Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tomaswk: Not Surprising, McCain-Palin Campaign Blackberry Sold Before Info Erased
AquarianM: Great, now I’m getting Rush Limbaugh spew. Oxycontin dreams, indeed. *raising one eyebrow* Fascistinating, Craptain.
vannschaffner: @prophetessanna Steele also strong subbing for Hannity on H and C. Old school, new school.? Right school.! ; -D #TCOT #HHRS
BondGyrl: McCain Palin signs finally down in Rockland County NY. Lol
vannschaffner: @prophetessanna Steele also strong subbing for Hannity on H and C. Old school, new school. Right school. ;-D
levindan: haha, McCain/Palin garage sale!
Palinspired: JC Watts, JC, Sarah Palin Inspired links added to – got to go for 3 hrs
pa5fn: the Huffingtonpost Christina Bellantoni: Look out Sarah Palin! Obama offers 4-year calendar: F..
illinoisBNN: Marathon Pundit: McCain-Palin ad flashback: Chicago Machine: When this McCain-Palin ad was relased in September,..
phillyclout: VP-Elect Biden To Gov. Palin: Nobody Pays Attention To Me: We get more detail about President Elect B..
snackfeedbuzz: video added CNN-Palin back on the stump-CNN’s Gary Tuchman reports on Sarah Palin’s return to the campaign trail to he…
niel: robo-calls galore in the last couple of days, including governor sarah palin this morning
brittanyc: disagree with patricia heaton, on the view right now. Sarah Palin’s not really "working class," have you seen her huge house?
cyn3matic: Leery of "catfight" set up bet Lisa Murkowski & Sarah Palin over AK senate seat, & happy for Rep infighting squad:
wisconsinBNN: Badger Blogger: Sarah Palin in High Demand: From the Associated Press:
“In addition to more t..
Swoopy: Gotta go vote. I remind other Georgians to do the same. Wash off the ick of Palin being here by voting against Chambliss.
orbitz: memeorandum Limbaugh calls Obama’s selection of Clinton ‘a brilliant stroke’ (CNN):
TheInDecider: Sarah Palin Wants Your Job (Assuming You Get to Be on TV)
jeherv: jesus, sarah palin just robocalled me. 7:00 pm cannot get here soon enough
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Video of Sarah Palin Augusta Rally for Saxby Chambliss: Augusta, GA&#x..
k_michael: @bethbangert @ricksanchezcnn Heh. Is Palin also still blithering that expiration of the 3% Bush tax cuts 4 uberrich somehow = "socialism"?
conserv8ivebase: Principles never more at risk (Palin):
Political endorsements don’t get much bigger than this on..
mommyaulait: RT @celticdiva Palin: No more "free ride" with Alaskans:
carriejacobs: feels cold already. No heat today in our building. At all. It’s "Dress Like an Eskimo Day" at work. Sarah Palin would be prepared.
HuffNewswire: Murkowski Warns Palin: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) sent a sharp message to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R..
bethbangert: @ricksanchezcnn Palin out on "campain" trail lying again about raising taxes. Let Bush tax cuts die is not a hike but a beautiful sunset!
cloudspark: hey Sarah Palin just called our business line and asked us to vote!
elex08examiner: Right Side Politics Examiner — Palin back on campaign trail
celticdiva: Palin: No more "free ride" with Alaskans:
NJentertainment: Tina Fey accuses critics of her Sarah Palin impression of sexism
chrisgolden: Biden to Palin today, "Good to see you, Governor"
newser: Alaska Senator Warns Palin: Mitts Off My Seat: Sarah Palin may consider a 2010 Senate run as a stepping st..
Milieunet: Saxby Chambliss Gropes his Granddaughter: Republicans have some strange habits. Forget Sarah Palin and ..
autodrool: Palin Campaigns for Sen. Chambliss in Georgia Runoff Election
thehill: The Hill | Biden calls Palin a ‘partner in progress’: Vice President-elect Biden singled out fo..
huffingtonpost: Dave Hackel: Not What?: Sarah Palin: if the stars misalign and you remain a national figure, it wo..
theMolsen: finally deleted my "Politics", "McCain/Palin" and "Obama" bookmark folders
twittfeed: Huffington Post Dave Hackel: Not What?: Sarah Palin: if the stars misalign and you remai..
spiffie: @andrewmin Palin was a disaster, no two ways around it. McCain sunk his brand with that choice and his best argument. That, at least.
chrishogg: Palin Among Over 180 Republicans Who Storm Georgia to Save Saxby
yagelski: @nealcampbell Some Sarah Palin lovin’… I know you’ll enjoy it.
EndTheRoboCalls: @stevieisme do you have the audio of the Palin robocall?
catitude: Her audacity really is impressive … Palin still eyeing Senate? (
olyturtle: Reading Edward Said the last couple days…just wondering where the middle ground is between self-righteous intellectuals and Sarah Palin…
SalonMedia: Palin still eyeing Senate?:
Since Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens lost to Democratic challenger Mark Begich,..
RandomStep: Governor Palin just called and asked us to ‘vote whydoncha’. She also said something about ‘Drill, baby, drill’. (this post partly satire)
SuzCorner: @RyanMoran Get the degree while you can, before you have kids-you’ll be their example. Even Rush Limbaugh has said he regrets not finishing
CharlotteAnne: yikes! an ad for Caribu Barbie Palin just appeared above my Gmail. Not gonna go there. Nope.
jenniferjrose: Palin’s Ties to Terror revealed.

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