Eating Each Other Alive… December 13, 2008

When will the carnage end?

conservatweet: [ACE] Sarah Palin’s Church Suffers $1 Million in Damages in Suspicious Fire: Probably best not to get too a..
birdinboots: This dog is named Palin. I wonder if its a slobbering idiot too? The slobbering part is already guaranteed.
mccain_quotes: We called the #McCain-Palin campaign, who says, "it was an unfortunate staff error and procedures are being put ..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin Supports Alaska National Guard: Sarah Palin receives a flight jacket from Lt. Gen. Craig E. Campbell..
lisacocking: has new glasses and no longer looks like Sarah Palin.
evanspatrick: @dmullen Does this story involve Sarah Palin by any chance?
SarahPalin: Palin’s church damaged in suspicious fire (Denver Post)
freedomist: Palin apologizes if hate for her cause of fire:
annieburltalk: What do Elvis, Rod Blogojevich, and Santa have in common? Tune in tonight at 10pmET to find out on an all new ABL
jerrod75: Sarah Palin done found her way back into the national spotlight,I can’t take too much more of this chick.
mattmanning: Maryline Blackburn will sing the national anthem at the ATL Jim Martin rally today. She beat Sarah Palin in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant.
snackfeedbuzz: snackfeed found Palin back on campaign trail-Sandra Endo reports on Gov. Sarah Palin’s future, as she hits the campaig…
NicolePerez: wondering how/why I got an invite to visit Alaska from Gov. Palin??
yourlocal: Tonight, we recommend world’s hottest grandma (until Bristol Palin gives her mom the honor) Tina Turner at MSG:
AmSpec: Blog: Palin for Chambliss:
Obama’s opting out of looking too partisan, what with his cabinet picks..
SavannahNow: SPOTTED®: Sarah Palin in Savannah : Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was in Savannah on Dec. 1 to stump for Sa..
RelientTU: WHAT?!?!?! RT @foxnews POLITICS: Rush Limbaugh Endorses Clinton for Secretary of State
nuimagefilms: Tina Fey calls Sarah Palin ‘sexism’ charges baloney!
foxnews_pol: FOX NEWS POLITICS: Rush Limbaugh Endorses Clinton for Secretary of State: Conservat..
sajid_v: Nice one … RT @twilightfairy Abbas Naqvi – meet Sarah Palin. Now go discuss lipstick with her. #mumbai
yksin: "[Palin]’s sort of like headlice. You can’t just shampoo your hair. You have to boil everything afterwards."
Zacklinedinst: Just saw a fancy looking picture poster thing that had the sarah palin lipstick saying hahahaha
farkpolitics: [Interesting] Rush Limbaugh endorses Clinton for Obama’s cabinet; heads everywhere asplode: AP
james: is about to go take pictures of sarah palin
blublakwomyn: WHY is sarah palin still on tv!!! WHY, WHY, WHY????
MomvsWild: @ricksanchezcnn Palin may be our President one day. The media will do anything to destroy her before that happens.
twilightfairy: Abbas Naqvi – meet Sarah Palin. Now go discuss lipstick with her. #mumbai
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Rush Limbaugh Endorses Clinton for Secretary of State
actionnews5: Rush Limbaugh endorses Clinton for Obama’s cabinet
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Palin Campaigns in Georgia’s Senate Runoff
michaelpleahy: RT @Creeativeright Congrats on your Palin PIC going right to American Spectator website just now !
michaelpleahy: @Creeativeright Congrats on your Palin book going right to American Spectator website just now !
ChrisCree: Back in the office after seeing Sarah Palin speak. Now to catch up on some work!
HuffNewswire: Boston Globe: Palin has Georgia on her mind: Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail ..
foxnews: POLITICS: Rush Limbaugh Endorses Clinton for Secretary of State
foxnewspolitics: Rush Limbaugh Endorses Clinton for Secretary of State: Conservative talk show host Rush…
NewsOnTwitter: GOOGLE NEWS – Palin campaigns in Ga.’s Senate runoff – ABC NewsPal..
showthelove: Shocked that Palin wants to allow Polar Bears to be killed… read this
Jamesbedell: on politics: I am personally thrilled that Sarah Palin is getting all of this press now. By 2012 she will be a distant memory.
cemiami: Chambliss: Sarah Palin……….wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
LaLaV: | Palin goes against Ludacris and the woman who won the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant as she campaigns for Ga.’s Chambliss.
cemiami: Chambliss: proud of Palin’s job in election
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin stumps for senator in Georgia runoff: Doesn’t matter to the Alaskans. They pay her..
CREEativeRight: Here are the photos from Sarah Palin’s speech in Savannah this morning. Yes I was in the back of the room.
AdrienneRoyer: line for Palin event has already beat Mitt rally for Saxby. the doors arent open for another hour and its snowing. ha!
nickcarnes: I got to go see Sarah Palin up close and live today read about it here…
middlegeorgia: Crowd awaits Palin in Perry: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is turning out to be every bit the draw the GO..
yckong: Palin campaigning in Ga. for Sen. Chambliss: While the GOP’s Chambliss enlisted the former vice presidenti..
maitri: @Pontchartrain Wasn’t that your favorite president and mine? Wonder if Charlie Gibson will give him same incredulous look he did Palin.
thepolitico: Politico: Palin rallies crowds for Chambliss: Palin called on Georgians to defeat Democrat J..

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