is a movement that won’t be prorogued You betcha! LOL First the Bush Albatross, now Palin has taken his place
vannschaffner: @pinkelephantpun …I also believe Palin is a much bigger story and Huck. I am starting to turn him off when asked about Palin or Romney.
vannschaffner: @pinkelephantpun I agree Palin not the whole story, and have never thought so, particularly good at connecting and expressing the values.
chucknewton: @DanNunley Lberal, reading HuffPo. Palin has reason to snub Oprah, but it’s a bad move. She’s not a gotcha person, publicity would be huge.
Michelle_Moore: R/T @spcghst440 RT @rightwingsparkl: Palin snubs Oprah. You gotta love it. I LOVE THIS. Good for her!
pinkelephantpun: What’s your take on the Palin discussion?
kimmie1201666: you drive a smart car yet u supported mccain/palin? um, ok…
DanNunley: RT @spcghst440 RT @rightwingsparkl: Palin snubs Oprah. You gotta love it. – I DO LOVE IT!
freerepublic: Sarah Palin snubbing Oprah Winfrey? You Betcha: The comely moose killing Governor of Alaska has bigg..
spcghst440: RT @rightwingsparkl Palin snubs Oprah. You gotta love it. – I DO LOVE IT!
mndaniels: Oh Palin, your legacy lives on.
UniqueFashion: Palin got $30K more in clothes
rightwingsparkl: Palin snubs Oprah. You gotta love it.
reneguerrero: The Axis of Evil looks to 2012. Enter Darth Palin…
johncordova: The Axis of Evil looks to 2012. Enter Darth Palin…
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Sarah Palin snubbing Oprah Winfrey? You Betcha: The comely moose killi..
iaccuse: The Axis of Evil looks to 2012. Enter Darth Palin…
BRETT_HOUCHIN: As it turns out, the gop actually spent $180,000 on Palin’s clothes.
AriMelber: @cbellantoni are you replying to something mad old? Anyway bring on the Palin. When are we doing a WashT Nation debate?
GawkerDotCom: Latest: Palin Won’t Visit Noted Tough Interviewer Oprah [Bias] : Back when we were all convin..
stlouiscardinal: St. Louis St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck..
trvr: They are donating Palin’s clothes to charity. What is a charity going to do with $3,500 suits? Give them to the homeless? It makes no sense!
jerem33: Someone take a Salvation Army truck to the Palin Ranch!
bitterbiscuit: @oneangrymother WHOA – 6.0 quake in Japan and HEAT WAVE in Russia. I wonder if Sarah Palin can see all those sweaty ruskies from her place?!
cbellantoni: @arimelber thanks for all the props – you’re a superstar. Wish i had sexy stuff to tweet – oh wait i will soon blog Palin calendar!
Vegasseven: Wow, the Palin-Clothes Gate won’t go away. Do you think she had a good fashion sense? Seemed to me 12 different colors of same power suit.
Hulkpuppy: Off to give my speech! Hope I don’t pull a Palin and puke all over myself.
johnflynn50: @chrisblake "I have to get back to you about that." Palin
JossipDotCom: Sarah Palin’s Walk of Shame:
(Left: Sarah Palin on August 31st, Right: Palin on December 1st)
fancytwit: Manhattan Mini Storage still rocking the anti-Palin subway ads. Oh they threw abortion in there too.
roadkillrefugee: @latimestot Thanks for the reply, AM, but no, Fox did not hurt Palin with Africa story b/c it was aired AFTER election.
SLmoore: As a conservative, I sure hope I’ve seen the last of Sarah Palin. Please, PLEASE find someone more qualified for 2012!
Chris1051: ok people, I think its finally time to take down your McCain/Palin signs
newsbusters: Joy Behar Mocks Rush Limbaugh’s Physical Appearance: Joy Behar knows why Rush Limbaugh is such a succ..
paleogeek: @leahjschneider Sarah Palin? In my town? reminds me of the best PS of all time: It’s more likely than you think.
aphie: @GreensMPs Yay Senator Siewert and Senator Brown for bringing up the men’s health issue. Barry Williams = Aussie Sarah Palin?
leamail: sarah palin not only ruined northern exposure for me but also diet dr pepper
gpphoto: time for my afternoon hot cup of rush limbaugh. :) i know, i know…
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin, commissioners to sign AGIA license: It all becomes official tom..
SarahC28: Not too surprised that Sarah Palin is reaping rewards ($7mil), despite losing. Check out book deal:
motionblur: This is hilarious: Palin/Harper 2012 shirts on Cafe Press: #coalition
LankyStanky: @amcln22 become sarah palin
palin_quotes: "I am quite optimistic about moving forward in a bipartisan manner," said #Palin, who added that she..

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