Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

koifish: @RobertDowling Palin’s wardrobe makes the list but Obama’s shady real-estate dealings with Rezko gets a pass? BOHICA.
Palinspired: #TCOT I’m 999 on the TCOT list! Cool. Still working on RR, JC Watts, Palin, Huck inspired site caled we must not be silent
freerepublic: Palin’s church damaged in suspicious fire: Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church has been badly damaged in a ..
JPWP: Dear Rudolph: if you and Santa are visiting Sarah Palin’s house this year you and the crew might want to don your kevlar vests.
Thracks: Wendy’s just had an AM radio commercial that sounded like Sarah Palin was narrating. Weird.
igneousquill: Ever Heard of ‘Wipe Handheld’ McCain/Palin? No, of course not. It was Obama’s crew that had the tech savvy.
jatkins: @ejacqui ‘sex? we can’t have that, that’s un-american’ –I can imagine palin saying something like that
DangerGirl6: @Ozark_sky Don’t Mess With VIXEN or Rudolph won’t guide Santa’s sleigh!! Palin has mooseburger stew you can have!!
washingtonBNN: Silenced Majority Portal: McCain Campaign $20 Blackberry with Mailing List; Palin Tops Obama for Google Searches..
apekillapes: tina fey scar | Are you finished for Sarah Palin, Jesus Christ and The Rapture?
mofopolitics: Sarah Palin back on the campaign trail
Arubis: It’s only very slowly occurring to me that no, not everyone in MSP is parodying Sarah Palin. Hookay.
Prokofy: Thank God Mumbai finally overtook Palin as the fattest keyword search on Tweetscan, and yes, that’s what it took.
RightWingWatch: Blog: Land Slowly Backs Away From Palin: Politico notes that even though Sarah Palin tops pol..
Brad_L_VA5th: P.S. Would have laughed just as hard (prolly HARDER) if the bottom sticker had been "McCain/Palin."
mccombover: Headzup: Palin Stumps For Saxby Chambliss:
Posted in Barack Obama, Election, Georgia, Incest, Jim Mar..
ArjanDasselaar: rita verdonk is ook qua inhoudsloosheid de sarah palin van nederland
SavannahNow: VIDEO: Will Palin’s speech affect the runoff?:


toriblaseCNN: ** CNN Ticker: Limbaugh calls Clinton pick ‘brilliant’ ~
The_Front_Page: Palin a hit with big GOP crowd in Georgia
newsminer: Palin draws a crowd at rallies for Georgia senator
jgmason75: @adrienneroyer i am quite jealous of your encounter with Sarah Palin…
autodrool: Rush Limbaugh ‘Stunned’ By Clinton Pick
danni82: Sarah Palin is still in the news? I figured she’d be posing for Playboy by now.
briantucker: Sarah Palin rocked a pretty packed house here in ATL this afternoon!
newsminer: Palin draws a crowd at rallies for Georgia senator
bdlkurz: Was about 10ft from palin. Cool. Whether or not you like her politics, you gotta love a chick with balls.
twittfeed: Huffington Post Poll: Palin Top GOP Pick For 2012: A new Zogby poll shows that despite h..
gadkins: just met sarah palin
chandlerepp: The Palin rally verdict: everything I expected. Red meat and a lot of old-fashioned Southern love
anthonyidem: Ok, we are all rational human beings I’m assuming…Riddle me this: Why wont Sarah Palin go away?
Tedsays: My favorite political pundit panelists: Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin, as neither one will SHUT UP!
AdrienneRoyer: OMG!! I just hugged Sarah Palin and thanked her for her leadership. she’s even better in person!
moogleroyalty: @paradoxqueen You know, I’ve got mixed feelings about her. But I think Obama probably knows what he’s doing. Sounder than Palin >_>
michael23navy: Sarah Palin is here in GA trying to help Saxby Chambliss, its going to be a close race.
newsnet: From ABCNews Rush Limbaugh ‘Stunned’ By Clinton Pick
tiiinnnnaaa: @flufftronix i’m down like Trig Palin
robport: AP Headline: Limbaugh Endorses Hillary As Secretary Of State
conservatweet: [SayAnything] AP Headline: Limbaugh Endorses Hillary As Secretary Of State
xbeckaxockx: @erinxo Dude that’s alot of money in just shy of 3 months. And Sarah Palin was pretty cool. She definately looks and sounds how she’s on TV.
whupper: Sarah Palin is such a rockstar!
thebodybreaks: Rush Limbaugh ‘Stunned’ By Clinton Pick: Radio host calls choice of Clinton at State "a brilliant s..
googlenewsworld: Palin implores Ga. Republicans to back Chambliss –
myster: Sarah Palin’s favorite store does the right thing:
channelone: Rush Limbaugh ‘Stunned’ By Clinton Pick: Radio host calls choice of Clinton at State "a brilliant stro..
NewsOnTwitter: ABC NEWS – Rush Limbaugh ‘Stunned’ By Clinton Pick: Radio host calls choice of Clinton at..
Rightwingmadman: Palin fires up the grassroots like nothing I’ve seen since Reagan. Without her as runningmate, McCain wouldn’t have cracked 40%
pa5fn: Limbaugh calls Obama’s selection of Clinton ‘a brilliant stroke’: Limbaugh called Obama’s selection of..
fabiolaf: @faithmight Lessons from Palin PR- never go away. Give people reasons to talk. Publicity stunts, viral, controversy- it works Bad PR=Good PR
cayankee: Palin back on campaign trail: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin drew a big crowd as she campaigned to reelect ..

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