Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Gary_Meadows: UPDATE: Used BlackBerrys sold for $20 at McCain-Palin blowout, contacts and emails included:

It’s pret..

stlouiscardinal: St. Louis St. Louis Blues – Palin to Drop Puck at Oct. 24 Blues Game: Palin to Drop Puck..
politik_digital: Sarah Palin hängt Paris Hilton ab: Knapp drei Wochen nach den US-Wahlen ist Governor Sarah Palin,..
Rhymo: @fleuragema ik vind Palin wel leuk en vermakelijk. Zie haar graag optreden.
Scott210: ROFL I MADE SOME 18 Year old cry on COD! I said Im gonna have sex with Sarah Palin and make her have a demon baby and take over heavan. LOL
fleuragema: Ik vindt het zo jammer dat Sarah Palin zo weinig in de Nederlandse media is. Ze komt dan wel uit het buitenland, maar ze is een voorbeeld.
autodrool: GOP senator turns to Palin on runoff eve
autodrool: GOP senator turns to Palin on runoff eve
stormbringer005: Just published a new article about Sarah Palin, hate and logic. Have a look:
ET_nowplaying: Back off – Barack Obama wants reporters to back off of Sarah Palin’s family.
tinarfh: Palin aids Chambliss – will she be credited? Hollywood hypes: Clinton-Palin match-up 2012
freerepublic: Chambliss wins re-election in Georgia runoff (Sarah Palin widely blamed): Republican Sen. Saxby Cham..
benews_fr: Quand Palin retrouve Obama et Biden – Le Figaro
palin_quotes: "It was great, because, you know, he’s got a great sense of humor," #Palin said of the Biden meeting..
insomniatica: Sarah Palin will be on The Hour’s New Years Eve show from 11 – 12! Weird!
agentdero: @thekarladam "Palin 2012, all about pitbulls and lipstick, dont-cha-know"
astral6006: Gov. Rendell on Sara Palin: "I think she has great instincts. She’s not a genius, but she has very good poltical instincts."
rastamick: rastamick Sarah Palin’s Quotable Quotes: "He having reached out to us is greatly appreciated."..
agentdero: We released a "Palin 2012" skin for Top Friends here at @slideinc. Lolz.
DailyMePolitics: Palin Not Alone in Using Campaign Cash for Clothes
fatblueman: @chrisgaunt Yeah, google his name, and it says he’s homeless. If I lived closer to Ueno, I’d record him again. The JP Rush Limbaugh?
PeterRisman: @PardonMyFrench remind me again how McCain-Palin was a winning campaign…? LOL! Best to you and M. Pete
Conga1: Reading Great detective work–no way was Sarah Palin 30-someweeks pregnant in March 2008
IndyEnigma: I follow #TCOT do YOU? the few, the proud, the ‘conservatweeps’, wonder if Gov. Palin will follow the list?
SPD_amin: @iGruen Herrlich… So ein Video gibt’s bestimmt auch von unserem Dicken! Nur noch nicht online… #Palin #Truthahn
fraserspeirs: Jacqui Smith: Britain’s Sarah Palin. Except not beautiful.
alaskaBNN: Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis: Keith Olbermann’s take on Obama’s meeting with the Governors…and Palin’s gr..
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: Website may have discovered the "nail in the coffin" proving Sarah Palin is NOT b..
Hez: @marklisanti That’s a new benchmark for the Fuckability Quotient. "Is he as hot as a Palin-bewigged Bruno?" I don’t even know wtf I’m saying
iGruen: Was man bei einem TV-Interview beachten sollte:
#Hintergrund #Palin #Truthahn
GoogleNewsElect: Spotlight shines on Palin as she greets Obama, Biden at governors … – Dallas Morning News..
joethunk: #GoogleNews: Spotlight shines on Palin as she greets Obama, Biden at governors … – Dallas ..
electionTF: Spotlight shines on Palin as she greets Obama, Biden at governors … – Dallas Morning News
guokb: 2008年Google 上搜索上升最快的名詞 1. obama;2. facebook;3. att;4. iphone;5. youtube;6. fox news;7. palin;8. beijing 20089. david…
snackfeedbuzz: watch Obama meets Sarah Palin and the GOP Governors – Obama Introduces His National Security Team-Palling with a Terro…
munkeygurl421: Random thought: look on the bright side at least you’re not Sarah Palin…
ET_nowplaying: Use my experience – Sarah Palin comments on how she wants to use her experience to help our country… –
outofleftfield: Sarah Palin spoke on Augusta, Georgia, on Monday, and on Tuesday, the city’s pro hockey team folded. This really happened.
WriterWriter: Smart people get off at the top. Palin’s "top" was the day she was announced. That was it. Next? How to become redundant in six weeks.
WriterWriter: @velvethammer I didn’t start that fire, but Mom Palin didn’t put it out, so, yeah…
ET_nowplaying: Now doggone it – Sarah Palin uses ridiculous "everyman" speech to point out that Joe Biden keeps… –
palin_quotes: Governors "do know best," #Palin said, but she added that voters didn’t buy that argument on the cam..
dearsarah: Writing @zaproot’s gift guide.Humor might be obscure. Will Damien cut: Sarah Palin, mary poppins, or the uncle with the bunker in Wyoming?
oregonBNN: Jack Bog’s Blog: Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy belly: The bloggers who have set out to prove that Sarah ..
newmoney: "voted for barack, mc cain’s my tax bracket though,
i sarah palin hoes, kick ‘em out, leave they clothes,
back to the pipeline"- Pusha-T
lunarechoes: @tulips_spring You may have the excitement, if you will please just take Sarah Palin off our hands!
snackfeedbuzz: new video Sarah Palin talks to the Republican Governors Association (very funny opening remarks)-Sarah Palin is very f…
snackfeedbuzz: new video CNN Sarah Palin Press Conference Republican Governors Association-CNN Sarah Palin Press Conference Republi…
Just_Vanessa: Now I’m worried. Limbaugh endorses Hillary as Sec of State
quickreaver: @Patrick_McEvoy What…Palin was GREAT entertainment!

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