Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

StephenLaughlin: Fire Sale on All McCain-Palin Campaign Equipment, Computers, Blackberries, You Name It –Everything Must Go:
Ginkooi: Weekend Video: Tina Brown: The Daily Beast Is ‘Not The Equivalent Of Sara Palin’s Wardrobe’
RogerAppleby: @lizwebpage John McCain lost the Palin too and he’s not getting any of those other things either
tech2tw: PaidContent: Weekend Video: Tina Brown: The Daily Beast Is ‘Not The Equivalent Of Sara Palin’s Wardr..
2012Palin: Weekly Standard: Palin Went Down to Georgia:
Palin Went Down to Georgia Why her popularity is undimmed.
by Mar..
2012Palin: Sen. Saxby Chambliss Wins!: And credits Governor Palin with firing up the base! To read the full article, visit:..
plunderbund: New blog post: Bristol Palin Baby Watch
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless: In order to get back some..
baranoww: You saw it here First! Palin / Chambliss 2012 – (Bumper stickers, anyone?)
gretawire: Dr. Henry Kissinger on Secretary of State Nominee Clinton, Gov. Palin and More: In case you missed last…
nataliecain: Just saw a sign at an eye dr that said they have sarah palin frames…i am just sayin
ryantaylor: Retweeting @stuartma BREAKING: PALIN / HARPER 2012 (LOL!)
JasonGregory: I think Sarah Palin is sitting next to me on the train!
CFFG: torturing myself and listening to Rush Limbaugh for 3 hours. Yes, my dad’s in town
Smartalyx: Limbaugh is an idiot- just heard him refer to the Silicon Valley Electric cars as putt putts. Clearly he hasn’t heard of the Tesla.
disguisement: Its SO cold out. Its like its Alaska. Maybe if I look out my window Sarah Palin will be outside chasing russians! Drill baby drill! -liloz
targetvacations: RT @stuartma BREAKING: PALIN / HARPER 2012
dmooney9: RT @stuartma BREAKING: PALIN / HARPER 2012- please change that to 2009 and make it in Canada please.
stuartma: BREAKING: PALIN / HARPER 2012
waitingforwhat: FL GOP congresscritter though Obama phone call was a prank… She is smarter than Palin… A slug would be
MixxPopularRSS: Sarah Palin Offered $2 Mil for MILF Porn Movie
hello_knitty: Saw a car that had not only a ‘Palin 2012′ bumper sticker, but one that said ‘Impeach Obama.’ Yes, let’s impeach him. Who cares that . . .
jayweisberger: Is it wrong that I chuckle when I see a mccain-palin bumper sticker?
jsmrite: Seriously – Rush Limbaugh just blamed the consumer 4 Detroit’s mess – U led the country down this road. The consumer. What a fat-ass.
rsinger: The tweets are giving me no clear idea who is playing the role of Sarah Palin in Canada.
Current_Newsbot: [TV pick] Congresswoman tries to avoid a Palin faux pax – hangs up on Obama twice
klg19: @LiberalsAreCool In fairness, after the Quebecois Sarkozy sting on Palin, not surprising she might have thought it was a spoof.
smartsuggest: Vermont Teddy Bear- 15 in. Sarah Palin Teddy Bear
Twooloo: Curious to find out what accessories Sarah Palin bought for 30k. RNC will tell today…
beauteague: So typical: came home last night to an answering machine full of folks like Ron Reagan and Sarah Palin not even MENTIONing our new baby.
RedheadWriting: Christmas songs you never hear: "Here Comes McCain/Palin Claus" (snicker)
dreamcatcher37: @DailyRant Another result of the Sarah Palin effect, since her crank call from the radio guys got so much publicity, everyone is wary:)
Tedsays: I"ve got a new Sarah Palin game. I call it the Sarah Palin Indicator Game. It goes like this: Palinfluenza, Palinept, Palincidental,
GoogleNewsElect: Women Say That Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Received Unfair … – U.S. News & World Repo..
zerbinetta: Giving a shout out Sarah Palin style (*shudder*) to the AWer’s twitting and hanging around FB. *SHOUT OUT* *wink*
Cherrim: @abigeiru Canadian politics is refined by default–we don’t have PAlin.
cinerina: Palin Xmas consolation prize: – YOIKS (RT @shannonswenson)
alaskaBNN: Progressive Alaska: Saradise Lost – Book 2 – Chapter 17 – Palin on Economics Redux: CNN talking airhead..
yoursKiddingly: Pakistan President Zardari meets Condoleezza Rice to discuss terrorism, asks about Sarah Palin instead
thecorkboard: @KateBfpl I bet she’s serious. Sarah Palin made glasses hip again.
skyjuly: – Doesn’t Big Lot’s Anita Deal look a lot like Sarah Palin?
KateBfpl: Patron just asked me if I had my new glasses pre- or post-sarah palin. Is she serious?
EaglesNFL: >> Rendell Open Mike 2: What he said about Palin: Janet Napolitano wasn’t..
aswhole: "Then, as well, too." Professor Davenport or Sarah Palin?
dwescott1: my final installment of "speech clouds" is Senator Clinton vs. Governor Palin.
freerepublic: The REAL Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Thread – Thursday, December 4, 2008: Welcome back, Rush AND NOW . ..
fleeceitout: when do we get to quit hearing about sarah palin?
erynsoup: doesn’t know why anyone pays attention to rush limbaugh. pompous old windbag…
joopgij: Palin stuurt nu maar onder het mom van Alaska Airlines phishing mailtjes rond. Je moet toch wat :-)

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