Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Palin’s Church Damaged By Fire: Maybe the arsonists are left over from the Obama team sent there to dig up dirtR..
freedomist: #tcot #kcon #fca #palin #sarah working on getting local reaction at TEAM SARAH of poss. arson
2012Palin: Palin’s church damaged in suspicious fire (Denver Post): ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Gov. Sarah Palin’s home church has ..
Axinar: McCain-Palin campaign dumps Blackberries loaded with personal numbers, internal email: The McCain-Palin campaign..
denverposttalk: Comment: People: Sarah Palin’s emails available – for $10,000: I’ll be more than amused watching you and "y..
donaldturnbull: Sarah Palin’s church damaged in suspicious fire: #palin
moritazul: From moritazul;; Sarah Palin: “Thats What She Said”.
disembedded: @huffpost Another of idiot A. Sullivan’s stupid posts! Next up, probably another post about Sarah Palin’s baby. Atlantic needs to dump him!
Kitty321: Sarah Palin’s church suffers about $1 million of damage in a suspicious fire:
Pureetofu: Just told there’s a better chance of Palin for president than my luggage making it to Frankfurt with me. Fucking awesome.
codordog: Sarah Palin approves this blog post fro, techcrunch
jvw997: @BrianBankoff you’re like those people who bitch and complain about Rush Limbaugh, yet they keep listening to his show.
chandlerepp: At the Palin rally… They’ve divided the arena in two and our side’s at about 50% capacity right now
kathyoreilly: Cool, doing an interview with CNN shortly to discuss top searches on Lycos, why is Sarah Palin still so popular?
SamuelAmsterdam: Documenting Sarah Palin rag on the " good ol’ boys" of which her own party is comprised of. I remain an independent, mind you.
Georgian60: I AM a Georgian.I am 60 years old and VERY tired of even HEARING the name Sarah Palin.ALL Georgians do NOT like Sarah.
howardweaver: Does Palin know what a bum she’s campaigning for?
arabesqa: listening to palin’s stumping for chambliss, want to remind everyone to vote in the special election tomorrow (and to take someone with you)
howardweaver: Anchorage Daily News rips Palin for campaigning for Chambliss, elected after "one of most reprehensible campaigns …:
cliffray: viel zuwenig twitter benutzung! was auch immer: kerle die "<3" auf ihrem sozialnetzwerkprofil machen, sind so lächerlich wie sarah palin.
sambain: is at a Palin-Chambliss rally.
McClatchyDC: Sarah Palin a hit with big GOP crowd in Perry
jeeprover: "I think I was unprepared for war," Bush told ABC News’ Charlie Gibson.-What is going on? Bush sorry for the war and Limbaugh loves Hillary?
conservatweet: [Michelle Malkin]: Palin power in Georgia; Democrats counter with…Ludacris: ‘Cuda..
EagleVueDaily: Headline News Video: Palin On the Campaign Trail in Georgia, Continues To Be Popular With Conservatives (
fattie20xl: @caffienated_z that’s why sarah palin’s married.
jeson_i: @P3T3RK3Y5, still laughing about the "forward to Palin" tag on delicious
Will_Rhodes: Well if Chambliss loses – you know who to blame: Palin comes out to stump for him It is obviously off..
Bill_Nowling: RT @republicangal NY Gov appoints woman to replace Hill – its making history. With Palin its pandering to base.
Karoli: should it worry us that Rush Limbaugh is praising the Clinton nomination for SOS? or is it all about Rush staying on the air?
RawStory: Raw Story Limbaugh: Clinton a ‘brilliant stroke’: Hell freezes over: Limbaugh cheers Obama admi..
ChrisCree: Any of y’all interested in politcs feel free to follow me @CREEativeRight and you’ll get things like links to Sarah Palin pics from this AM.
republicangal: For NY Gov to appoint a woman to replace Hill – its called making history. With Palin its pandering to base.
HoosierAccess: Sarah Palin Not Going Gently Into That Good Night –
SavannahNow: VIDEO: Palin addresses Savannah crowd: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was in Savannah today to campaign for ..
judythpiazza: Add This: Sarah Palin Would Be A Disaster If She Becomes President
melaniea: Why won’t Palin go away? When will this headache end??!!
buzzbrockway: @AdrienneRoyer Do you think you could take a few photos and send me your thoughts on the Palin event? I’ll DM you my email address.
rightblogs: [Malkin] Palin power in Georgia; Democrats counter with…Ludacris: Sarah Palin traveled to Geor..
whupper: Is pumped about Sarah Palin being at the Gwinnett Arena today! Am I going? "You betcha!"
AblativMeatshld: @kp1990 yeah, but you;d do Todd Palin…
MomLogic: Tina Fey on marriage, sexism towards Palin and the mystery behind her childhood facial scar.
briantucker: – The crowd gathers waiting for Sarah Palin! 1 1/4 hours to go!
Cow_Moolester: Sarah palin. Would you do her?
thinkprogress: Palin Recycles Old Stump Speech In Georgia, But Replaces ‘McCain’ With ‘Chambliss..
snackfeedbuzz: new video Sarah Palin, the closer-CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser explains what Sarah Palin is doing in…
DivaLea: @kenlowery I should have known better. I was rooked by wanting to read about Tina Fey. The profile is also as cohoerent as a Palin speech.
savannahcurrent: SPOTTED®: Sarah Palin in Savannah: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was in Savannah on Dec. 1 to stump for..
Jumile: @HellaSound There was some wally in a red state who wanted to name his kid John McCain Sarah Palin President Youbetcha Smith, or something
bravoalpha: Hillary secretária de estado e Palin governadora do Alaska…guess who won? Guess she wasn’t "mavericky" enough.

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