Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

tindle: @Splashgirl Does Ms Palin know you borrowed them? She has powerful friends, though I’ll bet she ain’t singin’ Obama lama doodle all the day
irobyn: AlterNet Headlines: Obama Taps Another Clintonite | Colin Powell Slams Palin | ‘Santa WillTake You to Hell’ WHAT?
stupidfeed: stupidtweets : McCain/Palin: Still stupid after all these days. McCain/..
macroaxis: Money winners of 2008: Sarah Palin, coming to a book store near you: Filed under: Marketing and advertising, Boo..
nonsensepoem: McCain/Palin: Still stupid after all these days.
shershman: Heavily McCain+Palin counties are dumber than poorer than Obama+Bidden ones
minnesotaBNN: The Twin Cities Daily Liberal: Powell on the Sarah Palin wing of the GOP: I wish the Republican party would turn..
RawStory: Raw Story Palin still wearing campaign clothes?: After a 12-day hiatus, Sarah Palin stepped bac..
billonotes: @leafbreeze Agree with you on Gov. Palin. And her seven figure book deal will make publishers very wealthy.
leonspencer: @crooksandliars And you know Chambliss attacked a war vet that lost both legs – compare him to terrorist? Ironic Palin campaigned for him
RowdyKittens: Please Gov Palin go away. I don’t want to hear from u anymore…No more stump speeches! And stop using fear tactices. Liberals aren’t scary!
quantumtuba: "97.2% of attacks in politics are from liberals on Palin." I’d love to see that research methodology. Fabrication, perhaps?
thebodybreaks: Palin campaigns in U.S. Senate runoff: It’s election eve for Georgia’s hotly contested U.S. Senate ..
hotairblog: Video: Palin rallies the base for Chambliss in Georgia: "The eyes of America are on you."
SteveDahlShow: Working on the blog for Tuesday and waiting for ‘Countdown’ with Keith Olberman on MSNBC. I love it when he goes nuts on Sarah Palin, sorry.
JamesRichardson: @EMZanotti Quick, take the Palin route: Use dynamite, or shoot it from a helicopter. We don’t want those littler things runnin’ around.
magstersammie: Today a co-worker said "Oh I didn’t know Palin had a facial scar." Lol it was Tina Fey they were talking about.
brodigan: Enough Sarah Palin already… #JBdotC
twittfeed: Huffington Post Palin Recycles Old Stump Speech In Georgia, But Replaces "McCain" With "..
wisconsinBNN: Left on the Lake: Weren’t Sarah Palin’s Campaign Clothes Supposed to be Returned?: Maybe Sarah Palin..
orbitz: HuffPost Palin Recycles Old Stump Speech In Georgia, But Replaces "McCain" With "Chambliss": Today..
Renovated_girl: @misswisabus Something tells me that Palin has found you dear :)
bruingeek: Wife rec’d AK tourism letter signed by Sara Palin that starts out "Dear neighbor"…Wife: "does she think TN is in Canada or Russia?"
tylerhawks: @rorylinnane where’s palin???
newschannel15: News Channel 15′s Sarah Palin newscast is AVAILABLE NOW!! For Real. We’re not playing this time. So watch below or above this twitter box.
postpolitickr: Is Sarah Palin Still Wearing Her Controversial Campaign Wardrobe Items?
keith_king: I just political rally hoped. I saw saxby and sarah palin and then drove to atl and saw jim martin w/ ludacris,TI, and young jeezy.
rightblogs: [hotair] Video: Palin rallies the base for Chambliss in Georgia: "The eyes of America are on y..
IndyEnigma: Top Conservatives on Twitter the few, the proud, the ‘conservatweeps’, wonder if Gov. Palin will check the list?
IndyEnigma: RT @MailOurMilitary POSTAGE PATRIOTS UPDATE: @ 56% SO close! * Maybe U, Obama, Biden, Palin or McCain will donate $5?
conservatweet: [Hot Air]: Video: Palin rallies the base for Chambliss in Georgia: "The eyes of America a..
pizzapartytime: please tell me i was not the only one who just caught tyra impersonating sarah palin?
vicacid: finds it comically contradictory that Palin brought up majority-rule-with-respect-to-minority-interests as a point in her Saxby rally speech
ophiesay: Limbaugh "endorses" HRC as Sec. of State.
headzup: – Sarah Palin Now Stumping For Saxby Chambliss In Georgia:
WRDW: Palin in town as Chambliss, Martin make final pushes for votes
conservatweet: [ACE] Palin Is Still Packing Them In…This Time In Georgia On Behalf Of Saxby Chambliss: Tomo..
yaacoviland: hears the echoes of Palin in the Harper rhetoric about socialists. Hopefully he’ll refrain from claiming the BQ pal around with terrorists.
Novick4Senate: Vote for Steve — 28% of Americans don’t think Sarah Palin is an Idiot « Margaret ..
newschannel15: Technical Difficulties at this time may prevent you from watching our newscast on Sarah Palin. Please stand-by as we work it out. Thanks!
jenniferlong73: is amused that a Sarah Palin doppelganger goes to her gym.
newsminer: Palin’s trip to Triple D Farm and Hatchery
snackfeedbuzz: liking Palin backs Chambliss-Gov. Sarah Palin tells voters that Sen. Saxby Chambliss ‘will do what is right for Georgi…
Catie: @winebratsf watch out if your in Alaska. Palin will kill reindeer that has hair bows, long lashes.
lindajones: why oh why am I seeing Sarah Palin on the news? Shouldn’t she go home and govern?
rightblogs: [rightblogs] Palin Is Still Packing Them In…This Time In Georgia On Behalf Of Saxby Cham..
armact: From ARMACTe-list: Palin stumps for senator in Georgia runoff: Palin stumps for senator ..
camcavers: Political buzzword of the day: "Prorogue"… it’s like when everyone started saying "vetting" after Palin was introduced
lettheworldin: Um yeah….isn’t it time for the Mccain and Palin stickers to be removed from your car?
katska: "I still think Mandelson could turn out to be Labour’s Sarah Palin"

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