Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

freerepublic: BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless: In order to get back some of the money spent on the Mc..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – HANNITY & "Uh, that guy!" – ALAN COLMES leaves debate show!:
Associated Press and ..
Felt4Ewe: @ScottBieser I think Hal Turner in that snopes thing is one of Sean Hannity’s buddies.
chrisferan: Just lapped the two skinhead morons driving a McCain-Palin stickered car
lando2284: Just cracked top 400 on #tcot in 3 days. Not bad. What a great 3 days to join too! Bailout, Blogo etc.
mdillow: Hail Palin
Radioplay: I just enjoyed a patriotic sarah palin in 2012 campaign! Go chas!!!
seanbedlam: Hit the bookshop and saw a brand new, very thin book about Sarah Palin.
Burn in brainy hell, you illiterate whore. Oh, and have a nice day!
nosretep: Daily Show, Hall And Oates Pay Tribute To Alan Colmes [UPDATE: Hannity Res… – website at
kidologist: Just got an email offer for a Sarah Palin calendar. OK, I like her, but I don’t need to look at her for the next 12 months. Tina Fey? maybe
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin spoofed by a Montreal Radio station also John McCain appea..
zlind76: i just joined the "intelligent women for sarah palin" group on facebook. good times
doni_wilson: Couldn’t resist…Get Sarah Palin’s new book free…
DC101: Get your Maverick on… The Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar…
jhebertocx: lol Palin stole the clothes? — she’d claimed she’d return them at the end of the campaign…
bethesdafrog: with low oil prices, will palin continue to be as popular a gov. as she has been up to now in alaska? i don’t think so.
jamesbressi: @JimMacMillan lol, did you see Rendell is now possiibly under fire for a Palin comment. I really love this guy!
msullivan: Palin-Harper t-shirts – ‘because democracy is for elitists’ –
PhillyInquirer: Open Mic 2: What Ed Rendell said about Sarah Palin:
PhillyDotCom: Did you see this? Gov. Rendell and Gov. Palin
sallee58: Keep Palin where she is we have enough crap in Canada.
Aithene: you’ve probably all seen this already, but I missed it. Palin pardon’s a turkey
Salena: Still seeing McCain/Palin stickers on vehicles everywhere. Makes me wanna put one back on my car
MorningPapers: Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Working up a Sarah Palin Performance: Well the hype is over for Black ..
colderICE: <-<- Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Working up a Sarah Palin Performance: Well the hype is over..
tygerland: Get the Sarah Palin calendar!
airamericamedia: Go Left TV: Toxic Toys, Palin Pot Shots, and More
crispydragon: @MrsChico Oh my! Is Sarah Palin there…? ☺
danielpatricio: Some people compared Harper to Bush, I compared Dion to Palin
mjmcardle: @keithmcarthur how about Palin in a Ms. Alaska gown riding on the back of the cowardly lion? #coalition
amazingsymmetry: What’s Sarah Palin’s favorite sport? PARAH SALIN fuck 4chan
PostInvestigate: Daily Read: More Palin "Accessories" Spending Revealed: The National Journal..
scottyhendo: McCain-Palin launche microsite Palin Truth Files to fight rumors and myths about Palin
babyblonde: More RNC spending on Palin revealed
nmwike: I have the coolest job ever. ;) Talked with Sarah Palin’s office yesterday and Mike Huckabee’s office today.
keithmcarthur: I’ll throw my support behind Palin-Harper ticket #palinharper2012 #coalition
pumapower: SavPol: Palin in Georgia
ColbertReport: The Colbert Report: The Word – Barack-Handed Compliment: Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only one who compl..
jamiemcdonald: @stuartma Harper-Palin is genius. You need to start a twitter political show: this tweet has 22 characters.
macartisan: And we thought *Palin* was Batshittus Maximus: – Canadian politics moving into ‘Seven Days in May’ territory.
wdawe: @stuartma Palin/Harper, the dream ticket . They have my vote. #palinharper2012 #coalition
politicaladdict: Word of the Day! — hari turkari: (noun) Sarah Palin’s Starbucks-sippin’ inter..
CengizYar: is wondering how 300 people killed on friday in Africa didn’t make front page news but Palin did??
beaudotgiles: There is a ‘movement’ to make Sarah Palin America’s Poet Laureate.
waitingforwhat: Palin is the Clinton of the left… makes us cringe… Unable to do anything but bash our heads to the wall in disgust by simply existing
hbgeek: @VADavid just for a second I thought that was about Bristol Palin
waitingforwhat: Please no more Palin gossip…. I’m weak.. I click…. And hate myself for it
utopianfiat: @oodleday I mean I would have liked to see her in Sarah Palin’s place just as much as you, doesn’t mean she can’t be beat. She will be tough
smarois16: @kdawgmoneygunz Diane is on the floor of the office throwing Rolling Stone mags at Liz and talking about Sarah Palin pregnancy lies amazing

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