Eating Each Other Alive… December 12, 2008

When will the carnage end?

KnobReally: @jessflynn …harsh, but it also means the cream rises. Smart PR is still invaluable to a company. Just ask Sarah Palin
mrjpcool: Tina Fey: I never felt we were mean to Sarah Palin ( Entertainment News & Gossip) (Wikio…
orbitz: memeorandum Chambliss: Palin ‘allowed us to peak’ (Andy Barr/The Politico):
Andy Barr / The P..
haikutwaiku: running a Sarah Palin Haiku contest live:
jensonsdaniel: This #TCOT thing is a good start 4 GOP 2 get involved in networks. Might C more + externalities if they dropped Palin from vocabulary.
gauchesatx: singin in to twitter for the 1st time….while listening to Limbaugh!!
ispeakthetruth: rt @Tania94 Harper reminds of Palin. Rally the worst of your base to destroy the #coalition and divide just for power’s sake. Disgusting.
ukfan31: @ricksanchezcnn with palin at that rally she looked like she was dressed pretty good wonder where she got those clothes MAYBE SHE KEPT THEM
ukfan31: With Sara Palin on the campaign trail again did anyone question who bought her wardrobe LOL im currious if she had them from the campaign
coveritlive: running a Sarah Palin Haiku contest live:
alexcwilliams: @msamye Would that be a McCain/Palin 08 sticker?
palin_quotes: "The stakes (in this run-off) are so high," said #Palin. "This is about the future of the US of Amer..
palin_quotes: "Governors do know best," #Palin said, "and the President-elect is great to ask specifics from the g..
stshank: OK, I know the election’s over, but this Palin musical accompaniment is really fascinating
Tania94: Harper reminds of Palin. Rally the worst of your base to destroy the #coalition and divide east and west just for power’s sake. Disgusting.
wcpatriot: @gunrights I am a big fan of @hughhewitt also. Hewitt, Medved, Limbaugh provide different styles w/similar objective. Not a Hannity fan.
joshbuckner: @ET2U That was definitely her reasoning. I’d love to see a reporter ask Palin to name one of Chambliss’ accomplishments as a Senator.
Flap: Re-elected Senator Chambliss: Sarah Palin is DYNAMITE
kittenkiller: Reading: CFP: The Palin Factor
pursuitofluxe: This kid in a red suit says she wants to be a future president…then she winked @ me Palin style. I CAN’T.
schallrauch: War Sarah Palin schwanger mit Trig? Hm… +
WackyMarketing: @swrocha Palin is more of what is killing the GOP. Style over substance, and not REAL conservative values.
johnfschneider: @abbykbreyer Sort of like a Sarah Palin press interview?
Race42008: Palin Power: Denying It: Donald Rumsfeld’s much-maligned but actually rather insightful quote abo..
LoneStarTimes: New LST Post: Sarah Palin Rocks Georgia: The demise of Sarah Palin is, as they say, gr..
schallrauch: War Sarah Palin schwanger mit Bristol oder nicht? Hm…#leutefürdoofverkaufen
MorningJoe: Video: Biden and Palin reunite: Dec 3: MSNBC’s Willie Geist has all the news you can’t use, including ..
Twooloo: @seilogramp Then why parading Palin up and down the state for days and Limbaugh and Hannity throwing all their air weight into the match?
Korsnes: @AriMelber he dared to be unimpressed by Sarah Palin. the horror.
swrocha: – Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes…Interesting.
twittfeed: Huffington Post Chambliss: Palin Key To My Win (VIDEO): Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, fr..
seanhackbarth: @kevinholtsberry @emzanotti And we can like Sarah Palin too.
sarahpalinfeed: Watchdog group says Palin wasn’t only candidate with donor-financed clothing :
AugeoBenefits: Palin credited with firing up the base for Chamblis in Georgia… I thought she was put on ice in Alaska and never to be heard from again…
popurls: The Nail in the Coffin: Proof that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig Palin
socalmom: @CityMama @queenofspain We were just riffing on Palin being able to see Russia
americablog: Chambliss: Palin makes Republicans "explode": Saxby Chambliss credits Sarah Palin with his victory in..
frankroche: @lexfortis I guess it must have hung on the Palin 2012, which dwarfed all the others in the vicinity.
ffg: a parade consisting of Mark Wahlberg, a donkey, Palin, and her Secret Service agents “This is like a Fellini movie.”
JohnBfromTN: Obama just said that Richardson as NM gov has diplomatic expierience. .so what was so wrong about Palin having said expierence?
youtubelatest: Sarah Palin kills Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Sarah Palin kills Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
zack_a: is surprised at how popular Palin is in Georgia; okay, not actually surprised, but still.
Blast_Off: New comment: Do you think Sarah Palin will campaign for him?
zack_a: is surprised at how popular Palin is in Georgia.
danieldennis: Is Sarah Palin and I had a daughter…it might look like this, don’t cha’know!
kenlowery: Chambliss said Palin "allowed us to peak" in Georgia. What an unfortunate choice of words. Or is my head in the gutter?
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: A roundup of all of the Immoral Minority’s Sarah Palin "Babygate" stories over th..
n2teaching: I like the Palin caption. ‘ Mo Willems’ Santa Story cartoon.
sudhirprabhu: Why cant the indian govt hire palin to negotiate with pakistani president zardari for handing over the suspects?

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