Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

dailyindia: TV station buys 2 BlackBerrys with private info about McCain-Palin campaign: A TV station owned and operated by ..
moearora: @TJsDJs Aren’t you in Sarah Palin-land right now?
oregonBNN: NW Republican: Chambliss back to Senate; Palin the big winner: Today’s runoff election between Martin a..
kevingamble: @dloo Sarah Palin is an idiot… in the truest sense of the word.
DrChannard: @scento Its obvious the top one is Palin
apackof2: Sarah Palin design on CafePress
fgossieaux: Palin could actually become a Russian – not just see Russia anymore –
apackof2: ok one more for those Sarah Palin fans
deadcraft: is amusedly watching Bruce Willis cosplaying Sarah Palin on Letterman
NewsOnTwitter: GOOGLE NEWS – Palin Power: There’s No Denying It – Culture11: BBC NewsPalin Power:..
net_news: Palin Power: There’s No Denying It – Culture11: BBC NewsPalin Power: There’s No Denying ItCultur..
net_news: Palin Power: There’s No Denying It – Culture11: BBC NewsPalin Power: There’s No Denying ItCultur..
Saya25: @mortimas there a bunch of idiots all they know is they did not like Palin and Obama has some color and that is why the voted appalling
fishdweeb: Why doesn’t sarah palin realize she is a moron?….I’m a moron and I realize it.
snackfeedbuzz: another one Tina Fey On Sarah Palin Impression!-Tina Fey joins David Letterman tonight, Friday, and a chunk of the in…
SisuMom: Palin and the turkey! LOL
ppatel: RT @monkchips oh my god. could it be sarah palin’s musicality that draws people to her? this is crazy
Race42008: Palin Power: No Denying It: Before the runoff election, there were several statements from bloggers ind..
Robert_Irving_3: @fleuragema ik vind wel dat je heel erg veel weg hebt van sarah palin hoor
jonerp: @monkchips that Palin song = genius. Love :55 "trade as competitive-scary-thing…" lol….Pianist Henry Hey – big props.
monkchips: oh my god. could it be sarah palin’s musicality that draws people to her? this is crazy
fleuragema: nu al de vierde keer deze week dat iemand zegt dat ik als Sonja Bakker klink. Ik heb liever Mevr. Palin.
Saya25: @ColorMeRed i know i think its crap that Palin got scolded for shopping hello the GOP had to deck her out, then Obama goes elites & its OK
IndyEnigma: Twitter Phenomenon #TCOT the few, the proud, the ‘conservatweeps’, wonder if Gov. Palin will follow the list?
tommurse: Rendell on Palin: ‘She’s not a genius, but…’
politikfeed: [Blog] Sarah Palin hängt Paris Hilton ab: Knapp drei Wochen nach den US-Wahlen ist Governo..
EsuziT: Chambliss wins GA – does this mean Palin is the new super campaigner? Erp.
ShelbyKnox: Umm, calling Sarah Palin? IKEA sells reindeer meat of animals herded with helicopters and calves that never see snow.
fablis310: I saw a car with 7 (!) McCain/Palin bumper stickers!!! The election is over, and you lost.
KalMiller: @GrandyandAndy Obama’s first scandal: Biden sends Pajamagram to Sarah Palin. Hilarity ensues.
real_issues: Asking the Washington Post – What if Sarah Palin had been campaigning in Dallas? – – We need to rethink the media
freudian_slip: oh this is cool: <-so shut up s.s.palin and go sail on our "flat" earth somewhere else
joshbuckner: Congratulations Chambliss… on giving Sarah Palin something to take credit for.
fiskey: It’s 52′ in Miami. Sarah Palin did really bring cold weather w/ her when she was here for governors conf.
gdpr: AF&O Latest*** Georgia Ends US Senate Dems’ 60-Seat Hopes: I guess Sarah Palin can prope..
real_issues: I take on the Washington Post over the ‘Palin does Georgia’ headline: — posted it in WP comments also -
GNPT: Sarah Palin e Obama se encontram pela primeira vez desde eleição – AFP
jebro: @kittygutz With your inability to blink you’ll never win high public office, as Sarah Palin has raised the bar on that one.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] A Strategy for Sarah: FReepers, Palin can lead a wave of Conservatives..
politickerpa: Thinking he’s off mic, Rendell has (relatively) nice words for Palin: PHILADELPHIA-Along with the ma..
daltonsbriefs: Is Gov. Palin looking to run for Senate?
woordenaar: snel blokken deze Nederlandse Palin kloon
snackfeedbuzz: checkout New Rules Patriot Edition | Nov 14 2008 | Bill Maher-Nov 14 2008 Bill Maher

1/7: Sarah Palin- The "You’ve Go…

hollib: Good morning all! Watching The Hour (CBC) and just discovered they’re having Sarah Palin on for the NY special. Just lost cool points.
snackfeedbuzz: checkout Vice Presidential Debate 2008 HQ (Part 1) 10/02 Palin Biden Debate 2008 – Sarah Palin Joe Biden VP Debate Thu…
donghotti: Jim Martin, Georgia’s rural voters defeat Atlanta voters everytime!!! Sarah Palin rallied the rural votes for Chambliss.
katofawesome: @MikeWazowskii Hey, better Clinton than Palin.
qwghlm: First equinophilia is being sent round the office, now pictures of Sarah Palin and Gordon Brown-themed caganers. Productivity diving
Mosesofmason: 1. Obama 2. Facebook 3. ATT 4. iPhone 5. Youtube 6. Fox News 7. Palin 8. Beijing 2008 9. David Cook 10. Surf the Channel
chrisfarley: Sarah Palin campaigns, therefore Saxby Chambliss wins. Faulty logic. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

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