Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

YatPundit: @mamikaze i loved the youtube vid Cleese did this fall, admitting that he no longer considers Michael Palin the funniest Palin on the planet
Chris1051: Colin Powell slams "polarizing" Palin
kphotos: I just updated my Squidoo page: Sarah Palin and The Press /
hatchersan: @mollynicholson – Thanks your following. Stand firm for grassroots, for Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin. Don’t wobble. 2 Chron 7:14
naturallygeeky: I got an email from the best spammer name ever: Casebeer Mcclinton. That’s what Sarah Palin’s daughter should name her baby! Or maybe: Joe.
orbitz: HuffPost The Only Thing Better Than 95% Hannity? 100% Hannity!: According to TV Newser, Alan Co..
kendipi: copieus gaknaagd en -zeer tegen mijn principes- stukje dvd gekeken (pole to pole, Michael Palin)
tjonsek: @RosePena Palin’s a nut case. Maybe not even disrespectful as uncouth or somewhat stupid.
ruthdfw: @RosePena I am going 2 be nice & assume it is another example of Palin being uninformed. Or @ least not ready 4 primetime.
ethanbennett: This is taking on a real Palin-rally feel. "We will stand in front of a colorblind Lord."
jamesbyers: @CountryMe Yeah you have to admit Palin is not an ugly woman. I dont there there is enough makeup that can mask her nasty side LOL
badkitty812: Does anyone else think Palin’s remark about "I’m here and VP-elect Biden is there", just comes off as whiney and smarmy?
devlind: YAY my MBP is now in Louisville, KY…take that Palin!
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Biden’s Palin obsession
: From the pool report inside Independen..
coreyhart: palin 2012 no bueno
ambeestar: in this year’s dance, i am accompanied by cindy crawford, the turkey killer sarah palin, and mr obama.
HuffNewswire: MediaMatters: Of course Barbara Walters thinks Rush Limbaugh is "fascinating", cont’d: ..
GoogleNewsElect: Group: Palin not only one with donor-funded duds – The Associated Press: Group: Palin not o..
praenomenal: @danaflops Yeah, funny that. Then again we did not know half of how dumb Palin really was. The media by and large have become collaborators.
rarestnews: Updates: chambliss (palin), anderson (browns), foreign (team), fiscal emergency, ballon (ronaldo)
rightblogs: [RedState]

Palin’s Path Is Not Through Senate

: Not until 2014. Perhaps.


JennaMonster: This sarah palin doll is getting a lot of attention
spiffie: @kbaxter Losing Consrv support indicates Palin didn’t help that much. McCain made a mistake not contesting the middle more than he did.
matthewcarriere: @jseifer while you were out Sarah Palin became President… welcome back.
tigerlilybelle: did i mention that sarah palin called me today?
kbaxter: @spiffie …If he picked Palin, he got more social conserv support but turned off independents. Rock, hard place. I wanted Lieberman.
missouriBNN: DC Download: Biden: ‘I need you, Sarah Palin’: Sarah Palin speaking Monday in Georgia WASHINGTON &#82..
MarkUrbin: @skye820 I try to explain Palin to non-political people who only know her from MSM hit pieces. Palin is *extremely* popular with her base.
BawldGuy: @mwurzer Ah, there’s the glitch. gas is to electric for stoves as Palin was to feminists. :) I can see how you’d be disappointed.
kbaxter: @andrewmin I don’t think so. Palin helped, but not enough to rally them. I don’t think relying on social conservs is a longterm strat anyway
RedState: Palin’s Path Is Not Through Senate
pickmybrain: Palin should auction clothes for charity.
J_T_Ray: It’s Ironic, Rush Limbaugh sponsors Zicam and he’s off sick today. Will he still sponsor them when he recovers?
skye820: Palin is rocking Philly.
PeterEllis: Just saw a Google ad asking if Palin should run in 2012, yes or no. My answer: NO, HELL NO. I will LEAVE THE COUNTRY. I SWEAR.
latishasimmons: PHOTO: Sarah Palin @ Saxby’s Rally.. It cracks me up that Palin is so hated. She doesn’t bother me at all..
Stranahan: @danablan Well, that might be awesome because I’d like ask Palin about her company name choice of ‘Redneck’
danablan: @Stranahan Sarah Palin
sgraven: @Linc4Justice You never fail to entertain. How are you sleeping without gazing upon the love of your life, Sarah Palin?
bigpeachpundit: WHY is Sarah Palin on CNN speaking for the governors again?? if I were a governor I’d drug her if I had to to get her to SHUT. UP.
hotairblog: Video: Biden thanks Palin at governors’ meeting with Obama: "As I told you [when] we walked in, since ..
EagleVueDaily: Headline News Video: Rush Limbaugh Morning Update 12/2, More Proof That Global Warming Preachers are False Prophets ( http://www.eaglevu
superwife: I’m looking forward to Palin’s presidential run in 2012. I’ll get to feel the joy of her defeat a second time :)
palin_quotes: "We need Saxby because we need checks and balances in Washington," #Palin said. "And we will not hav..
biden_quotes: "Gov. Palin, your being here today sends a powerful message that when campaigns end, we are all part..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Got Pranked:
MONTREAL — A Quebec comedy duo notorious for..
rightblogs: [hotair] Video: Biden thanks Palin at governors’ meeting with Obama: "As I told you [when] we ..
conservatweet: [Hot Air]: Video: Biden thanks Palin at governors’ meeting with Obama: "As I told you [wh..
zakblogs: Oliver Stone’s P. (for Palin)
curty: Voting in a minute. Mccain palin 08!

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