Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

hawthornegalen: @twitriddler SARAH PALIN!!!
ObsessableNews: McCain-Palin campaign sells BlackBerries with private cell numbers:
In dumping their old campaign equipment, M..
utahBNN: Voice Of Deseret: Barack Obama Picks Hillary Clinton To Be Secretary Of State; Rush Limbaugh Delighted, B..
inagaki: Essa cantora, Amanda Palmer, é ótima. O clipe de "Oasis", que ela dedicou a Sarah Palin, é uma pérola:
newschannel15: Ok.. so it’s still "processing" on Youtube, but wait momentarily, and the Sarah Palin Newscast will be available for viewing. Thanks folks!
fakeangeleno: Ladies and gentelmen … The Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar…
cemiami: Today in Georgia, Palin showed grit and why true Americans love her
11AliveNews: Palin Stumps For Chambliss; Ludacris Rallys With Martin : Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged Georgia voter..
Rightwingmadman: Fear has a way of concentrating the mind. The pro-life, pro-gun, lifetime NRA’er named Palin is going to turn libs into moose stew in ’12.
StanOlshefski: everybody wants palin t-shirts
NRSC: Reading: Palin Rallies Crowds For Chambliss #GoSaxby
WSAVelections: The Palin Factor: Drawing Fans From Far Away: Governor Sarah Palin’s stop in Savannah meant some wo..
WSAV: The Palin Factor: Drawing Fans From Far Away: Governor Sarah Palin’s stop in Savannah meant some would exten..
freerepublic: Palin has Georgia on her mind: Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail today for the first time si..
nsingman: @YatPundit You’re a good father. You’d want her to have much bigger boobs than Governor Palin has. <G>
newschannel15: Our Palin Newscast is now Showing!!!!
odanielpavon: Palin implores Ga. Republicans to back Chambliss
: AP – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged Georgia voters to back Sen. Saxb..
samgamgee: @nickcarnes i think i saw your right ear on the fox’s news report at the palin speech. you made history part of the return of conservatism.
kemptonslim: @shayera I particularly like how AP describes McCain/Palin performance on Nov 4 as a "stumble."
bigpeachpundit: whoever Sarah Palin is campaigning for tells me who to vote for – the opponent.
lavvocato: @ saxby chambliss, for real hoss, you lossing support campaigning w sarah palin. True im not on your team but this good advice.
newsdfcfcdfba: (AP) – Alaska Gov. ABC NewsPalin implores Ga. Sarah Palin implored Georgia Republicans to back Sen.
latestbefefcfa: ABC NewsPalin implores Ga. (AP) – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin implored Georgia Republicans to back Sen.
sarahcpr: My mom got a letter from Sarah Palin, encouraging her to visit Alaska. My Mom’s response: "She must not realize I’m black." Huh? #blck
sarahpalinfeed: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin :
WSAV: Palin says "Georgia, the country is watching":
petersantilli: @the78msj You’re my Nubian Princess…That was a total bash on racist Palin….I can’t stand her – that was ~not~ a compliment to her
soldier_on: @PeteFletch i would but im on team omara! hes got palin in as his running mate
petersantilli: @the78msj "You do see the negroid features right?" – In Sara Palin? F-no, she’s not ~that~ pretty! =D
YatPundit: @mikewayne Palin is in central/south GA, campaigning for Saxby Chambliss, one of the worst pieces of GOP filth in the Senate.
MiaVee: now that there is no risk of her getting into power any time soon, I sorta miss seeing Sarah Palin all over the news. I need a larf.
WBTV_News: From WBTV News: Palin campaigns for Chambliss in GA.: Associated Press – December 1, 200..
YatPundit: @madnessisay if i wanted my daughter to have big boobs, a vacant expression, and irresponsible kids, i’d want her to be Sarah Palin.
achoi02: palin on robocall: ‘this is governor palin urging u to vote..’ what a weird experience
stefanyw: hoping against hope for a Martin win tomorrow. Saw the Palin rally up in Duluth and almost barfed. Go home and freeze already, lady.
mikewayne: @PeterSantilli How so? RE: @YatPundit "Sarah Palin also puts the sexy back into hating black people"
petersantilli: RT: @YatPundit "Sarah Palin also puts the sexy back into hating black people"
indianaBNN: HoosierAccess: Sarah Palin Not Going Gently Into That Good Night: Even though the McCain/Palin ticket ..
YatPundit: @madnessisay Sarah Palin also puts the sexy back into hating black people.
dbtoub: @jayuhfree add that to a host of reasons why we’re much, much better off McSame didn’t win. Palin as VP??? I’d puke.
orbitz: HuffPost Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes: After a 12-day hiatus, Sarah Palin stepped ba..
georgiaBNN: Peach Pundit: Palin in Gwinnett: Number of comments: 2So I’m here at the gwinett arena posting o..
georgiaBNN: Political Insider: Sarah Palin: November election was the result of ‘frustration, disappointment’: 4:5..
JulieABee: Oh god, I just freaked out because Sarah Palin called my house. It was a recording, of course. But, freaked out none the less.
newschannel15: Technical Difficulties with editing, but our Sarah Palin newscast will be out in half an hour!!!
thomaswilburn: No, chroma-keying Sarah Palin into Fargo and a bunch of butchery scenes is not funny. Particularly when it’s done very, very poorly.
snackfeedbuzz: snackfeed found Are you ready for Sarah Palin, Jesus Christ and The Rapture?-* WARNING!: This video will scar your min…
apekillapes: tina fey scar | Palin Guilty of Abusing Power in TrooperGate
apekillapes: tina fey scar | Tina Fey Repeats Sarah Palin Word 4 Word in Recent SNL SKIT

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