Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

huffpost: Powell blasts Palin: From Crooks and Liars:REED ZAKARIA, CNN ANCHOR: What do you think is going to happen to the..
americablog: Powell blasts Palin: From Crooks and Liars:REED ZAKARIA, CNN ANCHOR: What do you think is going to happen to the..
chriswc: McCain and Palin election yard sale, sold blackberrys without wiping info… Juicy emails? hmm…
locuta: ik heb ook veel mails gehad van mensen die vragen of ik Obama (of zelfs Palin) als spreker kan regelen in zo ongeveer de lokale buurtkroeg
alaskaBNN: Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis: Saxby Chambliss victory: good for Governor Palin but bad for Alaska:


truthpirate: Don’t get why Repubs are making such a big deal about Chambliss’ win. He was an incumbent running in the Deep South. Plus he had Palin Power
south_dakotaBNN: Dakota Voice: Chambliss: Governor Palin ‘Allowed Us to Peak’: Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss ..
huffingtonpost: Chris Kelly: Get Sarah Palin’s New Book – Free!: I know. It couldn’t believe it either. The idea t..
no_i_dont: @magic_spells viste, por decirme palin se te cayo la internes
soyjournalista: How far in advance do I need to cut my hair like Palin’s for Gridiron to make it look authentic? I’m wondering…
RobertVincent: 30+ inches of snow…finally. maybe sarah palin was right after all!
joshuaculling: @amoylan "He said Republican Govs. Rick Perry of Texas, Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Sarah Palin of Alaska, led a spirited debate…
mriguy: #canadarally Or do the NDP/LIB susbcribe to the Sarah Palin school of thought; "real [Canadians] just get it" no debate required?
amoylan: @joshuaculling Wait, did I miss something? Palin’s anti-bailout?
joshuaculling: Pretty sure Perry, Sanford and Palin are the only 3 anti-bailout Govs; Paterson’s on the list #statebooks
salix129: is amused by middle-aged men in Corvettes with McCain/Palin bumper stickers. *smirk*
wodego: Sarah Palin wins runoff in Georgia
Swanney: Just read someone’s viewer feedback on CN N and want them to know that they are not the only one truly sick of hearing about Sarah Palin!
Esteban_del_sur: Trying to find time to do something for myself. After Mongolian BBQ lunch, I need a nap. That doesn’t count. Palin’s married to a terrorist.
ztay: A New Palin Turkey Interview LOL
Inferis: Hoe zou het nog zijn met Sarah Palin, eigenlijk?
politicususa: Chambliss Credits Palin for His Runoff Win
Saya25: @johnsontroye its because the media didn’t cover that, it only coved Palin shopping and McCain being old
Linc4Justice: @itsonlywords Meh, my heart is still set on Tennessee. Or maybe Idaho, since that’s where Sarah Palin came from. =D
Timaay: @pinkelephantpun Sorry to spam u but u gotta read my blog post about the election results. Palin/Jindal!!
leonspencer: @viqifrench You know better to dare me. I’m gonna read it: – As Palin would say, "You betcha!"
bleak22: @demonbaby there are far bigger douches than him. Sarah Palin? What do u call a female douche? A douchette? Im gonna trademark that.
ChristieM: Toddler Sarah Palin and the Stuffed Animal Slaughterer:
conservatweet: [SayAnything] Chambliss: Palin Won Me The Election
robport: Chambliss: Palin Won Me The Election
Saya25: @mineralrich i can but The media anally raped Palin with biasness and Bush got spanked before he even took office by the media…
DakotaVoice: DakotaVoice Chambliss: Governor Palin ‘Allowed Us to Peak’: Republican Senator Saxby Chamb..
johnbeagle: Sarah Palin already has a book: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment Upside Down
watujim: There’s still hope for ‘merica. Sarah palin ’012
mineralrich: @saya25 I got to see Palin very briefly at a rally in my hometown. Even from her backside, you can tell she’s just an elegant woman, haha.
bethbangert: @ricksanchezcnn Now that the GA runoff is over, Palin will return 2 AK & invite Chenney 4 Moose Hunt. Just maybe he could miss…again?
tiasparkles: @busymommaval OMG lol!! where did you find this!? Thought I’d seen all the Sarah Palin jokes out there ..
tiasparkles: OMG lol!! @busymommaval where did you find this!? Thought I’d seen all the Sarah Palin jokes out there ..
uabewing: how does one redefine "family" anyway? this is the most rediculous bunch of bullshit i’ve heard since sarah palin last spoke
JackCafferty: Chambliss Win: What does it mean for Palin?
IndyEnigma: @ericcumbee "i think palin is to smart for that" true but think bout it, half Huffington staff would have nervous breakdowns, MSNBC chaos
Saya25: @mineralrich i know right? the media was like "MO is so gorgeous, Palin is somewhat attractive" i mean if they lied about that.. MO=fugly
KellieTheNosh: Driving back from Giggles. They had an inflatible Sarah Palin.
illinoisBNN: The Swamp: Palin, Clinton treated unfairly, poll says: by Laura Olson A majority of American women vo..
ericcumbee: @IndyEnigma i think palin is to smart for that
gordondym: @RRasmussen – actually, the skit you played is Cleese and Michael Palin. Here’s Chapman & Cleese:
IndyEnigma: @greenbacker "Obama hasn’t named an Energy Secretary yet " some names SCARY, prefer Palin, watch far-left heads EXPLODE!
graycoach: Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister, is like Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove wrapped into one. Someone please save us.
wacapp85: @Skineval =Rush Limbaugh
roxburynews: Rendell just said you betcha, that must have been due to yesterday’s meeting with Palin, ok now he just brought up Rocky and Bullwinkle

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