Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

amylibrarian: Colin Powell slams Rush Limbaugh
Radioplay: @ChassB Sarah Palin is now following me on Twitter because of the comments I made about our rally LOL
Ramona_W: @brianmarsh I was unfollowed several times this morning. Maybe the Sarah Palin discussion or people at limit unfollowing to follow others.
bosca: McCain-Palin: everything must go — including all those private cellphone numbers: A Fox reporter went to t..
flourishingjudy: RT: @whatsnext Robin Williams on Sara Palin "Did Ronald Reagan have a love child w/ Post Spice?" The title alone!
whatsnext: Robin Williams on Sara Palin "Did Ronald Reagan have a love child with Post Spice?"
twplummer: I’d like to see Kirsten Powers replace Alan Colmes on "Hannity & Colmes".
DavidAll: You won’t find this on Woot: $20 BlackBerrys pre-loaded with McCain-Palin contacts
digg_trends: McCain Palin campain sold BlackBerry, Didn’t Wipe Contacts:
kash78: BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin’s Contacts: Priceless.
KnowYourObama: Idiot Rush Limbaugh puts up an Obama Corruption poster on his home.
davidhhendricks: @TheDigitalLife love jazz too! Palin tanked the McCain campaign. We are begging for her to run in 2012, or Jindal. Both whacko nutjobs.
muffinman825: PALIN SUCKS! For anyone who voted for mccain YOU MADE A MISTAKE
millercj: The Burger King manager I’m talking to in Wasilla, AK right now would have been a more qualified VP than Sarah Palin.
drsputnik: Colin Powell says Republicans need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh
lenerl: wohl der Erfolgreichste: Michael Palin bei BBC @oliver . Gefällt mir außerordentlich gut. Palin’s Travels.
georgiaBNN: Safe As Houses: Palin (photos) in Georgia: Blake’s got a cool post on the Athens connection to the Pho..
georgiaBNN: Safe As Houses: The wrong base: Sarah Palin’s tour of Georgia?It drew some Georgians … and a lot of ..
orbitz: memeorandum Murkowski to Palin: Leave my seat alone (Manu Raju/The Politico):
Manu Raju / The..
latishasimmons: She had lots of heat for Palin but nothing for Dan Rather? She’s lame.
NorthFulton: PHOTO GALLERY: Sarah Palin stumping for Saxby
buzzbishop: RT @freyburg anyone notice that the conservatives yelling "seperatist" and "socialist" is close to Palin’s claptrap about"palling w te …
huffpost: Ben Smith: Talking to the governors, including Palin: Speaking to the National Governors A.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Ben Smith: Talking to the governors, including Palin: Speaking to the National Governors A..
robcrilly: don’t know why Sarah Palin’s ignorance of Africa was shocking. Not one of my editors seems to get that the phones are a bit dodgy here
Aknauta: Sarah Palin came to Georgia in true Palin style…and I was there!
Aknauta: Palin stumps for GOP candidate in Georgia
snackfeedbuzz: watch Sarah Palin pardons turkey ahead of Thanksgiving (HQ)-Gov. Sarah Palin granted the pardon at Triple D Farms in W…
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – The Exorcism of Sarah Palin Halloween Version 2008:
Got the Halloween..
armact: From ARMACTe-list: spinning for Palin in 2012: WMD Attack Is Likely, Panel Says Terroris..
nicolegalletta: Sarah Palin just called the office.
snackfeedbuzz: another one Palin pardons turkey while others get slaughered.-As Palin was pardoning one lucky Turkey, Other Turkeys …
snackfeedbuzz: another one Gov. Sarah Palin pardons Turkey [FULL]-Turkey pardon – Palin style
stevieisme: I’ve gotten lots of Republican robocalls. This morning, I got one from Sarah Palin, too, also. You betcha!
dasmith1038: Sarah Palin called the library to urge us to vote today.
aaronbanks: Palin-Chambliss 2012
bigbadchang: My gov. stood next to Palin at the AGM and didn’t kick her. For shame, Baldacci! for shame!
emilyelisabeth: Starting my first vacation read: Nixon Agonistes. The Palin-Nixon comparisons I can glibly make are uncanny.
irobyn: AlterNet Headlines: Obama Stresses Ending the War in Iraq | Palin Pisses Off Alaskans |Mass Graves Found in Iraq
adelgabot: Seen the special Grammar Girl vidcast? It’s a special ep on ‘irony’ feat. Sarah Palin, out last Fri. She’s more animated on cam! Not bad.
freyburg: anyone else notice that the conservatives yelling "seperatist" and "socialist" is awful close to Palin’s claptrap about"palling w terrorsts"
kjshafe: Just when you thought you’ve heard the last of Sarah Palin….sheeee’sss baaaaaaaack.
ET2U: Palin quote, via CNN: "We want to make sure we have at least 41 Republicans in the US Senate to make sure that we shape bad legislation.."
dogslovesalsa: Who is the worst endorsement? Palin or a gangster rapper with a felony conviction… it’s a toss up.
newsbusters: Potential Hillary Replacement’s No Conservative or ‘Bizarro Sarah Palin’: In reporting on who will re..
virginiaBNN: Below The Beltway: A McCain/Palin Requiem: Mike Taibbi surveys the damage resulting from what may hav..
qreyes: Feeling election sick. I miss the pre-election days. So much political gossip. Everything’s boring. No Sarah Palin to say funny things.
dmataconis: Will Sarah Palin Take On Another Murkowski ?
bakercom1: just voted in Chambliss vs Martin Senate race. Not sure how it will turn out, but at least Palin went home. Geezzz
smittyhalibut: Anyone else start tapping their fingers when they saw the AP pic of Palin campaigning with Saxby? *tap*tap*tap*tap* *tap*tap*tap*tap*

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