Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

mclanea: Post election gaff by McCain/Palin… major OOPS!
jnd3001: While im sure mccain and palin had nothing to do with this slip-up, it still means what an incompetent bunch they put together for their …
NewsOnTwitter: ABC NEWS – Political Deal or Crime? Where’s the Line?: Senate candidates in Blogojevich case face gray..
unravelmedia: @xequals sold! Can I see Sarah Palin’s house from the back porch?
Palinspired: Silent no more. #tcot. Speakup. Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, JC Watts inspire us all.Adding more tcot sites and feeds to
channelone: Political Deal or Crime? Where’s the Line?: Senate candidates in Blogojevich case face gray area in politics
bravenewfilms: Can the McCain/Palin campaign ever stop screwing up?
denverposttalk: Comment: People: Sarah Palin’s emails available – for $10,000: Get a life Fred F!!! You and your far left winers..
mikechu: McCain Palin Blkberry –
disavian: Sarah Palin with pancakes on her head:
polizeros: Colin Powell attacks Palin, Limbaugh: In a wide-ranging CNN interview, former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powe..
rightblogs: [RedState]

Palin – Chambliss rally – Duluth, GA

: Palin – star – power Promoted fro..

iPhillyChitChat: OK not such a big secret as I see ABC captured Palin going into the Union League
twittfeed: Huffington Post Live From Georgia: Palin Fever, Negative Attacks, Civil Rights Anthems (..
orbitz: HuffPost Live From Georgia: Palin Fever, Negative Attacks, Civil Rights Anthems (VIDEO) (PHOTOS): ..
ArtboyUSA: and daddy #bush is, uh, #diocletian ? And who’s #cleopatra ? #palin ? #clinton ? … #hilton ?
Trypnotik: @threeamwriter Culture is for suckers. Palin in 2011!
SSlovacek: Scared awake at 4am by a nightmare of being a top political adviser and confidant to Governor Palin
stlouiscardinal: St. Louis St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck..
smuttysteff: I want Sarah Palin to go away. Forever. Maybe she’ll be the victim of a freak moose-related accident that renders her unable to speak.
trexsandwich: p.s. How can Sarah Palin be "back" if she never left? So, she was in GA. I don’t get on AC360 whenever I weekend in ‘vanner.
markzabala: @mikeprasad That is one group I would never want to piss off. They did however give us the contents of Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail.
seattlepi: Alaska Democrats pan Palin for partisan travel: ANCHORAGE — The head of the Alaska Democratic Party ch..
novaurora: Will Palin ever just go away?
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Sarah Palin: November election was the result of ‘frustration, di..
yahoobuzz: Palin urges Ga. voters to back Chambliss in runoff (AP)
savvyfatty: WIZZOW! Just had a reader discover my site by Googling, "Palin’s Pussy." Will Moose-Killa Kooch be my claim to fizzame? *scratches weave*
josh_sternberg: I’m glad Obama has been"conspicuously absent"from the GA runoff.I’d rather him lead than divide,a la Palin.
MandyGlutie: My mom commented on my blog. Weird. But she did post this awesome video of kids recreating Palin turkey interview:
RedState: Palin – Chambliss rally – Duluth, GA
DivaLea: @BeaucoupKevin That Vanity Fair profile is to her what appearing on SNL was to Palin, pointless, unfunny, unhelpful. Stunningly awful
jphillipsnews: Why aren’t the people whining about Palin’s wardrobe demanding Obama be impeached over this?
MattSHUK: The whole family are asleep and I’m getting robo calls from that Sarah Palin woman… that just confirms my opinion of her :(
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Palin – Chambliss rally – Duluth, GA
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Some of Gov. Palin’s Georgia speech.
janesaid: sarah palin could be master of ceremonies
someinstant: Have determined Greta has massive girl-crush on Palin, which is really quite terrifying. Dad did well, tho– managed not to laugh @ her.
GuyTessler: @delwilliams knowing my son he’ll probably find a Palin and there goes my chance at royalty…
Melmorr: Joined Team Sarah (Palin, of course). Don’t be shy – guys can join too!
someinstant: Also: the paternal unit was interviewed on FOX this evening. Greta Van Whatsit wanted to know about Palin’s stumping for Chambliss.
DaveTaylor: @z3rr0 @geekmommy it’s only a country to Ms. Palin. :-)
thomhudson: Sarah Palin is more irritating than crabs.
thomhudson: Sarah Palin is more irritating that crabs.
snackfeedbuzz: video added CNN-Palin back on the stump-Gov. Sarah Palin hopes to give a boost to Sen. Chambliss as he seeks to quash …
ET_nowplaying: Tapped – Sarah Palin says she’s not the only one being considered for Vice President. –
cybersanta: @METX164 here you go, have a cut-out of Sarah Palin. Merry Christmas!
pamelawella: is anyone watching or listening to Boston Legal. LOL. reference to Sarah Palin and Putin rearing his head and invading our airspace.
JKerrOwens: writing a paper about Renaissance pastoral literature… and Sarah Palin
METX164: @Elfy03 Because a guy on Headline News was trying to look all cool with a Sarah Palin cut-out. All she does is belch in my face.

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